My Sanskrit teacher inspired me to be selfless

Children learn values at home and in school, their second home. Life becomes good with valuable inputs at school and home. An essay written below is on how a teacher taught selflessness, which acted as an inspiration.


Saying something about a particular teacher from whom I benefitted in life will be an injustice to other teachers because it was a blessing that I got good human beings as teachers during school days. My Sanskrit teacher needs a special mention as her unique gesture taught me the greatest lesson of life. I learnt about selflessness, which one should not exercise only within the family and friends but among others too. It upholds humanity. Selflessness is a very satisfying value, and I have learnt it from the elderly members of my family, which became more deep-rooted when someone outside of the family, like my Sanskrit teacher, set an example for me.

How selflessness got injected through a noble gesture

I was horrible in Sanskrit. Any amount of effort did not yield any good result. At times I just passed in Sanskrit and sometimes even failed in it. In class six, Sanskrit was introduced. Many students couldn't understand the subject, but for me, it was a very disgusting experience. I just did not like Sanskrit and failed to grasp it, so my result suffered heavily. The Sanskrit teacher and the school authorities did not mind much about the students' inability to understand the subject as the teaching of Sanskrit began in class sixth only. Gradually, many students could manage it well, but I kept on a poor streak of marks in class seventh. My Sanskrit teacher became a Messiah and offered to conduct extra classes for me after school hours. It was an opportunity for me to learn the subject properly as in the classroom, I was getting afraid and became too hesitant. My parents agreed to it, and I started grasping Sanskrit quite well. After a month of extra classes, my father wanted to know about the tuition fees from my Sanskrit teacher. She did not take a penny for holding the special coaching for almost a year. I started performing well, and in the Secondary examination, I got around eighty percent in the subject, which was unexpected because of my early fumblings. I am indebted to her to date. My parents could pay the tuition fees, but my teacher's selflessness made a great impression on me. She gave extra time after school hours to make her student grasp the Sanskrit language properly. So early in my life, my Sanskrit teacher taught me to be selfless and spread happiness.

Selflessness is satisfying

I have grown up in a family which has a lot of positives about selflessness. I did observe but never thought about it deeply until my Sanskrit teacher's selfless gesture simply bowled me out. She could have charged the tuition fee, which she didn't, and another important aspect of her gesture was, she offered to conduct special tuition classes for me without even requesting her for the same. It was not a matter of a few days, but for almost a year, I received free tuition. My teacher's gesture got etched in my heart, so whenever I get an opportunity to help someone, financially or not, I try not to miss it. It is satisfying; especially I keep it in mind to help the needy, and the smile on their face gives me immense pleasure.

Doing something for others in exchange for something is not worth satisfying. It seems like an act of a give-and-take. It is similar to a barter system. Doing something for others without taking anything from the person in return is truly a selfless act. Some teachers hold tuition classes for fees as it's a profession for them but, my Sanskrit teacher only received my better performance in return for sacrificing her extra time and energy. I feel indebted to her to date for teaching me the importance of selflessness through such a sweet gesture. The more I extend help to others, I feel happy. For such a lesson, it will be unjustified if I thank only my family because my Sanskrit teacher's gesture was directly attached to me at such a young age which impacted me very positively.


The act of selflessness is a purifier of the heart. Doing for oneself is easy but doing selflessly for others is a difficult task. Usually, the heart and mind create a barrier in being selfless, but one can overcome the hindrances by exercising self-control. The person who receives selfless service from others always remembers it, and that's what the helpers deserve for their loving gesture. An inspiration for being selfless is a humane gesture that continues to be with a person forever.


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