Points to be considered for finalising a school for your child

These days there are many private schools and parents will have a choice to select the best possible school for their kids. As parents, we will have the responsibility of providing quality education. Various points that are to be considered for finalising the school for your kid are discussed in this article.


We are in a world of competition. One should be the front runner always to have a fruitful life. As parents, it is our responsibility to provide the best possible quality education to our children. The foundation should be strong always. That is why one should see that their wards will get the best education in their primary and higher secondary classes. So, parents should see that their child will get admitted into the best school possible. That will make the child get the best guidance from the school and help them to acquire good basic knowledge.

In the 1960s and 1970s, there were no private schools and all the students were getting admitted to the government school that was situated in their area. Only big cities used to have some private schools and rich families were sending their kids to those schools. But over a period of time, the situation is changed and many private schools have come in almost all the areas and parents are also not hesitating to admit their children to the best school. Selecting a good school is a very difficult task and a lot of work is needed for deciding on the school which suits the child.

Features to be considered:

There are many points that need to be considered to finalize a school for our children. Some points are discussed below.

  • How near is the school: Generally, as parents, we don't want our children to travel a long distance to reach the school. They will lose time and energy in commuting themselves and they may not be able to concentrate more on their studies. Hence preference will be given to put them in a nearby school. If a small distance is to be travelled, the safe and comfortable ways to reach there will also be studied.

  • How is the management: How the school is being maintained? Who are the people involved in the management of the school and how experienced they are in this field? These points also will be looked into. We prefer a school that is being run by a management which is well known and that is in the field for a long time.

  • Faculty: The teachers are the face of the school. By seeing and knowing about the teachers, we will understand more about the school. We should enquire about the qualifications and the experience of the teachers who are involved in teaching. We should also know the student-teacher ratio that is being maintained in the school. It is always better to have 25 to 30 students in a section so that the teacher is able to concentrate on each student

  • Academic and Extra circular activities: We all will definitely see how the curriculum is. We will look for the streams like CBSE, SSC ICSE etc in what we are interested in. We all will see what are the various facilities available in the school that will help the student to understand the subject easily. What are teaching methodologies are being adopted in the school also will be considered. The teaching aids that are used in the school also will be looked into. The facilities available in the school are also verified. Similarly, we should also see how much importance is given to extra circular activities. These are very important for the overall development in the thinking pattern of the student and that will help them in shaping their life in the way they wanted. Simply studying and getting marks is not sufficient these days and one should have special skills to express and present themselves in the given situation wherever required. Extra-curricular activities like outdoor and indoor games, art & craft, physical education, dance & drama and music classes are also important for the child. So, we should see the facilities and training staff in the schools for these activities.

  • Discipline: This is also very important for the child. As a parent, it is our responsibility to see that our wards will have good discipline and understand the importance of values in the life. The methods the school is adapting to maintain discipline in the school are also important. The student should have healthy stressless education so that more interest will be generated in the minds of the students.

  • How to know about the school?

    Almost all good schools are having their own websites in which definitely the details of all their positives will be mentioned. We may try to get information about the school through the parents of the students who are already studying in the school. We may attend, if possible and permitted, a parent-teacher interaction that is being held in the school as a visitor or as an accompanying person of a parent so that we can have first-hand information about the school management as well as the teachers. We may also go through the reviews of the school that are available online. There are many education websites like ISC which will present the facts about many schools from which we can get reliable information.

    Conclusion :

    The above-mentioned points are very important to select a good educational institution for the overall development of our children. There may be many other factors like fees to be paid and a clean environment in and around the school. The schooling gives the child not only the education but also train them in social and physical skills so that they will be matured enough by the time they come out of the school successfully. So, invest a little of your time and energy in finding a good school for the education of your child.


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