Favorite Physical Education Teachers who inspired us to reach District level Badminton Tournament

In this article, you will know my favorite Physical Education Teachers other than General subject Teachers in School and High School life, on how we had played the Ball-Badminton match, and reach the Quarter and Semifinals at the District level.

Life itself is a big Teacher for all. It teaches many things from time to time in a different format from birth till death. We get few teaching from School, different Subjects, different Teachers' behaviour, their teaching method and associated memory for a certain period of years.

Ball Badminton contest entry - Teachers Day
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Most of them won't forget their first- day step-in at Nursery or School though they might not recall it all exactly how and what has had happened except very few memory that we recall once in a while. Such a memory come across once in a while even about the College's last year study and last day on the college premises.

However, no one would like to forget almost all the Teachers even if the time or years have passed by, Most of the students would have settled in either Business or Job (or Retired) etc. From time to time recalling them is a precious one for sure.

Physical Education Teachers and their approach with the students:

One of my best memory was PET (Physical Education Teachers), their guidance and their cool temperament with the students in the class training. They teach gently and simply about the best food to intake, suitable healthy juices and its consuming time, stamina info, few sports histories, sport theory subject and of course sports training in the ground.

We got training and happened to play, different sports, Football, Hockey, Ball Badminton, Cricket and other Athlete games. These sports competitions were conducting within School and District level and usually conducted by the authority when the Annual exam of the year is about to come in few weeks. We have to take care of both - syllabus study and sport's training on the ground within the school ground to excel.

One of my favourite sports and participation was/is, Ball Badminton (double's or five's sportspersons in a team vs the same head-count in an opponent team) and this is not the shuttlecock game. Once we played and qualified, then the PET will select the best one, we can then participate in the District level competition too. This is for those students who are studying in Higher Secondary School (Classes - 10+2 or PUC I or II years) and not for SSLC and below.

Here in the District tournament, we have to win at least two out of three gaming rounds against three different School teams to enter in a Quarterfinal. Later Semi-Final and Final match if a team continue winning.

For the training purpose, though we have our own Badminton Bat, Net and its Ball for the daily training, we still needed to ask these items with PET teachers (as they get them from the State Government's Sport allotment quota) upon training in our school and before entering in the District level competition.

      We Students to PET teachers in their class cum storeroom: Sir, we want Badminton Bat and Ball for Daily training for the upcoming Tournament.

      PET teachers: No, you guys won't return them once the Training and Tournament is over.

      Students: No sir, we won't do like that for sure.

      PET teachers: Every year and every participant (students) used to tell like that only, da. But they won't return them.

      Students: (We laughed) and says we are responsible sir and would return them you sure.

      PET teachers: Who will be in charge of returning them among you?

      Students: We will show one person to Teachers.

      PET teachers: Ok, collect them (Bat and Ball) from here tomorrow afternoon!

      Students: Thanks a lot sir.

Daily crazy Training will begin in the toughest climate. On few occasions, the PET teachers used to play with us to check how we are playing on the ground to shortlist us for the upcoming District / State level competition.

They observe in the school training each player's overall gaming performances, like, two front players, one center player and two back players in five's team. The District level tournament is also for five players' contests only and not for a Double (two players') games.

Our School have won the District level 'Championship' with a huge Trophy by our senior students five years back and No such trophy-winning afterwards. We have the next such opportunity.

When the training days' over in the School ground and the competition at the District level is about to start, we have to move to a different venue (town or village) a day before where the tournament games will take place. Many Schools' Teams will come to that School a day before the Tournament starts for the elimination round.

Each classroom will be allotted for different School participation to take the rest, training out, food and sleep for the night. This is one of the best fun moments for all of us as most of them are strangers in a new place.

The District level Competition day 1:

The next day, the Tournament has begun. Our team got an opportunity to play with another decent team at 11 am. We thought the opponent will be tough but not as such. We were tough for them and we won the first Ball Badminton league match in just simple two rounds. This is our first winning match in the District level tournament.

The climate was sunny. We had to carefully prepare for the next strong (second) team. And the match is about to begin in half an hour. We did the usual performance by finding the opponents weakness to put them down easily. We again won the second match against the other team with little struggle in three rounds and qualify ourselves to play with the third team the next day morning. We had to stay one more day over there.

This info had gone to our School on time and our HM (Headmaster) announces our winning brief in the School prayer's morning gathering. Happiness there for all.

The District level Competition day 2:

We had to face the other strong (third) team the next day to win and enter for the Quarterfinal. We woke up early morning after a sound sleep. We did just little practice of Ball badminton as a warm-up. Had breakfast and was ready for the next important match.

One more tough team was also on the ground on time to face us. As a team, we gathered before the game has begun and followed the captain's advice. We played accordingly and Won the match with a great plan though we had less support around this time as it was the local school's team that we just played as an opponent.

Pleasing news for all of us. We just qualified for playing in the Quarterfinal match which will take place in the evening (around 3:30 pm). The toughest team were with us so far though we also tougher for the other opponents' team without any doubt.

The Quarter Final was about to begin in ten minutes, we gathered and got some advice from PET and senior. With the technique and guidance they therein at the right time, we had played carefully in a Quarter Final match avoiding any conflict.

We got some techniques to play with the opponent to chase them easily. The Batting Service technique is also one of them. With a few other techniques and guidance from the senior, we enjoyed the game and won the Quarter Final match in the three toughest rounds. Yay!

PET and all were happy at that moment. We were closing inch by inch to get back our School name on the list for the prestigious Trophy.

We have to stay one more day over there for playing in the Semi-Final Match.

This performance and winning info gone to our School on-time again and our HM (Headmaster) has announced our Quarter Final winning's brief in the school prayer's morning gathering. Cheer and Happiness once again for all.

The District level Competition day 3:

The more you go level up, the more chances of getting a tougher team as an opponent. They have chased many teams on the way as well like us. So, in this case, we also prepared for the next fight in the Semi-Final match. The opponent team had earlier won the Trophy consecutively (Last three years), so, it was tough-luck for us. We still didn't worry about it, got huge confidence from the PET and few local support.

The next day morning, fresh and full of confidence. The feeling was like the full ground is for us, we were strong enough and the match began. The first few plays were going well in the first round of the Semi-Final match. The opponent immediately realized our strengths and weaknesses they planned accordingly as we were doing for them early to shoot the Badminton Ball at a different angle and placement. The toughest play and time began when we first crossed the 10 to 15 points in the first round and they too realized their strength and planned to execute it with us.

The opponent team had played well after our first 15 points crossing in the first round and they too chased us diligently in the toughest manner. They stopped us from getting more points and they started to get the points by playing with their new technique which make us thought for a while.

What to do? We tried our best with the last plans what we had and still, they were chasing us differently by observing the place beside our weaker point on the ground. Defending was more important for us at that short moment than getting points, the situation came across likewise. However, the opponent crossed our point and won the first game. The thrilling and exciting levels were more for many.

Ball Badminton contest quarter final - Teachers Day
Image courtesy: News Karnataka.

One of our PET teachers silently went out of the School ground knowing the toughest situation ahead for our team. The pressure mounted us though we were confident and took it casually as usual avoiding any pressure which may cause even more trouble or divert us with the real game spirit.

The second round of the game begun, we were the ones who was chasing the opponent team and we felt like this game is for us without any doubt. The opponent seems 'No for giving up' and made us think even more in the next move, tougher on their service as well. Yes. This is one plus point in the game. Service.

Their few players were serving the Ball vertically; it was coming toward us with the fastest swing-in to decide where it will exactly fell (place) to bat it, determine and send it back, was tough, though. This was one of the weaknesses of our team at that point despite we knows such service mode in a lighter method. They got some points additionally from this method and we had started to be behind them in-game and points.

The heavy pressure mounted us again meanwhile as we might lose the first tournament game of the year and it might be a prestigious matter for us as well. Whether we will qualify for the Final or Not? Soon?

Result in Semi-Final Match:

The time came and each point getting become even tougher for us, the opponent team was getting it easily from ours and their services. The climate was even tougher beside. Still, the opponent team was able to reach the top points in just two rounds by chasing us dramatically which is beyond to explain here.

We finally lost the game in two rounds out of three round chances. It was a bad time for us at that moment though many were appreciated us on our defending style and tough plays in the Semi-Final match against the last year's Trophy-winning team.

One of the Physical Education Teacher told us that they knew very well about the result outcomes as we might face the toughest situation in this match (Semi-Final) to possibly lose, due to various reasons, and one of them was, the opponent team were practising the match daily for the year but we did just a month or more before District Ball Badminton Tournament.

This article is written for the Teachers Day Special Essay Writing Contest. This article is also dedicated to our most lovable Physical Education Teachers (Mr M R sir, M Tirunavukkarasu sir, Durai sir, Aziz sir) beside Head Master, associated Teachers, Candidates and State Board for an amazing opportunity to showcase the student's sports talent.

Your feedback or comments are most welcome.

Article by Hafeezur Rahman
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