Indian education system - problems and solutions

Are you satisfied with the education system of your country? Did you notice any shortcomings? What should be the remedy? I have discussed through this article the fundamental objectives of education to encourage the introduction of conceptual learning, with extracurricular activities, and also numerous other issues, considering the economic and social factors, so that learning can make productive citizens who can sustain under any situation.

Overview of education system

For long it's remaining a common complaint about our education system that what is taught under the system is of little use in real life. And what is useful in real life, we learned only afterward for the essential of deployment purpose. Otherwise, these are to be studied as a specialized higher study syllabus like Doctorates, Accountants, Engineers, Lawyers, etc. I think it is generally a true complaint.

In my opinion, the following things should be in our school syllabus as a general concept that will be useful in real life at large-
  1. Knowledge of cooking and nutrition: Everyone needs to know and experience the procedure of cooking. And if there is a topic to teach nutrition with cooking, it will be more effective, as, in the case of need, one can find it useful to maintain the knowledge throughout one's life.

  2. Knowledge of food and exercises: The minimum rules & techniques to keep the body fit should be in the syllabus. Eating habits and physical activity are two big aspects. Although our syllabus contains some descriptions of short-term illness & prevention, everyone should also be made aware of the causes as well, and the prevention of long-term diseases such as diabetes or heart disease, or cancer. These are very much important in the future life of the next generation.

  3. Basic business concepts: In our country, the main purpose of the education system is to create employees. But not being an entrepreneur, it is not given much importance. Therefore, it should be encouraged in the education system along with giving an initial idea of enterprise/business and its value. At the same time, in the case of employment, the importance of acquiring practical skills in the workplace should be emphasized, not just the importance of certificates. So that in any situation they can survive according to the situation.

  4. Knowledge of Land Rules and related issues: I think land issues are very complex in our country. We do not understand the terminology used in this regard in official papers/documents. But everyone needs to understand these at some point in life. That is why one of these ideas should be in the syllabus.

  5. Knowledge of common legal issues: We have very little idea about any legal issues. We do not know much about how to inform the police in case of any problem, the pros/cons of the case, court rules, lawyers, which is civil and which is a criminal case. However, if you come across a problem, then you will suddenly have to know all aspects. So why not include it in the syllabus?

  6. General taxation rules and rights: At present, this rule has become very much important for everyone. There should be an idea about different types of taxes, civil rights, consumer rights, labor rights. Our education system should help future generations to prepare for real life. Also, before going for specialty service this will also help them
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  8. Organizational structural change in schools: Fundamental changes in curriculum and management are necessary, such as education through girls' scholarships, formation of a Guardian board through a parental vote, control of teachers' behavior over students, etc. Words and phrases like 'Pandit Mashai' (Scholarly person), 'Ekta Bal' (unity is strength), 'Ten sticks, one burden' (What is easy to do with the combined efforts of many is very difficult for one person alone), etc. should not be lost from the curriculum.

What our education system lacks and needs for development

Here it is necessary to remember that many experts no longer call their opinion knowledge, or say the truth. That is, the special knowledge of a particular subject of a particular group becomes "general knowledge" under the auspices of some customs and powerful institutions and with the direct cooperation of the administration. Under the patronage of power, many continue to use knowledge as truth and impose it on everyone. The only thing that comes out between the school and the curriculum is a few certified experts from certain institutions, who specialize in a small part of a discipline and become the spokesperson of the overall knowledge of that discipline. On the other hand, despite having sufficient knowledge of any subject of that discipline, the rest are uneducated only because they do not have an institutional certificate. I think this is the major defect of a healthy education system and should be banished from the system.


The education system of any society decides the future of their citizens which takes the country to a new height. So it should be ideal for the student, for the society, and for the country as a whole to have a healthy and international standard system of education in their country at par with the changing world.

Article by Dhruba
Simplicity is the keynotes of originality. Regards Dhruba

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Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao10 Sep 2021 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 5

A good article from the author. The education system in our country is always a subject for discussion. There are many points against the present education system. Some of the issues are being addressed in the new education system. But that is also not fully accepted by many people. However, there may be an improvement in the quality of education and I feel there will definitely be an improvement in the overall system once the new system is fully implemented.
The link between the industry and the educational institutes is very weak and when the students are released from the institutes they are not found useful to the industry. There is a big gap. So the interaction between the industry and the academic institutes is the need of the hour. There should be skill-based education and the syllabus should be inclusive of the needs of the industries.

Author: Swati Sharma14 Sep 2021 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

Very good points have been suggested by the author. There have been some changes in the education system of the country which makes it better than before. Whether it is policy or system, everything needs to change from time to time because time changes and demand also changes based on that. We can agree that in today's modern era our education system is considered very weak, but people have high hopes for the latest education policy. The more we promote and implement practical knowledge, it will increase opportunities for students in the future.

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