The essential qualities for a good teacher

All students will be coming across many teachers. But only a few of them will make a mark on their minds. Such teachers will be remembered forever by the students. A good teacher will go beyond teaching academics only and shape the student as a good citizen. Important qualities of a teacher are discussed in brief in this article.


A teacher is respected well in almost all the countries. A teacher is considered to be the creator of tomorrow's society. Today they are students and tomorrow they will be the citizens of the country. Any great personality anywhere will have a teacher who moulded him in that way. Lord Krishna and Balarama went to Sandeep for their education and they respected him throughout their lives. You may be a very great person today but you are a student to your teacher always. Today's students are tomorrow's leaders. doctors, engineers, scientists, etc.

A teacher may not earn crores of rupees but he will earn the respect of many people who studied under him. Many good teachers see their sons in each student. A good teacher will go beyond the curriculum and teach the students many other important aspects and make them perfect people. A teacher will impart good habits, good traits and character.

Teachers are the guiding force in the life of a student. The students will get attracted to a teacher by seeing his affection, character and moral commitment. Many students take their teachers as their role models. A good teacher will give the power of education to students. Teachers play an important role in the development of the country both economically and socially.

The qualities of a good teacher

All teachers may not be good and some of them will become good teachers by imbibing some of the good traits. Some such qualities are mentioned below.
  • A good teacher will have a good command of the subject he is teaching to the students. He will clear the doubts of the students on the subject and see that students will become fluent in the topics he is teaching. He should also know about the latest revisions in the subject and update the students in that respect. He should have good general knowledge also. A good teacher will be more enthusiastic in teaching students and adopts professional ways of teaching and get the confidence of the pupil.
  • A teacher should have a liking for the students. A good teacher will always have a balanced approach towards the student. He will be friendly with the students and at the same time if the situation warrants, he will be strict with the students and see that students will understand their faults and correct themselves.
  • A good teacher will have a good character and will have high morals in his life. A teacher's way of living will have a high impact on the students. So, teachers should follow all ethics and morals of life. Then only they can teach the same qualities to the students also. Such teachers will command high respect from students.
  • A good teacher should be able to express himself very clearly. A good teacher should go to the level of the student and teach him so that the students will understand the subject well. A teacher should not expect a student to come up to his level and understand whatever he teaches.
  • The new teaching methodologies should be adopted by a good teacher. New teaching aids and models should also be used for teaching. He should become conversant with audiovisual education methods and see that he will be able to deliver the goods nicely so that the students will get the required inputs.
  • A teacher should be stable and should not be short-tempered. He should be able to control his emotions and should not get angry easily. A balanced approach is the most desirable trait for a good teacher.
  • A teacher should be pleasant and should maintain good relations with all the others involved in teaching in the school. They should be friendly with their fellow teachers and other staff. He will be sportive and should have a good sense of humour. He should try to bring in good examples during his teaching and see that all the students will understand what he is speaking.
  • A good teacher should go beyond the teaching of the subject. He should understand the student well and try to help the student in coming out of his weaknesses and become strong in all the areas.
  • A good teacher should be a good leader and he should lead the students from the front. He should follow what he teaches to the students and should be a role model to them.
  • A good teacher should treat all the students equally and should not discriminate based on their family background or financial position. He should try to pat on the back of good students and encourage them to do well. He should guide a student who is falling behind in studies and see that he will also pick up in studies.


In our lives, we see many teachers. But all of them may not be equally good. A good teacher will make a mark on us and we will never forget such a teacher throughout our lives. A mere academic qualification may not make a person a good teacher. But a person who adopts all the good qualities only will become a good teacher. Such teachers are assets not only to the institutions they are working but also to this society and they will have a very good impact on society.


Author: Umesh10 Oct 2021 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 2

The role of the teacher is very important in our lives. A good teacher can do a lot of help to his students and make their careers bright. However, being a good teacher is not so easy and everyone cannot become a good teacher. The most important thing that a teacher must possess is knowledge of his subject and patience and endurance to transmit it in the easiest and simplest way to the students. The teacher has to take full care that students remain interested in the learning process and should not get distracted by other activities. To achieve this he may have to be very friendly and cordial with them and give them sufficient time for their queries and doubts in understanding the various things related to the subject. Teachers should never irritate or show their anger unnecessarily to the students.

Hence it can be summarised that the role of the teacher is quite challenging and only those people who have commitment and sincerity for teaching jobs should enter this line.

Author: Sheo Shankar Jha11 Oct 2021 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 4

The role of the teacher is very crucial in reshaping the career of the students. It requires a lot of sacrifice of the teacher coming in their paths and in fact it is not a fixed time involvement. The teacher has to see how best his pupil can absorb the subject materials being imparted to his pupil.

During the entire career span, he would render his selfless service making the contents palatable to the pupil. It should not be a time-bound service but teaching sessions should be continued irrespective of time. He has to be available during all such crucial stages where the student needs clarification of the subject being taught. This implies that the teacher should be tolerant enough to hear the student for his pending doubts and should take sufficient pain to resolve such confusions hovering in the mind of a student. In that way, we see that the role of the teacher is quite challenging in reshaping the career of the student.

Author: Dhruba28 Oct 2021 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

At first, the student sees the teacher's signature in the class notebook and tries to make his own signature and handwriting a nice one in a similar manner. This is how the life of a student begins with the influence of the teacher. A good teacher or a bad teacher is made by the teacher's attitude towards the students. Parents are very serious about their studies at home, so the first choice of the student will be the teacher who behaves in a simple and friendly manner. Then when the student learns to understand, such a teacher remains as the best teacher in their heart, one who can explain everything easily with a smile.

Author: K Mohan26 Nov 2021 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 1

Good teachers are always respected for their command over the subject and how they bring in inclusive development in the child connecting to the subject. A good teacher always makes the class easy with the inclusive participation of the students by cracking jokes, telling personal examples and also telling stories connected to the main subject. The most important characteristics of a great teacher should be, patience, giving a chance to students to express their problems and working on how to improve the class performance. A teacher creates a future citizen of the country.

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