My Kindergarten teacher made me interested in studies

A teacher is an important pillar of society. They play a key role in shaping our future. They make us understand how to face challenges in life and give tips to overcome challenges in our way of life. In this essay, I am describing how my kindergarten teacher created interest in me in my studies.


Teachers are the biggest contributors to society. They encourage and motivate a student on the path of career-making. Whatever I am today is due to the constant and honest effort of my teachers. Every professional, whether they are academic, scientist, doctor, businessman, politician, or any other discipline, is the result of the endeavour of a teacher. Right from the beginning, we are handed over to the hand of a teacher which starts from kindergarten and end at university education. Thus, approximately half of our life is spent interacting with teachers. Teachers become true observers of students. Often, when parents are unable to notice their child, the teacher plays an important role in finding out the merit/demerit of children. So, a teacher is called the third parent. Teachers are considered surrogate parents, mentors, counsellors and many more.

My Kindergarten teacher

When I joined UKG, one teacher was there. Her name was Maya. She was very young and attractive. She used to take care of every child very nicely. She knew better how to teach kids with fun. Sometimes, when children start crying in another section, then teachers used to call her to make them silent. She had an attractive personality as well as a better kid's care experience. She used to love all children. She was a dedicated teacher for which she got awarded. She focused on those children also who were weak and not taking interest in studies. I was one of them who had no interest in reading and writing. So she used to give special attention to me while writing and reading. She offered me chocolates for good writing. Sometimes she used to tell me that if I recite a poem for her she will give me a toy. Thus, she used to try all possible ways for children's learning. As a result of it, all children in her class were very good at their studies. Every parent wanted to get admitted their child to her class. When I gave the entrance exam for Std I, I got a good rank. It happened only because of her effort. I always remember that teacher because she played important role in our basic education. After changing my school she met me many times and always encouraged me for paying attention towards studies. I am grateful to her for motivating me. Now I feel she was one of the important people in my life whose efforts made me interested in studies. I think that very few teachers are there who are having so much affection for their students. She would be in my memory forever.


We interact with many teachers throughout our life but only a few of them have a great impact on our minds. My Kindergarten teacher was one such teacher who was a true builder of the nation. I feel proud that she was my teacher.


Guest Author: Partha Kansabanik14 Sep 2021

Please correct the spelling of 'kindergarten' in the heading of this article.

Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao15 Sep 2021 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 3

Definitely, teachers help a lot to the student in coming up in their lives. We study under many teachers. But some will make a mark on our life and we will never forget them anytime.
The teachers in high school and primary school may play an important role to tune the students properly. It is always easy to bend a plant but not a tree. In the same way, we can change the students in lower easily but very difficult to change the college-going students.
Some teachers show additional interest and guide some students so that they will go on the right path and become good citizens. Generally, kids will get attracted to chocolates and other toys and some teachers use this to correct the students and see that they will get attracted towards studies.
The teacher mentioned in the essay is also one like that and we should appreciate such teachers and should respect them always in our life.

Author: Umesh18 Sep 2021 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 3

The teachers who have a helping mind and who want their students to learn and prosper in their lives are there but their number is very less. Those students who get such teachers for teaching and guiding them are definitely the luckier lot. The pre primary and primary classes are that phase in ones life when a good teacher can definitely shape the future career and place the building blocks for that child to grow up in a successful personality in future.
Having a good teacher during the primary education is one of the most important thing in ones life because that is the time when a child can be aligned in any direction and can be pressurized to do more hard work also because at that time the learning capabilities and capacities are immense. When the age of a child increases and he grows up then slowly the grasping power and retentions become weaker and weaker with aging. For example a child can learn two three languages at the same time but when he turns in an adult then it becomes very difficult for him to learn a new language. So, availability of a good teacher during ones childhood is definitely a boon.

Guest Author: Partha Kansabanik28 Sep 2021

Please correct the heading. Check 'made me interest....'. . It should be 'interested'.
Sorry to bother.

Author: Reena Upadhya03 Apr 2023 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4

It is nice to know you met such a teacher at the very beginning of your academic years. Meeting her in kindergarten helped you excel in your studies. She got your interest in your studies. This is what education is all about. The intention of getting educated should not be to score more marks or rank high in the class or else to get a good job. It should be to learn what is taught i.e., to educate oneself. Likewise, teachers who teach with this sort of intention are loved by everyone. They concentrate on everyone equally. Anyone can teach a brilliant student. However, the one who can grab the attention of the weakest of all and mold him in such a way that he becomes interested in his studies is a brilliant teacher in the real sense.

It is difficult to find teachers of that sort now a day. I remember when I was in kindergarten; our teacher would hold our hand and help us write the alphabet. This is no joke. Calling every student in front of her table and helping every one of them to correctly write and pronounce the alphabet requires effort and time. She was able to dedicate herself to that kind of work. She used to recite poems with us for as long as possible. Now a day, we don't find teachers who are ready to put in the extra effort. They teach once, and then they give lots of homework. Who has grabbed the content, and who hasn't? They don't care about it. Parents when seeing their kids not excelling in studies; enroll them in coaching classes or tuition. Their kids meet the same kind of teachers in tuition. Even there, they teach them once or twice and then load them with more homework. There is no point in wandering from one teacher to another if they all are alike. We need more teachers who can create magic with their magical wands and steal everyone's attention.

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