Important aspects of course selection and career planning

Career planning is a very important aspect of the educational phase of an individual. This planning pave way for their achievement of the goal. This article deals with the various factors that have to be considered for selecting a course and career and also maps a plan to achieve the goal. The article gives a clear view regarding the various personality traits to be considered for selecting a course and career.


In the present competitive world, there are so many courses and careers. Every course will have its demand and specialty. Many students bend towards market demanding courses for securing jobs. But based on the market demand choosing a course may not do good in the long run as the job may not suit the individual nature of the person. So it is better to choose courses based on the interests, personal character, economical conditions for studying the course, capabilities of the individual to the course, etc.

The key decision of selecting the course

Intermediate or 11th class is the stage of education, where the parents and student together have to take the key decision of choosing a course and thus it paves the way for the students to opt for a career in life. Taking the correct decision at this stage is very important otherwise, it will spoil the entire life of an individual. Parents and student has to do a lot of exercise work and have to consider many important factors before choosing a course and career. In selecting a course and career, an individual has to consider the personal interests, habits, and personal traits of the individual.

Personal traits

Personal traits play a key role in selecting a course and career. Personal traits that suit the job are essential in handling their duties and becoming successful in their posts. This factor is essential along with the skills that are required for the career. Employers also search these personal traits along with the skills for selecting individuals for the post.

Introverts have more patience

Individuals who are introverts will always think within themselves for solving a problem or issue. Such individuals are suitable for research, Science, IT fields. The individuals who belong to this category have to think within themselves continuously to get a proper conclusion to the burning problem.

Research is a field where an individual has to think deeply about all possible angles of the issue without any time-bound limit. The science category needs individuals with self-analysis abilities, a balanced mind, self traits, concentration on the study. IT category needs individuals with great involvement in a deep study about a project or Algorithm. Individuals to shine in the IT field needs logical thinking. In all the above fields, introverts are more successful according to experts because these individuals are with more patience, and can work very hard for any length of time without any deviation.

Extroverts have more management skills

Some individuals are naturally more extroverts and have the ability to talk fluently with anybody. These types of talkative people will have leadership qualities and they can take people along with them. Introverts will have the ability and skills to impress others. These kinds of people will shine in careers like management, administration, journalism, and social work. In all the above fields, administration and leadership qualities are essential for success. These people have a positive ability to work in a group and with society.

Personal interest

If an individual joins a course without any interest or less interest will not shine in their academics and career. In the present day world, from music to software fields many many opportunities are available. So there is no need to run after a 'crazy career'. Students have to select a course that is more interesting to them. Suppose a student is interested in music can select courses like Music cognition or Music Engineering.

Aptitude or inborn skills is a guiding factor

Aptitudes are inborn skills that will appear even from birth itself. Usually, this type of individual will have some special skill or interest in a particular thing. For example, some people have an interest in a computer, electronic equipment, a car or two-wheeler and they are interested to repair them on their own. Such individuals have an interest in Engineering courses, doctor or teacher careers. So the aptitude of such people can easily be identified. But introverts cannot express their aptitude and in such cases, parents have to take decisions properly. Parents have to consult teachers in such cases to get to the correct decision.

A proper perspective of the student

The perspective of the student is also very important in choosing a course. Some students excel in theory-oriented courses and some will excel in practically oriented courses. Mathematics and Science courses require a practical approach while arts subjects like History, Economics, Social Sciences require a theoretical approach. So it is necessary to identify the theoretical or practical approach of the student to select the course and career of a student.

Duration of the course

It is also one of the key factors in choosing a course. Today some of the courses are available in shorter duration than in the past. Integrated Degree and PG courses are available in shorter duration and taking these courses will save time. Some courses need to do PG or Ph.D and that will provide higher-level job opportunities. Doing a PG course or Super-specialty course is essential after doing MBBS will help to shine as a Doctor as well as more earning ability in that field. But doing all these specializations after Intermediate takes 10 years. But many Indian families cannot afford to provide such economic assistance to their children. So before choosing a course and career for their ward, families have to take account of their economic condition.

Higher education opportunities

Some Degree or Diploma courses will provide jobs without the need of going to higher education. But some jobs need higher education after Degree courses. So those who have an interest in going for higher studies have to choose suitable courses for their study and career.

Job avenues for the course

Before choosing a course one has to analyze, the job opportunities available for that course in the present and future. To get the proper idea concerning this one has to enquire experts of the field and seniors who had taken the course.

Take hobbies as an indicator for choosing courses

If an individual is interested in a hobby like drawing, such an individual may shine in the fine arts and design fields. If individuals show more interest in sports, they can choose sports as their career. For such persons, Sports management courses and sports academies are available to train them to their perfection. For dancing, acting, and music hobby interested candidates also will have suitable courses to excel in their future. So experts usually say giving importance to hobbies in career planning is very important.

Look for alternative courses if desired courses are not available

Usually, at the time of joining, we may choose a course and career. But because of heavy competition, we may not join the desired course after Intermediate. In such a case we have to choose an alternative course to grab an alternative career opportunity. For example, many who choose MBBS in their higher studies may not get the seat to reach their career goal after Intermediate. Then they have to look for alternatives like Agricultural B.Sc, Veterinary Doctor, Ayurvedic or Homeo Doctor courses.

Even though plenty of courses and careers are available, it is always good to select a course based on the personal interest and opportunities available for that course at present and future. Educational experts are pronouncing those personal traits, individual interests, self capabilities, and skills posed by the individual, extrovert and introvert nature of the individuals are to be considered for selecting a course and career of a student.

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Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao17 Nov 2021 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 1

A nice article from the author. The selection of a course of study is very crucial and a foot in the wrong subject will make the life of the individual very miserable. Selecting a specialisation after SSC is the important point that will decide the future of an individual. These days we observe many parents insisting on their wards to get into the courses that they think are good for the future. But here the important point one has to consider is the interest of the child. A parent may want his son to be an Engineer but if the son is more interested in some other subject parents should not force him to do the subjects that are required to get into Engineering. A decision correctly taken at this point in time will be the turning point.

At the same time, parents should not leave the matter without explaining the pros and cons of the selection. The ultimate aim of studying these days is to get a good job and to have a good career. So the parents should tell the children about the negatives and positives of each subject and finally should see that the kid is joining in the subjects in which is good and having interest.

Author: Umesh26 Nov 2021 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 12

Today the most difficult thing for a student is to choose a course leading to a satisfying career. The reason is that everywhere there is a very big competition and one has to obtain a high score everywhere to be able to secure a job of one's choice. Moreover, there are a plethora of courses available and one has to put in a lot of effort in comparing them and finding out their relative merits. Even the guides and mentors are not able to suggest a good course to the students as there are many factors which ultimately decide a successful career making.

The author has mentioned some good points to ponder for selecting a course and then going for a career. In addition to that, I have some observations that might help a student with a practical approach in this matter-

The first thing which is very important is that higher education is not for everyone as it requires a long path of academic pursuits and interest in studies to that level. So, it makes sense to go for some technical course just after the basic education like High School or SSC and then start one's own work or take up the technical jobs for which there is a demand in the market. Only those who have great academic interests and the ability to score very high percentages should opt for higher education.

Secondly, career planning is such a thing that one has to keep so many alternatives open and sticking only to one particular course would not help. One has to keep one's eyes open and see the dynamics of the present-day business world where demand for qualified people is jumping from one discipline to another and it becomes imperative to enhance one's qualifications by acquiring new qualifications albeit in the nature of short courses in online mode.

Finally, another important area is learning new skills. In addition to the basic academic qualifications, one has to acquire some skills which are now in demand in the industry and the professionals who possess them are having a preference for rising in their careers in that particular organisation or elsewhere in the industry.

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