Top benefits of studying MBBS abroad for Indian students

Confused about studying MBBS in Indian or in a foreign country? Check out the benefits and problems faced while studying medicine in an Indian university and in a foreign university.

The educational sector in India has faced many favorable changes during recent years. Overseas education is no more a herculean task. A great number of students fly every year from India to pursue higher education in foreign countries. Approximately 8 lakh Indian students had traveled abroad in the year 2018 and the count is increasing every year.

Ask an Indian child or his/ her parents that what they want to be in the future; the most possible reply will be either an engineer or a doctor. Engineering and medicine are the top-recommended and preferred career options for an Indian family. But getting admission to MBBS in India is a complex procedure. Many hindrances take place in the journey of becoming a doctor.

Why should I study MBBS abroad?

Studying MBBS in a foreign university has numerous advantages over an Indian university. In the present era, admission to MBBS abroad has become easier and simpler than ever before.

No extra cost

  • Almost all foreign universities are free from donation or capitation fees. Like Indian universities, there are no donation or capitation fees in universities of foreign countries like China, Ukraine, Belarus, etc.
  • MBBS tuition fees in foreign universities are low and reasonable as compared to Indian universities. Annual fees in India ranges between Rs. 4 lakh to Rs. 6 lakh while MBBS fee in abroad ranges from Rs. 2.5 lakh to Rs. 4.5 lakh for a year.

Top benefits of studying MBBS abroad for Indian students

No entrance test

  • Unlike India, no entrance test is required for securing an MBBS seat in foreign universities.
  • Foreign universities don't demand any entrance test for MBBS admission abroad.
  • Admission is done on the 'First Come First Serve ' basis and has a direct association with your performance in Class 12.
  • Students who score more than 75% to 80% marks in Class 10+2 are given weightage for MBBS admission in foreign universities.

International exposure

  • Students get a vast exposure to different cultures of various countries.
  • Getting in touch with fellow students provides them a broad insight and awareness about the traditions and ethnicity of countries across the globe.
  • There is a possibility of practicing over patients in countries with huge populations, eg. China.

World-class universities

  • Foreign universities provide the benefit of modern amenities and state-of-the-art infrastructure to their students along with the uncontaminated education experience.
  • Most of the medical universities abroad are enriched with outstanding medical faculty with hands-on experience in the field. Students get the advantage of learning medical grains through their experiences.
  • Well-equipped libraries, laboratories, and numerous leisure activities act like a cherry on the top.
  • Almost all foreign universities possess high standards and are globally recognized by WHO, UNESCO, National Medical Commission, European Council, and other global associations.

English as a medium of education

  • A huge number of medical universities in the world use English language as the key medium of education. English acts as a primary language in these institutions to teach and communicate with students.
  • Students get a chance to learn an additional foreign language (local language) which helps them to communicate and interact with residents in that country.

Scholarships and financial grants

  • Many foreign universities in the world offer financial aids to needy and meritorious overseas students to encourage a healthy inflow of young minds.
  • Students can discuss with our educational expert at 'IndiaStudyChannel' about the scholarships available in foreign universities.

Better career scope in the world

  • Medical students get better career opportunities in India after returning to their home country.
  • Medical practitioners holding a foreign degree got more value in India and/or across the globe.
  • Your future employers will not hesitate to offer you a higher pay scale and better job post when you will bear a degree from the world's best medical university.

Simple admission process

  • The admission process in overseas medical universities is very simple and uncomplicated. You just need to submit an online application form along with the required documents, get an invitation letter, and apply for the visa.
  • Our 'IndiaStudyChannel' experts provide your assistance at every step and stage- from selecting the university to getting an invitation letter.
  • International universities do not only offer higher education standards and lower tuition fees; they also possess a higher number of seats as compared to India.

Improved personality and confidence

  • You learn to be independent and responsible in a more systematic manner.
  • You learn to take your decisions on your own in a better way when you start living all alone.
  • Hostel life in foreign universities polishes your personality and brings out the better human inside you.
  • You get the practical lessons of how to survive on your own in the world.
  • Life management and time management are the add-on skills you gain while studying abroad.

Excellent academic life

  • Foreign universities provide you an astonishing academic life. Gyms, sports complexes, swimming pools, cultural centers, and recreation centers adds life into your students' life.
  • You get an opportunity to explore a new country and a new culture with all new customs and traditions.
  • Overseas educational institutions offer various cultural activities related to different countries on the planet, thereby providing you an opportunity to learn and interact with newer things.

Disadvantages of studying MBBS abroad

Students may wonder if there are any cons to studying medicine in a foreign university. Though these points have a very insignificant value in the life of a committed student who is fanatical about his career.
  • Language: Although all universities provide bilingual education, students may find it difficult to interact and communicate with faculty, fellow students, local patients, and local citizens of the country during the initial months of their stay.
    TIP: Learning a concerned foreign language beforehand will help you to overcome this problem.
  • Homesickness: Students may start longing for home after a few months/ years of their stay. The unavailability of Indian cuisine may strengthen their urge to return back to their home country.
    TIP: Learn to cook your favorite cuisine before taking a flight. This is the key to self-dependency. Your taste buds will gradually adapt to the local cuisine as well.
  • Climatic conditions: The climatic conditions of the destination place may not be similar to your home country. For example, Russia is a very cold country and has a longer winter season. Students may face certain health problems when exposed to a new and different climate.
    TIP: Learn the tricks followed by local people to handle the weather. Your body will also adapt to the new climate in no time.
  • Distraction: Complete independence, modern culture, and no family interruption may divert the mind of students from their health and academics. They may start practicing drugs and alcohol under peer pressure.
    TIP: Get accommodation in a college hostel. They provide you a safe and secure atmosphere.
  • Clearing MCI screening test: Indian students with foreign medical degrees have to clear MCI Screening Test or FMGE (Foreign Medical Graduates Examination) to practice as a doctor in India. Clearing an additional exam can be a headache for some students.
    TIP: Pros of MBBS from foreign university outweighs this con.

The educational sector has been changed drastically in recent years and a NEET aspirant has better options to give a good start to their academic life. Don't be perplexed. Studying abroad is really worth it. You needn't waste another year.
We wish you bright life ahead. Feel free to get in touch with us drop a comment below in case of any doubt or query. Our India Study Channel overseas educational experts will be happy to help you.

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