Popular Online Singing Learning Courses For Kids In 2022

Are you looking for online singing learning courses? Check out this article to learn about online singing classes.

Are you planning to enrol your child in online singing courses and fulfil their dreams of becoming a playback singer soon?

Well, then Kafqa Academy is the right choice for you!

We understand that each child has their tone, singing capacity, register, vocal type, and so on. Therefore, during their online singing learning sessions, we will help them learn the techniques of playback singing too.
While it would be preferable to learn to sing under our guidance as a beginner, attending professional online singing learning courses at an intermediate or advanced level would also offer fantastic benefits in strengthening your child's singing voice.

Popular Online Singing Courses For Kids In 2022 Are As Follows:

The Kafqa Academy offers several popular singing membership plans designed to help anyone become a more powerful and amazing performer in playback singing. In addition, the online training with expert instructors will help your child find their voices and develop their personal singing style. We at Kafqa Academy offer you

  • Western Singing
  • Bollywood Singing
  • Carnatic Singing
  • Hindustani Singing

  • These courses are great for beginners, with courses on warming up, protecting your voice, and learning styles, but it's also useful for advanced singers and people who want to build a career out of singing.
    We assure you that you will get some features and benefits that you won't find in other online singing classes and courses available on the market.

    Our Curriculum In Online Singing Learning

    Ear Training

    With ear training exercises, our students will learn to build the capacity to discern the correct pitch while singing. We give individual feedback to students so that they can work on their weak areas and adopt the singing technique optimally.


    The dynamics will help you learn different nuances of music, such as loudness, softness, fast or slow tempo, long or short notes, etc., so that you can incorporate them all during your singing performance.

    Breath Control

    We will teach regulated and calculated breathing so that our students can gain control over their voice, increase their vocal stamina, and also enhance their tonal quality.

    Vocal Mechanism Control

    We help our students with vocal mechanism control, where we exercise and train their tongues and lips for flexibility, shape, and positioning.

    Seven Swaras

    We teach the seven swaras to our students and help them use them in different ways. We help them master the techniques of specific kinds of singing so that the final performance is always up to the mark.

    Vowel Projection

    Vowel projection is about positioning and shaping the mouth and other body parts to produce vowel sounds optimally. And our music teachers help each student to acquire the skills and come up with a great output.

    Performance Preparation

    Each student gets assistance for their performance preparation so that they can perform well at events and also at the certification ceremony.

    Learning Bollywood Songs

    Our apt music teachers help students learn Bollywood songs. Whether you are interested in the old Bollywood melodies or you want to learn the latest trending songs, we got you covered.

    Final Performance

    Our music teachers will help you prepare for the final performance, which will happen in front of your friends and family. We also help you to get rid of the fear of singing in front of many people and help you get used to it so that you can make playback singing a profession in future.

    Online Singing Learning Membership Plans

    We provide online singing learning classes at a very nominal price that can be affordable to everyone. We have several membership plans. You can choose the one which is best suited for your child.

    1. Plan A: The Most Cost-Effective And Basic Plan

    ? It includes 12 consecutive classes
    ? We usually offer two classes per week
    ? The duration of this plan is 1.5 months
    ? The total cost for this course is ?3500

    2. Plan B: This Is A Little More Advanced Than Plan A

    ? It includes 48 consecutive classes
    ? We usually offer two classes per week
    ? The duration of this plan is 6 months
    ? The total cost for this course is ?12000

    3. Plan C: T Best Plan For Children Or Beginners

    ? It includes 96 consecutive classes.
    ? We usually offer two classes per week.
    ? The duration of this plan is 12 months.
    ? The total cost for this course is ?20000.

    4. Plan D: Prime Plan For Children To Grow Interest In Singing

    ? It includes 168 consecutive classes
    ? We usually offer two classes per week
    ? The duration of this plan is 21 months
    ? The total cost for this course is ?30000

    5. Plan E: The most exclusive plan

    ? It includes 192 consecutive classes
    ? We usually offer two classes per week
    ? The duration of this plan is 24 months
    ? The total cost for this course is ?32000

    Facilities That We Provide

    If you enrol your child into Kafqa Academy's online singing learning classes, you are going to get many advantages starting with a warm-up session for the first ten minutes of the class, technique learning for the next 20 minutes, and performing training for the rest of 30 minutes. And you will also get a huge video collection accessible at any time and anywhere so that the child can practise on their own.
    Connect with us today if you have any queries about online singing learning or any other courses in performing arts or if you need any help while enrolling your kid on online singing lessons. We will help you at every step of the process so that your child can become a professional playback singer.
    Join us and become a member of the Kafqa Academy Online Family!

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    Author: Umesh29 Jun 2022 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 2

    This is an interesting article regarding online learning in singing. I was not knowing that there are some online sites like Kafqua which specialize in teaching singing in a scientific and exhaustive manner. It is mentioned in this article that kids can learn singing in a structured way from this site but after reading the details I feel that it is equally good for those adults too who have interest in singing in a professional way.

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