The Importance Of Videos In Teaching And Quick Learning

Online tuition classes are now becoming the norm. With tie-ups with schools and investments in large physical tuition centres, know the importance of Videos for teachers and students in their journey towards education.

Online videos have become an inseparable part of our daily lives. Video sharing platforms today boast monthly users in millions and the number keeps increasing.

Millennials make up to 90 percent of this audience, using digital videos for information and entertainment. Abstract topics that once seemed difficult to teach are now easy to understand, thanks to the interactive educational platforms relying on videos.

Digitalization has resulted in a silent revolution in the education industry. Gone are the days of absorbing information through lengthy textbooks. The use of videos as a complementary tool for teaching provides noteworthy benefits for students, teachers, and the education system.

Teachers can also use a simple online video editor like InVideo to create engaging content for their classes, without needing any training or sophisticated tools.

Benefits of Videos For Teaching

Here are the top reasons why teaching with videos is getting increasingly popular.

More Engaging Experience

Today, students expect to be visually stimulated and respond better to visuals than text. Visual stimulation creates a more interactive, engaging experience that encourages connection with the concept.

When subjects are explained using video presentations, students get a realistic experience that makes it easy to absorb the information. Learners can process the information better when they see and hear the concept as compared to reading text material.

Go-To Learning Resource

Educational videos make an easily accessible resource for both teachers and students.
The use of video-based instructions is made easier with the development of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. You just need an internet connection to start learning conveniently from wherever you are.

Knowledge Retention

Students with a better retention capacity can recall the topics at the time of examination and excel academically. Watching videos on different topics increases the retention of information.

When a student sees and hears the concept at the same time, it becomes easier to remember, absorb and retain for longer. Tutorials can be repeatedly watched to revise as many times as needed.

Independent Learning

Elearning platforms are making the learning process more independent. Students just require internet access to start learning from videos anytime, anywhere. They don't need to travel anywhere or wait for anybody.

When used as a complementary learning method, videos help plan out the academic tasks beforehand. You can also use online videos to learn things related to your hobby. These tutorials not only improve your knowledge but also freshen up your mind and boost creativity.

Flexibility In Teaching

Videos are a flexible medium of teaching that benefits both the student and educator. If a student cannot understand a concept, the teacher can pause the video and explain it again.

The flexibility of replaying videos, again and again, solves several problems and gives learners a chance to reflect on what they see and hear.

Topics can be repeated whenever required and concepts can be quickly demonstrated with interactive tools for better grasping. A simple online video editor can do wonders in improving engagement and
interactivity in the classroom.

Emphasizes Digital Literacy

Digital literacy is one of the most significant 21st-century skills that serve as a prerequisite for any job. Students should see digital literacy coherent with their schooling, an integrated component of education.
When interactive videos are used as a part of teaching, students get more proficient and confident about using them, developing this skill quite early.

Expansion of Remote Teaching Opportunities

The e-learning market has seen widespread growth in the past few years. More and more institutions are leveraging the availability of online videos to their benefit.

This not only improves the reach but also the institutional capacity and reputation. The ability to reach out to remote students and teach virtually proves to be cost-saving and effective.

Support of Interactive Tools

When students learn through video lessons, they encounter a variety of effective tools used to improve ease and convenience. Such tools enable more comprehensive navigation and understanding of the topic explained.

Digital videos are also supported by an interactive dictionary, thesaurus, glossary, and encyclopedia. Notes are also used in conjunction with the visual strategy to maximize benefits as students receive the perks of both techniques together.

Excellent Revision Tool

Textbook-based learning lets students get complete knowledge and understanding of the topic. However, it is quite difficult to search through the entire textbook to find a particular topic and revise it later or before the examination. It takes up a lot of time.

Videos are ideal for quick learning and revision as digital content is easy to find using the title and keywords. Watching the video of a topic you studied earlier acts like a summary which proves to be a boon at the last moment of exam preparation.

Improved Teaching Skills

Video-based learning not only benefits the students but also helps the teachers finetune their skills and enhance their knowledge.

By watching educational videos, teachers can better their presentation and explanation skills. They also help boost the confidence level which positively affects the outcomes of the overall teaching process.

Reduced Cost

Formal education is getting more and more expensive, so newer, more affordable learning methods cause a stir among students and parents.

Taking video lessons is one of the cheapest ways to acquire education. Several websites offer free online video tutorials on different subjects covering almost all the topics with to-the-point explanations.

Most of these sites only require registration which is either free or has a small subscription fee. However, the content you get access to is well worth the money and effort. This form of learning also saves costs for educators as they can deliver content to any part of the world without spending anything, except the internet charges.

This form of delivery is much more convenient and effective. Once a video is uploaded on the internet, millions of learners across the world can access it to benefit from the shared content.

Final Thoughts

Using videos as a part of the education process provides endless benefits to students, teachers, and institutions. When used as a complementary teaching method, videos deliver an easy-to-access supply of study aid with the convenience of studying at one's pace from a remote location.

The digital nature of educational videos allows sharing them across the world without any limitation. Institutions can use this form of content to reach a broader audience to engage more students and deliver value.

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Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao31 Dec 2021 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 3

An excellent article from the author.
When we see an object, it makes the best impression on our mind and we can understand it better. When somebody explains the same object in his own words, the impression we will get will never be equal to the impression we get when we see the object. That is why we all feel cinema is a medium which makes a good impact on society than a novel or a story. The effect you get when a story is picturized and shown before you will be very effective than listening or reading the same story. Many of us will remember what we saw in a movie once than reading the same in a book even twice or thrice.
The same principle is applicable to these videos that are used for online education also. That is why these online videos are creating a very good impression on the students and coming in handy to all the teachers to explain the important points in a better way to the student.

Author: Umesh09 Jan 2022 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 4

The article has well presented the use of video technology and visuals in online learning. Online digital methods have already become very popular with the students who are doing some courses online or attending their routine classes because of the pandemic situation. There were some initial hiccups in online teaching because of using the gadgets and observing and getting acquainted with the technology associated with it but now things are streamlined and many people are able to take advantage of online education in a big way.
Long back when we were only learning from the standard textbooks, the illustrations and diagrams fascinated us much. Today the use of visuals and videos has become a very common thing and the learners are getting an advantage through this mode.
A visual or video can tell a lot of things in a short span which so many pages of a textbook cannot describe.

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