Top best courses to study abroad for Indian students

Looking for the best course for studying abroad? A student can choose the best degree course depending upon their interest and skills. Read this article to know the most popular courses to study in a foreign country to earn a high salary.

Overseas education is gaining popularity with every passing day. Indian students visualize and set their heart on going to foreign universities for higher education. Until a few years ago, only a few courses were taught in different universities. But the scenario is completed changed now. Universities offer numerous courses, providing an opportunity for students to select the best courses according to their caliber and interests.

The major dilemma of every student is- How to select the best course in international universities? A person should consider various parameters while selecting a stream for higher studies, like-

  • Identify the fields and subjects of your interest.
  • Analyze your skills and passion correlated with your interests.
  • Make a list of available or prospective employment opportunities with it. Consider the career scope after completing the course.
  • Don't choose a course just because it has a glittering career ahead. A literature mind cannot study science well.
  • Check out the rules and regulations of the country where you want to study. How safe the country is? What is the cost of living in that country? What is the language and culture of that country?
  • Shortlist the universities where that course is being taught? Is the university recognized? What are the ranking and accreditations of that university?
  • What are the prerequisites to enroll in the selected course? Do you need to clear IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT, or any other test?
  • Take a reality check on your pocket? Will you be able to afford the tuition fees and other expenses like food, accommodation, etc.
  • Does the university offer scholarships for the selected course? Will you be able to take advantage of any financial aid? Check out the duration of the course in that university? Is it appropriate or more than other universities?
  • Does the university provide internships or practical work experience? How is the internship or work experience important for your course?
  • Have a word of mouth with few people who have cleared that course (preferably from the same university or the country). How they get benefitted after completing the course?
  • At last, check out whether you are eligible to apply for the course in the selected university.

List of top popular courses in foreign universities

Selecting the right course is one of the major obstacles in a student's life. Students often get perplexed while choosing the right course. We, at IndiaStudyChannel, help you right from the selection of the right course to the right country and the right university. Let's have a glance at the most popular sectors and streams which can give you a better career and jobs with high salaries in a foreign country.



  • You will get a medical degree after the completion of the degree course which usually has a duration of 5 to 6 years.
  • MBBS from a foreign university is highly valued across the globe, especially in developing countries (like India) and under-developed countries.
  • A successful and well-qualified doctor gets high monetary benefits, a high graduate employment rate, job security, trust, and respect.
  • A medical practitioner has a spirit to save people's lives and gain gratitude from the public at large.

Degree awarded: Bachelor's of Medicine, Bachelor's of Surgery (MBBS, MBChB, BMBS), Doctor of Medicine (MD), and Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO). You can also get Ph.D and M.Sc.

Career Scope after MBBS: As a foreign medical graduate, you can practice as a specialist in a government hospital, private hospital or run your private clinic. You can also opt for a Post Graduate course like PG- Specialty, PG- Diploma, and DNB for a shiner career.

Healthcare and Pharmacy

  • B. Pharm is a 4 to 5- year undergraduate program that deals with the formulation, dispensing, and correct utilization of drugs. M.Pharm is a 1 to 2 years course depending upon the university and the country.
  • Apart from core academic subjects of Pharmacy, students are also taught about patients' healthcare services.

Degree awarded– Diploma in Pharmacy, Bachelor's in Pharmacy, Master's degree in Pharmacy, and Doctorate/Ph.D in Pharmacy (Pharm.D).

Career Scope as a Pharmacist– From counselling patients to conducting drug therapy programs, a pharmacist has a good job scope. Drug stores, grocery stores, hypermarkets, and hospitals always look for more and more pharmacists. A Pharm.D degree holder can work as a Clinical Pharmacist, Medical Writer, Pharmaceutical Advisor, Hospital Pharmacy Director, Hospital Staff Pharmacist, Medical Safety Physician, Supply Logistics leader, Drug Safety Associate, etc. Numerous government agents like government hospitals, Staff Selection Commission (SSC), CRPF, Government Colleges and Universities, Pharmacovigilance, and Sports Authority of India (SAI) hire a pharmacist. A pharma degree holder has a great career scope in foreign countries as well, including the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia.

Engineering and Technology

  • Like medicine, engineering is another most sought and popular course to study abroad.
  • Whichever engineering stream you choose, there is a huge demand of engineers across the globe- be it Mechanical Engineer, Electrical and Computer Science
    Engineer, IT and Telecom, Mechatronics, Biomedical Engineer, Petroleum Engineer, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineer, Robotics or Geophysical Engineer.

Degree offered– Bachelor's degree, Master's degree, Ph.D, Doctor of Engineering (Eng.D or D Eng).

Job opportunities as an engineer- Career prospects for engineering graduates depend upon their specialized branch. You can work as a Civil engineer, Nuclear engineer, Aerospace engineer, Mechanical engineer, Structural engineer, Technical writer, Patent lawyer, and at many other reputed posts in countries like Canada, New Zealand, Austral, the USA, UK, etc.

Agricultural Science and Food Technology

  • Due to the increased global population, increasing food production is a great challenge and therefore, an excellent career opportunity too. Rapid urbanization and lifestyle changes have also given wings to this career.
  • Due to the massive trend of frozen foods, packaged foods, and food kept in cold storage, developed countries like the US, UK, and Canada makes food technology course promising.

Degree granted– Bachelors degree, Master degree, Ph.D

Career scope– As an agricultural science professional, you have numerous job opportunities- from product research and development to production of crops, pest control, food science, plant science, soil science, etc. in the domains of agricultural sector eg. agribusiness, public agencies, private agencies, government agencies, R&D organization, etc.


  • The need for a competent lawyer can never come to an end on the planet as law and order are an inseparable part of a country.
  • Branches of law include commercial law, employment law, criminal law, banking law, corporate law, human rights, and intellectual property law.

Degree granted– Some of the popular law courses abroad are LLM, LLB (Bachelor of Law), Juris Doctorate (J.D), BA in Jurisprudence, SJD/ JSD, and LLD/ Legum Doctor.

Career Scope in Law– You can practice as a lawyer or a legal associate in a law firm in a foreign country. Law career options in India include Corporate lawyer, Litigation, Judicial services, Public Prosecutor, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Professor in Law School, Judge Advocate General, Intellectual Property Lawyer, Legal Journalism, Tax lawyer, NGOs and Think Tanks. An experienced, trained or licensed person can practice as a Trial lawyer, Corporate lawyer, Intellectual Property lawyer, Tax Attorney, Law Professor, and Judge.

Hospitality and Tourism

  • The study of Tourism and Hospitality Management teaches you marketing, management, and operational skills in the sector.
  • Hotel, Hospitality, and Travel specializations include Housekeeping, Food and Beverage service, Catering, Culinary Arts, Fares and Ticketing, Hotel and Hospitality Management, Bakery and Confectionery, Front Office Management, Travel and Tourism Management, and Tour Operations.

Degree granted– You can pursue certificate courses in hospitality and travel like certificate course in food and beverage service, Air Ticketing and Travel Management, Certificate in Food Production and Patisserie, Certificate in Travel and Tourism Management, etc. Other options are Diploma, Bachelor's degree, Master's degree, or Ph.D in Tourism and Hospitality Management, Hotel Management and Catering Technology, Hospitality and Tourism Studies, Hospitality and Hotel Administration, etc.

Career options after Hospitality and Tourism course- A plethora of high job profiles like Hotel Manager, Food and Beverage Manager, Front Office Manager, Housekeeping Manager, Restaurant and Food Service Manager, Chef, Supervisor, Steward Cabin Crew, Travel Consultant, Travel Coordinator, etc. in the related industries such as hotel, airlines, travel agencies and many more.

Biomedical Science and Biotechnology

  • Biomedical Science and Biotechnology are one of the top courses to study abroad as it offers you an opportunity to earn a fat salary and an expected pay like of 5% to 15% every year.
  • M.Sc. Biotech can be pursued in countries like the US, Germany, Canada, Australia, and Singapore.

Degree Offered– Undergraduate certificate, Bachelor's degree, Master's degree, Ph.D.

Career Scope- A master's degree holder can make his career as a Biochemist, Biotechnology Sales, Biotechnology Research Associates, Environmental Engineer, Senior Research Scientists, Marketing Manager, Biomedical Engineer, Biotechnology Laboratory Technician, Crime Lab Technician, Quality Control Analyst, or Validation Technician.

Marine Biology

  • Students with a keen interest in marine biodiversity, oceans, and ecosystems can opt to be Marine biologists.
  • Study of B.Sc (Marine Biology) is of 3 to 4 years whereas the duration of M.Biol (Master of Biology) is of 4 to 5 years which merges Bachelor's and Master's level program.

Degree Offered– Associate in Marine Biology, Bachelor's degree, M.Sc in Marine Biology, M.Sc in Marine Biology (Thesis), and Ph.D

Job opportunities for Marine Biology graduates- A graduate in Marine Biology can grab roles like Marine Specialist, Oceanographer, Dive operations manager, Environmental Consultant, Oil Spill consultant, Marine Ecologist, Conservation Officer, Fisheries Officer, or Marine Resource Manager to build a strong career.

Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy

  • International Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy Programs are offered to equip students with skills with physical therapy, manual therapy, kinesitherapy, and special therapeutic massage.
  • A therapist earns great respect in society, like a doctor.
  • The basic difference between Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy is that the former focuses on strength, balance, and gross coordination while later focuses on functional activities like communication, fine motor activities, etc.

Degree Offered– Bachelor's of Applied Science (Occupational Therapy), Bachelor's and Master's degree in Occupational Therapy (Hons.), Diploma in Health Science- Occupational Therapy, BPT, MPT, M.Sc. in Occupational Therapy, M.Sc. in Physiotherapy, M.Sc. Evidence-Based Therapy Practice, Doctor of Occupational Therapy, M.Sc. in Physical Activity and Health, M.Sc. Sport and Exercise Science, M.Sc. in Sport and Exercise Medicine, M.Sc. strength and conditioning, etc.

Career Scope as an Occupational Therapist and Physiotherapist- In addition to the blessings of a cured disabled person, a licensed therapist can choose any of these top job profiles- Teacher, Consultant, OT Technician, OT Nurse, Rehabilitation Therapy assistant, Speech and language, Private practitioner, Service delivery manager, Occupational therapist, Lab Technician, Medical record technician, OT in-charge, National Sales Manager, or Critical care nursing in-charge.


  • Nurses are always in huge demand in almost all countries across the globe including developed countries like Canada, America, UK, Australia, Ireland, and Australia.
  • The average salary of a nurse is Rs. 1,00,000 to Rs. 1, 50,000 in western and Gulf countries. An experienced and licensed and registered nursing practitioner can earn somewhere between Rs. 2 lakh and Rs. 4 lakh in developed countries.

Degree Offered– Diploma in Nursing, B.Sc/ M.Sc. in Nursing, The Associate Degree in Nursing (AND), CRNA (The Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist), DNP (Doctor of Nursing Practice), M.Phil in Nursing and Ph.D. in Nursing.

Nursing Job Opportunities- A nurse practitioner has tremendous career opportunities and gigantic growth scope. Family Care Nurse Practitioner is one of the best career choices in developed countries with average salary stands at $90,000 approximately, Academic Nurse Practitioner, Outpatient Center Nurse Practitioner, Clinical Study Observer, Educator Nurse, and Occupational Health Nurse, Oncology Nurse, Intensive Care Nurse, Geriatric and Retirement Nurse, Palliative Care Nurse, Nurse Midwife, Mental health, Psychiatric and Addictions Nurse are some of the lucrative professions in the field.


  • Master of Business Administration or MBA is another most demanded course in foreign countries as it opens a wide array of opportunities for you.
  • The best countries to study MBA for Indian students are the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and Germany. Some universities also offer scholarships to needy and meritorious students.
  • Top-ranked business schools in the world are Munich Business School, Melbourne Business School, Sydney Business School, Rotman School of Management, London Business School, Said Business School, Harvard Business School, Stanford Graduate School of Business, and many more.

Degree awardedMBA

Career Scope after MBA from an international university– A person with a degree in international business has a vast scope in the private and government sectors. MBA in IB has a mammoth global market. You can work as an Export Manager and Executive, Consultant, International Marketing Manager, International Business Consultant, International Business Development Manager, Global Business Manager, International Finance Manager, Export Coordinator, Brand Manager, Account Manager, Marketing Manager, Project Manager, Management Consultant, Material Manager, Supplier Manager, or Investment Banking Manager.

Translation and Interpretation

  • If you are a person who has the least interest in Maths, Science, Computers or Business Studies, then this is the most recommended course to study abroad.
  • Increased globalization and diversified population demand more translators and interpreters in the global market.
  • Frequently translated languages that are in high demand for interpreters are Arabic, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Japanese, and Chinese (Mandarin). German is the highest paying translation language in the world with an approximate annual income of £ 35,000.

Degree awarded– Bachelor's degree, Master's degree or Doctorate/Ph.D. in Translation and Interpreting, Translation Studies, etc.

Career Scope as an Interpreter and Translator- Some of the job opportunities for Interpreters and Translators are language editors, dubbers, interpreters, journalists, copywriters, public relations officers, terminologists, and lexicographers.

Still confused in selecting the best-recommended course for you? Drop a comment below mentioning your skills, qualifications, and interests. We shall be happy to help you.

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Author: Umesh24 Sep 2021 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 4

This is an exhaustive article regarding studying abroad by the interested Indian students. It is true that if one gets a degree from outside then his chances of getting jobs abroad increase significantly and his earning potential will also be more in some of those countries. Those who can afford to have a foreign degree through their own resources or by taking a loan from the bank or on sponsored scholarship basis this is definitely a great opportunity to go outside and acquire these learnings and qualifications. In this context one should also remember that by going out one has to be ready to work in outside countries maybe in an alien environment. Once a person gets a job outside it is true that his earning potential will be more but his chances of returning to his home country will diminish significantly. Of course there are some persons who have left very good jobs outside and have come back to their home country to live with their parents and have good time with their friends and relatives here. One has to make a compromise between the career ambitions and living with the family and friends in India itself. These decisions will change from person to person on individual basis but it is true that from financial point of view going abroad and getting an education there makes sense.
There are many subjects and disciplines in which there are better job opportunities outside India and some of these disciplines are law, finance and accounts, computer networking, health and medical, etc so those students who are willing to go outside for increasing their qualifications can choose one of these niche areas where job opportunities are better than the other traditional and conventional courses.

Author: K Mohan14 Nov 2021 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 2

While many have the interest and idea to study abroad, but how to go about was the biggest problem and the author has envisaged ways and means to get going. Before moving to other countries, our intentions must be clear as to what must be studied and the scope thereof in getting a good job. And in what way we are matching to the courses offered because without the basic knowledge, venturing to other countries would be a foolish thought. And it is imperative to go through the authenticity of the University and its recognition thereof.

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