My science teacher is a mentor for my lifetime

Teachers train students in many aspects. A good teacher will always guide his students on the right path and make them good and responsible. They never treat the teaching as a job but as a boon they got and their role in this society is second to none. How my science teacher mentored my life is described in this essay.


A teacher plays a very important role in our lives. A teacher will have the required academic qualifications and experience in teaching. These are essential for a person to get into that job. But a good teacher will have some additional qualifications like love for children, good character and behaviour, expression skills and emotional stability. A teacher with all the above traits will be attracted by many students and he will become a role model to some students. Some teachers will go beyond the subject and train the students in many ways so that they will become more efficient.

A teacher is a sculptor who is responsible for tomorrow's world. A teacher trains many students and gives doctors. actors, engineers. scientists and teachers to the next generation. But he remains a teacher and feels proud by seeing all his students who come up in their lives.

My science teacher

A normal teacher may teach the subject as per the syllabus and clears the doubts of the students. But some teachers in addition to this, will go a little more distance and teaches the students about life and the importance of values and virtues in their lives. Some teachers may follow all such values and virtues and guide their students in such a way that they always follow the ethics and values of their lives. Such teachers will leave a very good impression on the minds of the students. Their students remember them forever. Such a teacher's voice will be always ringing near the ears of their students and never allow them to leave the path of ethics.

I am lucky to have one such teacher who taught me and mentored my life on the right path. I joined the high school in our village for 6th Standard. The science teacher of that school was very famous. He used to take a special interest in guiding students on the right path. A very good teacher with excellent teaching skills. He taught me science and used to take a special interest to teach me. When I joined freshly in the school, I was very nervous and never used to talk in the classroom. I was even hesitating to ask the doubts. He recognized my weakness and every time he used to make me get up from the seat and talk about something. This made me talk freely. But still, I was not getting out of that syndrome completely. Meanwhile, the August 15th celebrations came. Elocution competitions were there. He called me and told me I should participate. He encouraged me and gave me many tips. I used to go to him and talk before him on the subject given for the competition. Finally, I participated in the competition and got 3rd prize. From then onwards I never hesitated to talk in the classroom. I participated in many competitions from then onwards. Later on, this aspect helped me a lot in my life.

A teacher with dedication

He was our class teacher also. He used to come to our class whenever any other subject teacher was on leave and used to tell us stories with morals and values. At the end of the story, he used to explain what the story conveys to us. He was very humble and honest. He loves students and he even used to spend his money for helping poor students. His narration of stories was very good to hear and we used to hear it with a lot of interest. I used to meet him in the teacher's room to get my doubts cleared. I learned many good points from his teachings. Even after getting out of school and joining college, I used to meet him in his house. He taught me how we have to conduct ourselves in our lives. His teaching made me understand the subjects easily and I performed well throughout my studies. Even when I was doing my PhD, I used to meet him and discuss with him the problems I was facing and he used to give some good advice. A man of ethics and principles. He never took money from any student for teaching in his house during evenings and mornings. He used to welcome any student coming to him for clearing his doubts. Till recently he was alive and I used to meet him whenever I go to my native village. He taught us what he followed. He spent a simple life and never asked for any help from any of his students. He retired as a gazette headmaster and settled in our village only. He had two sons and both of them are settled well in their lives.

Unfortunately, we lost him this year during the second wave of COVID 19. He died of a heart attack. Even in such a pandemic, many students gathered to see his dead body and paid their rich respects to their most respected teacher. I was also there and supported his two sons during the time of difficulties.


We may be seeing many teachers. But I have never seen a teacher like my science teacher who helped many students to become responsible citizens of the country. He used to tell me that he was very glad as many of his students are in very good positions and doing good service to the nation. I feel he will be there always with me and guide me on the right path as long as I will be here on this earth. A great teacher and above all a good human being.


Author: Umesh11 Sep 2021 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 6

There are some teachers who give one to one guidance to the students studying under them. Such teachers are a great asset to society as well as the nation. They will find out who are the best students in the class and then they will not give much consideration to their performance but rather will look for those who are mediocre or very poor in the subjects. By concentrating on the poor students whose intelligence level is not good enough to absorb the study material, these teachers change the lives of these mediocre students in a very helpful and special way and for that we are indebted to such teachers. We had a professor in our post graduation classes who used to come to see whether the students are able to do the practicals or not. Some practicals are difficult and even with the help of the lab assistant students were not able to do them and then they started avoiding them. That professor knew all these problems of students and used to come to us and help us on individual basis to sort out the problems of that particular practical and saw to it that we became expert in that. Such people are having the real spirit of teaching and we feel proud of them that they were our teachers.

Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao13 Sep 2021 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

That is true. They will help the mediocre people to improve their performance. More than that they will try to find out the shortcomings in the students and help them in overcoming those shortcomings. That is what my science teacher has done in my case. This type of training will help even the best students to improve their overall performance. Some students will be very good at academics but their skills in other activities may not be up to the marks. A good teacher will identify this and will try to impart that skill to the students. They are really the teachers who are taking care of the overall growth of the students. We get such teachers very rarely.

Author: Dr. Sanchita Ranjan15 Sep 2021 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

Very nicely explained by the author. Indeed, a good teacher is the property of the nation. This kind of teacher is the true builder of the nation. They not only help in teaching students rather make them responsible citizens of the country. I have also met this kind of teacher. They dedicate their life for students. They are not restricted up to bookish knowledge rather help in developing moral value and virtue within students. When I studied in class 4 then one of my teachers was like that only. He used to give extra time on students when school gets over. He selflessly worked in his field for which the entire school appreciated him. Even after getting tired he never denied to students who come to him for clearing doubt and always stood firmly for supporting students. I pay salute to these teachers.

Author: K Mohan25 Mar 2022 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 2

It is the fact that our school teachers are more dear to us no matter they may be strict. Many of us think that a teacher merely teaches the portion and gets away. But she really make a sculpture out of every student and chisel them in the right path. At the tenth class level, more than the parents, the teacher knows as to what should be our career path and what stream be taken in the intermediate level. Such would be inclusive bond between the teacher and the students and often we feel left out when our new life starts with the college. Teachers are the most respected professionals in the country and that is why teaching is called the noble profession.

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