An essay on how to become self-disciplined - a master virtue

To learn how to master the various virtues, one needs to become self-disciplined first. Disciplining oneself is always the need of the hour to succeed in life. The essay given below discusses how to be self-disciplined.


Life can be full of talent, influence, wealth, health, or something else, but all could go for a toss if a person lacks self-discipline. One can say that if a person wants to become virtuous in life, then one needs to master upon the master of all human virtues that means one must have self-discipline. No one can succeed in life without maintaining a balance between one's ability and the way of conducting oneself. It is a must because those who fail to carry on themselves in a disciplined manner or systematically, no matter what, all the abilities would go in vain. The fact is if discipline is an essence of life, then self-discipline is the greatest of all the cores of human life.

Why is self-discipline important?

Self-discipline has a unique importance in life, but why? It is important because if a person does not know how to conduct oneself in personal or public life, one can't retain the potentials. Everything from wealth to talent is perishable, so caution is required. To keep a positive check on properties, be it money or facets, it's important to behave appropriately then only life can move on meticulously. Let's suppose a wealthy person misuses money in everyday misdemeanours, then will that person be able to cumulate money? It's impossible to add more wealth than would lead to bankruptcy. Consider a singer who has talent but never bothers to take care of one's voice and ability to sing, naturally fails to create a position in life as a talented singer. So, no one should compromise self-discipline at any cost.

How to become self-disciplined?

Everyone requires to become self-disciplined, but how? People in their lives can be satisfied with whatever they have got, but it is essential to retain that, and if possible, enhance whatever one has. It can be either material, physical or qualitative wealth, or all of them, and if one has no respect for all that one has would misuse each one of them. Let's see the methods of disciplining oneself:

Health is Wealth

No one can achieve success unless one has good health to work hard. Health is an asset but taking care of it is very important. Food habits, exercise, water intake, proper sleeping habits and intake of harmful things need monitoring. Going for self-medication during serious health issues is injurious, so people must understand that ignoring health means ruining oneself forever.

Rehearsals are essential

Nourishing talent is regularly required. If a talented person stops practising one's skill, be it singing, dancing, drawing, or any other, there will be a lack of confidence. It will spoil one's talent and also a career if based upon the same expertise.


It is necessary to be punctual. There is a saying that respect time and time will respect you. If one makes people wait for oneself, that is not only disrespecting time but also not valuing other's time. Wasting time in fun and frolic while keeping something important pending is another way to insult the importance of time. A person must do everything on time such as from reaching any place or taking food and so on, or else every work will get delayed. It will harm one's career, reputation, health and put all things at stake.

Stop misusing wealth

Every person is not fortunate to have riches, but those who are should avoid misusing wealth. One should use it graciously and carefully too. No one knows when one would be in dire need of money, so the wastage of money is a crime. It's always good if one helps the needy and does not misuse it. Wasting money may lead to crisis, which will be a threat to one;'s life.

Have good behaviour

Behaviour is the maker of a person's image. The behaviour that reflects rudeness, carelessness and insults towards anyone show the person's indiscipline. It won't help the person succeed because an indisciplined attitude draws flak and disrespect from others.

Following values and norms

The values and norms which have proven respectability in society - one must not treat those as trash. A person must know how to respect the system and the sentiment of others. Breaking norms if required is acceptable, but it must have a decent way to do so.


Self-discipline is a trait that is the master of all the values and virtues of life. Unless a person becomes self-disciplined, one cannot achieve any other morality. Thus, to make oneself virtuous, it is a must to imbibe self-discipline. Once a person learns to be self-disciplined, the rest of the values and virtues naturally follow.


Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao26 Aug 2021 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 2

Discipline is one of the very important factors in our lives. A disciplined person will have better chances of success. Self-discipline is the key to getting other virtues in our lives. Self-discipline is nothing but behaving ourselves in a self-motivated way and progressing forward to achieve our goals. When there is no control over your emotions you may tend to do a mistake under the influence of that emotion. So controlling our emotions and behaving properly will come from our self-discipline. When we decide to control our food habits and not eat junk foods we should be able to stick to that. But when we see some tasty food if we eat we can say we have no self-discipline. We can give many examples like this. We see many people who are not punctual. It is also due to not having self-discipline. People say that they are busy. Even though they are busy, they should manage their timing in such a way that they will be punctual. Otherwise, they will be wasting the time of others also.

Author: Umesh26 Aug 2021 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 4

Discipline is a great virtue and under that big umbrella, many other good traits flourish. It is one of the basic things required in life without which life would become unmanageable and would be soon in a mess. Actually the importance of discipline is to be inculcated in the lives of the children from their tender age itself. I remember when we were kids our parents told us to keep the tea mugs and other things back in the kitchen and pour some water in them so that later while cleaning it becomes easy for the person to clean them. We were also told to mop the washroom after taking bath so that whoever enters there afterwards does not slip on the wet ground. So we learnt a lot of things and initially, we had resistance for them but later we found great value in them as they were the building blocks in making our lives disciplined.
Whether it is house or workplace, discipline is important everywhere. There is a common feeling in the minds of many people that working with discipline takes time and requires more energy and it is a wastage of our energies to do so. It is absolutely a wrong concept because the benefits of adhering to discipline are only known and enjoyed when one inculcates it in one's life completely. The fact is that disciplined persons have more time in their hands at their disposal as compared to lazy and lithargic people.

Author: Swati Sharma28 Aug 2021 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

Sometimes some people misunderstand self-discipline, which means to be strict towards themselves, but it is not like that there is a difference between being strict and being restrained. When we talk about self-discipline, it means that we have the ability to stick to the path we have chosen to achieve the goals we have set in life, This does not mean that even if you are ill on the way, go ahead ignoring your health, rather it is to achieve our set goals by maintaining quality in the life of ourselves and the people around us.
Self-discipline can become a difficult practice but only when you make it difficult yourself, otherwise it is a day-to-day practice in which you have to live a restrained life you will automatically get self-discipline. A disciplined person has the ability to bring a positive impact not only in his own life but also in the lives of all the people who come in his contact. Your awareness of your life's goal, meditation practice, self-confidence, etc. helps you to become disciplined.

Author: Dhruba30 Aug 2021 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4

Yes, the author has submitted a nice resource relating to self-discipline which is essential for everyone since their childhood to become a real human being. Discipline is the rules and regulations that regulate human conduct. Man is a social animal ,he has to live with others in society, so he has to adjust his activities accordingly. It is very much essential to adjust to society. We all know that student life is the formative period of our life, hence the way narrated by the author required strict compliance in student life also. In other fields like sports, the army, etc. this is also strictly followed. In another way, in every human's life, basic discipline will lead them in the future. Without discipline, it is hardly possible to stay or shine in life. So if you learn discipline and follow it in your life, will push you forward and make you able to make the right decision through your self-discipline. Accordingly, you will be able to control yourself, that will be true self-discipline. Thanks.

Author: Reena Upadhya05 Apr 2023 Member Level: Gold   Points : 6

Without self-discipline, we may not be able to achieve anything. Whether it is health, money, power, status or peace of mind, everything requires self-discipline. If we put in all the effort one day and do not show up the next day, we are heading nowhere. Consistent efforts are required if one has to achieve something in the world. Consistency can only be understood by those who know what discipline is. Whether it is following a daily routine or mastering a skill, everything requires self-discipline. Once we have achieved what we wanted, maintaining that health, wealth and status also require self-discipline.

The author has described plenty of ways through which one can develop self-discipline. One of the elements necessary to develop self-discipline is strong willpower. It acts like a driving force. In absence of willpower, a person cannot have enough determination. He will lack self-discipline. When he has high willpower, he will have strong determination and it will make him disciplined.

We discipline ourselves in every moment. Our choices themselves serve as our disciplinary measures. If we are choosing to eat healthy instead of unhealthy, we are focused towards self-discipline. Likewise, if we have chosen to not skip our exercise and go hang out with our friends, we are more focused towards our self-discipline. This is active discipline. Sometimes we need to react to the situations and other people around us and how we react is also a choice we make. It is a reactive discipline. We react with our thoughts, words and actions and if all of these are pleasant then we are self-disciplined. If they aren't then we are not self-disciplined. Thinking ahead and taking measures for a better future is proactive discipline. Preparing a timetable and a to-do list and prioritizing everything help us save time. Taking some time out to prepare the list tells us that we are self-disciplined.

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