Simplicity of my English teacher has become my life lesson

Teachers are an integral part of every student's life. The student and a teacher's association helps in gaining and exchanging knowledge. It also impacts a student's overall development. The essay written below describes the same.


Student life starts from kindergarten, and gradually it moves to primary, middle, secondary and senior secondary levels within a school campus. At every stage, students come across different teachers. It takes some time for the students to become comfortable with their new teachers. With time they learn to settle down, but in this process, the class teacher of each class plays a vital role in making the students get adjusted to a new environment and norms. My English teacher in the sixth class, who happened to be the class teacher too, left a memorable impression on my overall personality.

How simplicity made an impact

Being the youngest of the three daughters in a big joint family, I was the first girl in my family to study in a Missionary school. It was my elder sister and brother who made my father admit me to an English medium school. My parents were a bit wary about the environment of an English medium school because they thought their daughter might become a snob. Thank God! I didn't turn out to be one.

Unfortunately, I don't remember much about my school days in fourth when I joined the Missionary school and also about class fifth. In the sixth, I was of twelve years only, still vividly remember that my English teacher being my class teacher too drew all my attention with her simplicity and strong command over the subject. She was all smiles whenever she met any student outside the class or school, and she reacted in the same manner during her teaching session in the classroom. My English teacher was neither extraordinarily beautiful nor a fashionista. She always wore a saree and dressed up with minimal make-up, but her overall appearance was very charming. The reason behind her appealing look must be her deep knowledge and always remained approachable to the students. Anyone can be approachable only when the person is free and frank in attitude and gives importance to others that were the case with my English teacher. She was not just a favourite but a role model for almost all the students. I was no exception. I fell in love with her simplicity and learned from observing her that success in life is independent of a high style quotient.

How simplicity has paid a rich dividend

Although I am not a working professional, my simple look and candid approach have strengthened my thinking. Wherever glamorous look and stylish dressing up get preference, I step back because that's not my forte. Whereas if a presentable look and skill can make all the talking, I am game for it. I am also quite accessible to the younger generation of my family for all the discussions if any complication arises. I enjoy the trust of the young ones, which turns out to be a blessing in guiding them properly. It has become possible only because of my free and straightforward approach. Nobody loves to open up to a complicated person because it can make more tangles, but the scope to speak freely to someone solves all the hindrances. I find my simple nature has become handy to manage difficult situations and remain in demand whenever there are some adjustment clashes. Not just the younger generation who come to me for help but even the senior members take my help to solve any issue without any dispute.

Thus, following the path of my class teacher, who taught me English, has given me an impetus to move forward, even being ordinary, because a person's ability depends upon inner strength and not upon outer look. I am a homemaker, even a little hesitant in engaging with people and going to some reputed organization still my simplicity didn't act as a mental block for me. My teacher's simplicity has always provoked me to follow it with utmost sincerity. I had never received any flak for being a follower of simplicity. Even when I worked as a Spoken English teacher, I enjoyed respect for the simplicity in my dressing and communication style.


Teachers have a big responsibility of teaching a subject interestingly but on the other hand, must become an idol of their students. The students idealise their teachers for qualities like teaching ability, smartness, humility, style quotient or other impressive features. On the contrary, some other pupils can be impressed by a teacher's simplicity. It can sound a bit surprising, but the fact is when a teacher applies one's simplicity as strength, then it deserves to be admired. My class teacher was unique in carrying her simplicity with elan and never compromised while putting up the best foot forward. For me, simplicity is the most expensive ornament any person can wear throughout one's life and cherish its reward by garnering genuine respect and love like my teacher has earned from all her students.


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Teaching is a noble profession and a teacher is considered as the Guru because he or she not only imparts education but makes a person a learned and educated one and thereby changing the entire lifestyle and approach to life. So the teachers make a niche for themselves to teach the lessons in their own way. Some teach the lesson plot-wise and some go into the branch stories so that the lesson is understood more. A teacher's ability can be seen with the rapt attention of students listening without making any noise and that proves she has captured the alertness of the students present in the class. A teacher must be smart enough because he may forget something to teach in sync with the subject, but should adjust the situation and must not pause or stop the teaching. There are some teachers who admit with humility that they cannot go deep into the subject and even that character is liked by the students and their parents. And for every student one or the two teachers would be so dear, because they made the teaching easy and most understandable.

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A teacher will be admired by the students not only based on his teaching but also on the way he lives and encourages the children to do well. After reading this I remembered a teacher in our school who was a teacher to my brother in the same school where I studied.

He is a very simple man and never used to wear any costly clothes. He used to wear dhoti and a shirt made of Kadhi. He never used to wear any footwear. He donated all his ancestral property to a cow home and he used to live in a single room near the school. He never married and spent his life completely as Bachelor only. He was working as a Sanskrit teacher. He used to donate every month half of his salary to the poor students. He adopted some students and used to call them to his room and see that they will study. He used to cook on his own and never accepted anything from his students also. He helped many poor students and those students are in very good positions these days.

He used to reach Sanskrit and he used to teach the students various morals in our lives. All the students used to respect him and used to follow his teachings. Many of his students were in touch with him. Some of his old students contributed some money and instituted a scholarship on his name in the school for helping the poor boys. Such teachers are very rare and definitely we should be grateful and obedient to such teachers.

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