An essay on how to become humble-the sweetest virtue

Practising the values in life makes people virtuous. Being humble is a virtue, and whoever practises it becomes loveable. Humility spreads sweetness, so it's the sweetest virtue of all. Let's see in the following essay why being humble is sweet.


Sometimes life moves on smoothly, and many a time, on quite a rigorous note. Thus, when life is smooth or seems to stumble upon, someone's humble approach at any point gives a sweet experience. Everyone must understand that a humble attitude spreads happiness, so it will be wise to learn the art of being humble and make others happy. Not all but, many believe in creating a personal image of being invincible and too knowledgeable that make them proud of themselves. The proud feeling makes one arrogant, and that cannot make a person virtuous. A person can be immensely talented, rich, good looking, highly intellectual, or has any other qualities that lead to success, praise and importance, but lacking humbleness and displaying a superiority complex would take away the sheen from one's achievement. There is a need to be humble to become the epitome of virtue.

How to become humble?

Well, suddenly no person can become an idol of humility because it needs some inner transformation. One has to work on it and get rid of unwanted bad qualities. It will transform a person into a refined human being.

Give up self-promotion

A person must learn to give importance to others before self-promotion. There is no room for considering oneself superior. It's praiseworthy to consider oneself actually as a learner. Those who make themselves understand that life is a learning process, be it from seniors, juniors or contemporaries, have no qualms and represent the purity of their soul. These people never feel demeaned but keep on learning at every point in time. Thus, thinking high about good people and their deeds is required. Side by side, one should not regard oneself as self-righteous. Not only this, those who know not to undermine others due to their inability to perform are modest truly, and they receive unlimited blessings that lead to their success. So, to become humble, one should not be self-obsessed. An apt quote by C. S. Lewis: "Humility is not thinking less of yourself, it's thinking of yourself less."

Get rid of jealousy

Everyone who wants to become humble needs to get rid of jealousy. A human heart should be full of love and care and must not have any place for comparison with others. Feeling jealous of those who enjoy a better position is a very negative trait, and thus upholding jealousy shuts the door to humility.

Give up selfishness

Selfishness is another negative behaviour of human beings that should be out rightly rejected by those who want to become humble. A selfish person cannot think anything else above oneself, so they want everything for themselves. Whoever is a self-engrossed person cannot wish others to be well placed. Thus, selfishness is very harsh, while those who are not selfish lead a contented life full of humility within.

Be grateful

Being grateful is another trait that makes human beings humble. One must learn to remain thankful to God for giving life. Thanksgiving must extend to parents and the rest of the families, teachers, friends, and every such person who helped every one of us to grow and lead a happy life. Thanking someone shows that one has accepted that life would have been incomplete if one had not received genuine help in any form from another person.

Learn to forgive

To remain grateful is a must, but along with it, the person must learn the art of forgiving or else thankfulness would be meaningless. One's conscience has to be clear by practising both the good qualities: gratefulness and forgiveness. Having a negative mindset towards those who committed wrong by never wholeheartedly accepting one's apology shows arrogance. That does not signify humility.

Loyalty towards the right person

Forsake loyalty towards wrong and offensive people. A person can never be sweet in one's approach if allegiance to an influential person becomes a habit. Loyalty gets wasted by being loyal to a criminal or any authoritative person. Thus, a person must be judgmental while becoming a follower. Following the right person helps the follower to learn good practices.

Be gentle

Last but not least, one must be gentle too to become humble. Unless there's kindness in a person's heart, one cannot behave humbly because a kind gesture does not allow a person to be boastful.


People must instill within themselves the abovementioned norms to become humble. Those who learn to be humble know to respect others, and so humbleness is like Godliness. Life can be successful by earning wealth and fame, but one cannot enjoy unconditional love and respect if someone lacks humility. It is always advisable to be humble because it spreads sweetness among the people who come in contact. The people who receive pleasant behaviour get touched, and that's the utmost satisfaction for any person who practises humility. Thus, being humble is the sweetest approach of all the virtues.


Author: Umesh18 Aug 2021 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 4

Being humble and polite is definitely a very important attribute in human lives. We all should try to be like that but unfortunately, it is not so simple and easy to inculcate these virtues in oneself. The reasons for this are manifold but the main thing is that as human beings we have all types of emotions and they control our mood and behaviour from time to time. As per the psychology of human interactions and behaviour, every person behaves, most of the time, as per the situation and not as per one's imposed manners. There are very few people who can control their reactions and spontaneous emotions and convert them into patience and politeness. Another aspect in this subject is that the upbringing, financial condition, social background etc are also responsible, to some extent, for making a person what one is today and that to a large extent determines one's behaviour and manners. In spite of all these odds, we should as good human beings try to inculcate humbleness in our character.

Author: Swati Sharma29 Aug 2021 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 4

Humble people are liked in every society in every world, it is natural to like people who talk with love, treat you well. The quality of Humble Persons that the author has told is commendable, keeping these points in mind, a person can bring humbleness within himself. For this, one has to get himself out of small thoughts, if a person is suffering from the happiness of others, then it can become a big problem for him and in such a situation it is necessary to change himself. A humble person is of a calm and simple nature and due to this he is able to make his life easy, everyone likes with such people. Some identities of Humble Persons -
Don't compare.
Appreciate the talent of others
Expect no compliments or none
Motivate others
Don't hide the shortcomings or mistakes

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