7 Reasons why teaching English could be the perfect career for you

There are many reasons why TEFL is the perfect job for many. If you think you possess the qualities to be a great teacher and are curious to find out more about it then keep reading. Here are just 7 reasons that could make your decision to TEFL much clearer.

For those unfamiliar with the term, someone who TEFLs is someone who teaches English as a foreign language. It's likely that you already know a bit about it. But do you know just how many great opportunities it can provide you with? Can anyone who's fluent in English can TEFL? That you can qualify and begin teaching English Online within 6 months or less after enrolling on a course?

1. Earn money while having an adventure

For a lot of people, pursuing dreams of travel and adventure involves taking a gap year, career-break, or quitting their job altogether. Because of this, they need to save a substantial amount of money for their travels however long they may last. But what if you didn't have to pause career development or sacrifice a regular income for the sake of seeing the world?

If you become an EFL teacher you don't have to give up these things. Yes, you'll need a bit of money to get you started: the cost of a TEFL course, visa, paperwork and moving costs. As long as you've secured a job beforehand you can expect a regular income starting after your first month of teaching is complete.

EFL teachers don't have to constantly move from countries to be able to travel and have an adventure (unless that's what you're after!). They have the chance to really get to know the country they're teaching in and absorb the culture. Your time off can be spent travelling within the country or further afield. It'll be your choice to make!

2. Variety of teaching roles to choose from

EFL teaching can take many different forms. You have a variety of options: teaching English to school kids, running classes for adults in a language centre, teaching English online, private tuition, volunteer work, internships, summer camp coordinators, and much more.

The wide variety of teaching jobs that TEFL certification prepares you for gives you the chance to find out what suits you best. The more experience you gain, the easier applying for more competitive roles will get e.g. the roles which offer the highest wages and best employee incentives. Here are some tips to find teaching jobs

3. You could live the life of a digital nomad!

The life of a digital nomad is envied by many. But in reality, it's becoming a much more feasible option as more companies operate online than ever. Digital nomads get to enjoy the freedom of choosing the location they work. It can change on the regular, as long as they can connect to Wi-Fi.

To be a digital nomad, you would initially have to focus efforts on finding TEFL jobs with online teaching companies. It's made possible by the fact that you won't be teaching in person, but instead over a video call. It's the most practical choice for those looking to travel on a regular basis, as it'll give you the freedom to do this.

Online English teachers are given the most flexibility of all EFL teachers. But they do have much more responsibility in terms of managing their time to ensure they earn enough. Online teaching companies allow you to manage your own schedule so you can work as frequently or infrequently as you like. You'll have a minimum number of teaching hours per week but it tends to be very few, therefore very manageable.

4. Change up your lifestyle

If you're looking to drastically shake up your current lifestyle, TEFL could allow you to do exactly that. The life of an English teacher abroad is rarely boring. How could it be when you're living somewhere completely new, with so much to see and do, people to meet, and new experiences to be had?

5. Learn a new language

Typically, you'll be delivering lessons entirely in English but that's not to say you can't brush up on your language skills in your own time or practice in the staff room with colleagues.

Learning a language is easiest when you're immersed in it for a number of reasons. It's easier to take information in and retain it when you're regularly exposed to it, but also living in a new country will increase your motivation to learn. Outside of the classroom you could take language classes, find a language tandem, or simply just take the opportunities to practice whenever you can.

6. Improve your CV/resume

Teaching requires a great level of dedication, patience, planning and communication. The skills you build while teaching will be transferable to any other career and taking an Online TEFL course from tefl.org helps you to grow your skills to have more knowledge on the teaching world. Working abroad shows a particular level of confidence, willingness to adapt and step out of your comfort zone that would look impressive to any future employer.

7. Long and short-term TEFL career options

You don't have to tie yourself down as an English teacher any longer than what works for you. Teaching English abroad might not necessarily be a long-term plan for you. It could be a career break, gap year, or means of facilitating travelling. Rest assured there are long and short-term career options. Lots of teachers will find themselves enjoying it so much that they'll even extend their contracts.

Most year-long school teaching contracts outside of Europe and where a visa is a requirement will consist of full-time hours. Language centres tend to offer contracts of this length, too. However, if you just want to figure out if TEFL will suit you, there are plenty of opportunities to find short-term placements. Working at summer camps, as a tutor, or taking part in an intern or assistantship programme are all possibilities.

Exciting jobs all over the world are within your reach when you've achieved a TEFL certificate from a university or a quality TEFL/TESOL diploma provider. It's all a matter of where you want to go and when you're going to get started.

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Author: Umesh27 Sep 2021 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

There was a time when Britishers were ruling in many parts of the world and having control on so many territories across the globe. This gave a boost to the English language as many local people had to learn it to get jobs under the British empire. Gradually English started to become a common language across the world boundaries and begin to evolve in a very interesting manner. The result was that even after the Britishers returned back to their own country and leaving all the territories to the native people as most of the countries got independence one by one, English remained in those countries as a memory of Britishers because by the time English rose to such a level that it was not a sign of the slavery of Britishers but a respectful language by learning which the people could get job in their own country as well as abroad.
With that phenomenal development of English language across the globe, there was a tremendous requirement of teachers who could teach English to the needy persons and that requirement is still there and will be increasing in the time to come. In this scenario it makes great sense to learn English from the aspect of teaching it and making a livelihood and earn money in one's own country as well as abroad.

Author: Sharmistha Panda13 Oct 2021 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

It seems that the TEFL certification opens a wide range of opportunities. If you do not get to be an English teacher or lecturer, you can also become a good orator when you have a good command of the language. So, becoming an anchor or a host or the master of any ceremony is an easy assignment that comes your way. You also have opportunities as the trainer for some soft skills. Other jobs like coordinator and manager are always there as the author has mentioned.

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