How effective is the fundamental duty to strive for excellence in all spheres in India?

Do you know your basic duties towards your country as a citizen? The basic duty is the moral responsibility of all citizens through which the unity of the country and patriotism among the people is awakened. How much have you contributed to the overall development of the country? Here is a brief discussion on fundamental duties given by the constitution to strive for excellence in all spheres towards your country.

Significant Interpretation

Rights cannot be enjoyed without duties because rights contain duties, so duties are enshrined in the Constitution of India along with fundamental rights. It is one of the eleven fundamental duties for the citizen in our constitution.

As citizens of India, it is our duty to cherish our country, contribute in any way we can, and work hard to achieve pride in our country. While fundamental rights were an obvious addition to our constitution, the fundamental duties were more of an experiment when added to our constitution. We don't have any laws enforcing the citizens to fulfill these duties, they are more of a moral obligation that our constitution-makers entrusted us with. In other words, fundamental duties are in no way a forced rule however one who loves and respects their country would automatically feel obligated as well as honored to fulfill these duties wherever time might come. There are in total 11 fundamental duties, one of them is to strive towards excellence in all spheres of individual and collective activity so that the nation constantly rises to higher levels of endeavor and achievement. It is the 10th fundamental duty mentioned in article 51(A) (j). In simple words, this duty encourages the citizen to work hard in whatever spheres they can, as an individual and collective, and therefore bring pride to the country by achievement falling in line.

Obstacles &Limitation

This fundamental duty, as I perceive must be of great importance as our constitution-makers were aware of the much hurt our country and people went through after British rule, there is a deep divide in the country however by adding such a duty in the constitution, their effort was to ignite a deep-rooted patriotism connecting it with personal growth and achievement. It ensured that citizens had the freedom to work and achieve milestones in various fields and be praised equally. It encouraged them to work as a team, for the country to achieve a place for their country at the international level which every citizen dreamt of. While this fundamental duty wasn't enforceable by law, it was still fulfilled by the citizen to fulfill the common dream.

However, we must not stay away from the obvious limitations of fundamental responsibilities in the Constitution, as it is also important to obey the constitution by knowing our limitations. The duty to strive towards excellence in all spheres of individual and collective activity so that the nation constantly rises to higher levels of endeavor and achievement leaves out a proportionate of our citizens, namely the underprivileged. While they might also want to fulfill their duty, it cannot be ignored that the lack of resources that our country provides for them makes them unable to do anything at all. The court cannot directly carry out the duties. There is no punishment for disobeying duties. Because if rights or duties are free and uncontrolled, it can turn into a dictatorship. However, the Parliament of India may enact the necessary legislation to enforce the basic duties. Extensive education is essential to make people aware of the rules as well as active participation.


The excellence that our country has achieved today is the contribution of a handful of people, most of which were privileged. Therefore, with such disparity, this duty becomes restricted to a group of people. The rich are able to fulfill their duties effortlessly while the poor don't even get a chance. The need to make people aware of their basic duties is being felt anew in the way some people have damaged government property in the name of political violence. The combination of fundamentalism and terrorism has created a dangerous force around the world that poses a serious threat to liberal democracy and free society.

Nonetheless, the fundamental duties are very much the essence of our country, it's what makes us unique in ways. Even if many might be unable to fulfill their duties, their will and efforts to achieve endeavors for the country are appreciated. And when every individual in our country is able to fulfill their fundamental duties, our country will be nothing but paradise.

Article by Dhruba
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