How my Biology teacher changed my perspective of learning the subject

The role of the teachers is always important for the all-round development of the students and interestingly teachers are not limited to the classrooms. Exceptional teachers can be found anywhere and during various phases of life and this essay is about one such teacher.


A teacher not only teaches but also inspires a student to know more about the subject. Some teachers teach like a routine but there are some who not only teach but help the students to identify their strengths and weaknesses which are essential for the progress. When a student knows the weaknesses and work on them with the teacher the results are always amazing and the teacher creates a special space in the mind of the student.

When it all started

It was in class 7 when he started teaching us Biology. He had a unique style of conducting the classes where instead of teaching the lessons from the book he used to carry his own notebook which he prepared after collating information from various books. There was no internet or Google at that time and only the books available in the library were the source of our knowledge. Sticking to the syllabus and studying the recommended reference books was the way to score marks but our Biology teacher looked at the whole aspect in a different way and tried to prepare us by teaching things that were not mentioned in the curriculum. I prepared a special notebook for Biology where all the new terminologies and lessons were pointed out.

The inspirational approach

He prepared the question paper for the terminal examination as predicted and most of the questions were out of the syllabus. Well, that made many students angry and there were a couple of questions in the paper that he never covered during the class. I was also a bit angry but didn't express it openly. The score of most of the students in Biology was poor in that examination and after the results were out he came to the class as usual and started teaching in his own way. One student asked him about the tough question paper and he asked which of the questions he found tough. He pointed out the questions and more students joined him to point out the tough ones. The teacher calmly said that he will discuss all such questions in the class. A few told about the questions being out of the syllabus and then came his interesting reply on the syllabus. He told us the importance to know things in detail and not the syllabus. He told that the syllabus may be a good way to prepare for an exam but our knowledge should not be limited to any syllabus and the questions that were asked in the examination were related to the topic only. He told that if we try to know things in detail and understand them properly then the interest in the subject will develop, otherwise, students will not treat the subject as a subject of their choice. His words changed my thought process and I started liking Biology very much which was not among one of my favourite subjects earlier.

The useful tips

He told the class about the importance of knowing as well as how to express things clearly during the examination. He told us the importance of highlighting the relevant points in the exam for the benefit of the examiners and why we should use a different colour in science subjects to highlight the points. Highlighting was to draw the attention and what needs to be highlighted should be highlighted. His assurance of any help on the subject irrespective of the curriculum was a motivating factor and this special approach in teaching the subject helped me to score good marks to my satisfaction in the subject till the board examinations.


The approach of a teacher towards teaching a subject is always important for the students. The distinguishing quality of any teacher to focus on the knowledge and not only on the syllabus is something that helps to grow one's concept on the subject and such teachers are always counted as lucky stars.

Article by Sankalan Bhattacharya
Sankalan "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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Author: Umesh14 Sep 2021 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 3

A teacher should be capable of enlarging the views of students towards their studies. He should inspire and motivate the students for a thorough study and not for selective and superficial one. If a teacher can inculcate a good pattern of studies in the minds of the students then he is definitely a successful teacher and the students who have studied under him are the luckier lot. If a teacher is not strict and not a hardworking fellow then students will also take liberty and will distract from their studies. A kind hearted teacher who is serious, sincere, and hardworking in his teaching work and also is a well wisher of the students and helps them indirectly or directly in making their career is an asset for the school or the college where he is employed. Such teachers are the role models for other teachers as well as for their students.

Author: Swati Sharma24 Sep 2021 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

This is a beautiful article that has been shared by the author. Teachers play a very important role in a student's life and as the author's teacher said this is right that we should not just rely on the syllabus. There are also some teachers whose purpose is only to get the syllabus completed, by doing so, they understand their responsibility, but it is not that only completing the syllabus does not mean giving knowledge, but the method of teaching should be such that students The concept should also be understood when a topic is explained in detail to the students, nothing seems out of syllabus.

Author: Dr. Sanchita Ranjan30 Sep 2021 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

The teacher is an asset for students. They not only give education to their student but help in making their career. Sometimes, they behave with their students like a parent. In early times, teachers were considered to be incarnations of God. Even today, some teachers are very dedicated and they motivate and encourage their students. We should be obliged to such kind of teachers. On the other hand, many professional teachers are also there who believe only in completing the syllabus. No doubt, dedicated teachers are the true builders of the nation.

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