How to deal with stress in today's school going children

Normal stress is natural in school-going children. But is your child suffering from nausea, sleep disturbances, bed-wetting, gripping, crying about anything, changes in eating habits, and not being interested in what usually enjoy, or not willing to go to school? All this is a symbol of stress. This article is an attempt to understand the reasons for such behavior and how to deal with such stress for a healthy future for your child.


We see children and teenagers around us playing with joy, and they are always lively, cheerful. In today's world of advertising, we all have to smile. But do we think that the smiling face of the children is really a smile or a mask at all! Psychologists, however, do not say that all children are unhappy, but in many cases, it has been seen that the child who was happy outside, when he comes to psychologists, he says many things that are not his happiness. That is to say, if you can understand the problems that are going on in your child, not only your child or the child of the neighbor or even one of your relatives, then you can save him from any major problem in the future.

How to understand if your child is under stress

  • The school is likely the first place of stress for children. We've heard a lot of good things about school, but a little thought about our first school life reminds us that the first days of school are never fun. The reason is an adjustment. They have to adapt to a new environment, new people. When the child returns home, it is important to keep an eye on the child so that he or she does not become silent. Understand whether the child is happy to go to school.

  • Children sometimes have problems with teachers, but it is not always the fault of the teacher. Some problems arise when handling so many children together. Kids cannot always adjust themselves.

  • The next problem that arises is in the case of studies. Now the pressure of studying is very high in all the schools. Is your child able to adapt to those? Can he handle the pressure? There is also pressure on children to meet the expectations of their parents.

  • Another problem is getting disturbed by another student. In many cases, there are many boys and girls in the school who are disturbing your child, harassing your child. This creates insecurity in your child. From thereon he may suffer from depression. Frequently she or he remembers that situation and feels uncomfortable.

  • When the child is in the second or third grade, he is making new friends. Friends mean happiness. But that may not always be the case. Many times your child is having problems with his friends also. Your child may have that problem but cannot express it to you. So you have to know that carefully from your child. Because if you don't understand where the problem is, it is not possible to solve it. You like it or not, it must be done.

  • How to manage the stress of the child

    A child's school life is beginning to know the unknown world. In other words, the unveiling of this unknown new world to our children creates stress normally. Because they can't talk to their parents or guardian about this. But after being emotionally upset there is the starting of the stress.

    At this age, children have additional benefits to understand more about the world around them. Breathing exercises are ideal for helping to calm them down physically when they are depressed, and children of this age can be taught to use their imagination in a way that is similar to using adult meditation. They may verbally go through the quiet process and be encouraged to imagine a happy place, somewhere familiar or make-up that they feel comfortable living in, and then start imagining other details to make them happy. They may want to look at pictures of loved ones or family pets. This process helps them move their minds away from things and encourages positive thinking and situations to make them feel happier and more secure. This is a technique they can learn to use on their own without parental guidance so that they can stay away from home.

    It is also good at this age to encourage your child to talk about their problems and try to express in words what they are feeling. You may want to force your child to discuss something that makes them uncomfortable at some point, but at the right time, you can give guidance and try to explain why some things in the world work that way.

    Conclusion with extra caution in the post-pandemic period

    After a long hard time, all of us must return to work. Radical changes have taken place between the pre and post-Covid periods. The practice of online learning will increase, but the practice of face-to-face teaching in class is still not completely denied. However, people have the ability to move forward with this change. So proper awareness and practice will make us walk with this new system smoothly. Because stopping in-between is not conducive, and life is about embracing every change in the changing world. Thus, with a little time, your child will want to go back to school on his own. Do not impose any rules on him now. You will see the changes over time that he is accepting this new situation, unable to go out. As long as the Covid threat continues, tell the children to follow the good habits always and also see that the school has the necessary disinfection system.

    Above all, talk to your child. Spend time with him, mingle with them like a friend. Try to understand the ongoing problems in the child, because a little time and care can keep your child well and cure future threats. If there are major issues, pease take advice from specialized Doctors.

    Article by Dhruba
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