An essay on how to safeguard the fundamental duty of harmony and brotherhood amongst all

The fabric of India's Constitution is a combination of Fundamental Rights and Fundamental Duties of the citizens. At times, the citizens' fundamental right gets violated, then they protest, which is obvious. Similarly, when the citizens ignore their primary duties, they must be answerable to the country. This essay discusses the role of every Indian to promote harmony and the spirit of common brotherhood amongst all the people of India transcending religious, linguistic and regional or sectional diversities


Every citizen usually remains aware of their rights, but many fail to follow the duties mentioned in the Constitution of India. Article 51A of India's Constitution deals with the Fundamental Duties of its citizens. The Part III of our Constitution deals with the Fundamental Rights of the citizens that provides the right to equality, right to freedom, against exploitation, freedom of religion, cultural and educational rights and right to constitutional remedies. Thus, with rights come responsibilities and duty.

In the Constitution of India, we get to see that the Fundamental Duties are clearly defined. Still, various instances point out that a section of citizens fails to perform their fundamental duties. Due to it, the mutual respect and bonding of the people of India remain at stake. Let's see the causes that become a threat to perform our Fundamental Duties related to maintaining the brotherhood fabric of India that needs a strong tackling.

Stop hateful speech:

In Article19(1) (a), our Constitution grants the citizens the freedom of speech as a Fundamental Right. The given right must give a sense of responsibility to the people and adhere to the duty of not spreading hatred among fellow Indians. Day by day, some political leaders, several religious preachers, so-called social activists and reformers, along with many opportunists, spread hate by giving infuriating speeches against a particular religion and community. If people of the same country are against each other, it is impossible to spread harmony. India is known for its unity in diversity. If the citizens disregard fellow citizens' choices according to religion, language, caste or creed, then the fabric of our nation gets shattered, and they fail to perform their Fundamental Duty.

Disallow disrespect for fellow Indians:

Some Indian citizens block other fellow beings from a few specific states and regions that make them feel humiliated and unaccepted in their motherland. Accepting everyone as equal irrespective of their looks, regional differences, customs, and many more is the duty of all Indians, but Indians who act against it and spread mutual disrespect and disharmony are violating their fundamental duty.

Do not differentiate on caste and creed:

India's Constitution has given every citizen equal rights, so an individual has no authority to stop some section of people from entering any religious place, sitting beside anyone, tying a marital knot or holding an office. Doing so is again a breach of the Fundamental duty as a citizen.

Stop exploiting the financially weaker section:

It is a sick mentality of the citizens who consider themselves superior because of their strong financial background. Every Indian is equal in the eyes of India's Constitution, so a fellow citizen has no right to suppress another fellow being. The law is the same for all, so oppressing someone is absolutely a breach of Fundamental duty.

Maintaining women's dignity:

There are instances where women within their families and even outside their homes face indignity. No one including, any other woman, has the right to dishonour any other woman. Those who fail in doing so fail to perform their fundamental duties.

Fundamental Duties are equally valuable as Fundamental Rights:

Rights can serve their purpose well when the duties get performed sincerely. India's Constitution has given the citizens due respect by granting some rights. In exchange expects people to perform some specific responsibilities. The citizens who fail to balance between rights and duties incite trouble for the country and spoil harmony.


A country's map projects various distinctions and variations, but including all the diversities, the persons residing within are citizens of the nation. Thus, every Indian must perform the Fundamental Duties earnestly. Unless one performs it with dignity, the Fundamental Rights of many citizens get hampered, and national unity remains at stake. Respect for every woman and taking care of and promoting all the individuals irrespective of any condition is the righteous way to uphold the Fundamental Duty of promoting national harmony.


Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao27 Jan 2022 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 5

As responsible citizens of this country, it is our fundamental duty to safeguard brotherhood and harmony among all the people. But these days we find many people who never bother about the freedom the other person is having before you talk about your freedom. The constitution has given equal rights and responsibilities to all of us. So we should learn to respect the freedom of others also.

Every Indian is free to choose his own religion and there are no restrictions on that. But forcing somebody to change their religion, talking ill about other religions and dishonouring others is against our fundamental duties. In this particular aspect, I feel the problem is more with the leaders than the citizens. The politicians always try to bring some differences among the people so that they can divide them and try to take advantage. This is what Britishers taught Indians. The same is being done by the present-day leaders. They encourage some sections of society and make them talk bad about others. People should not get into the trap of these leaders and should continue to safeguard the interests of the other people also while enjoying their freedom.

Author: Dhruba28 Jan 2022 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4

Nice Article submitted by the author. As a result of political, economic, and cultural cooperation, unity and understanding are established among the people in terms of aims and objectives. In fact, the symbol of brotherhood is a person's kindness, affection and sympathy towards other people. In order to get rid of the violence, strife, hatred and envy that is going on in society, everyone must be bound by the unity and brotherhood of humanity. That is why this article of the constitution is so important.

Born in the same country, people have been divided into different races, religions, sects, communities, and tribes and spread to different parts of the world. At one time, word-of-mouth quarrels, wars, quarrels, killings, and bloodshed for no reason were commonplace. So its contribution to the overall development of the country is immense.

Author: Umesh29 Jan 2022 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 2

We are getting so many facilities in our country and we are also being protected by so many fundamental rights in our favour. In that situation it is imperative that we must show our gesture and gratitude by adhering and observing to our duties also towards our nation.

Unfortunately there are some elements in our country which only believe in seeking the rights and take advantage of each and every scheme favouring them. They do not have any patriotic feeling for the country and its assets.

The citizens not only have to honour the duties they are supposed to discharge for the nation building but also should inculcate same feelings in the next generation so that the coming generation should be aware of these fundamental duties towards their nation where they are living and taking all the benefits of natural resources, land, and environment.
It will be a very selfish attitude if we only seek our rights but ignore the duties.

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