Strict teachers vs liberal teachers - who are more progressive?

In this article, I am explaining the characteristics of strict and liberal teachers and mentioning whether a strict teacher or a liberal teacher is progressive. Both the teachers are trying to motivate the students but in different ways. But can a strict teacher or a liberal teacher ultimately lead the students towards progress?

We always enjoy remembering the golden days of our life. In school, some teachers were strict and some teachers were liberal. We were often scared of teachers who always walked into the corridors with a wooden cane. Such strict teachers often expect the best from the students. If a student is not performing a class assignment perfectly, then they would reprimand the student. But some teachers in school who were liberal corrected the mistakes of the students without scolding or hitting them. Such teachers in school were jovial and friendly. We were always relaxed when they entered our classrooms. Also, we enjoyed interacting with such teachers. Some teachers in school did not use a scale or slapped the students when they misbehaved. But, they rectified the mistakes of the students by properly explaining the consequences. Such liberal teachers are usually admired by the pupils. But as we grew up, we realized that even strict teachers can teach some great lessons in life. When we recall the liberal teachers of our school, our hearts are always filled with joy.

Teachers who are stricter are more progressive

Discipline is the key to success in life. Strict teachers instill discipline among students and teach the students to become organized in life. Students who learn the meaning of discipline earlier in life are always successful in life. We learn to accept the compulsions of life and always complete our tasks on time. A student can become mentally stronger by interacting with strict teachers. Such teachers easily find flaws in students and rigorously correct the mistakes of the students. If a student accepts the criticism, then the student becomes successful in life. A successful person is always committed and understands the value of time. We were scared of strict teachers, so we always completed our classwork quickly. We studied the lessons they taught in class as soon as we completed the subject notes. We never created any noise or disturbance in the classroom as the teacher easily becomes infuriated. So, when we perform our duties diligently and sincerely, we are rewarded in life. We learned this great lesson of life from the most stringent teachers. Although such teachers are aggressive, the students become bolder and stronger. So, the students become independent and are prepared to accept the harsh realities of life. Students who are naughty and uncommitted can easily benefit from such teachers.

Liberal educators are progressive

Liberal teachers understand the problems and psychology of students easily. The students are relaxed and tension-free when interacting with the liberal teachers. The students can freely communicate with such teachers and clarify their doubts. The students usually do not dare to clarify their doubts with the strict teachers. But, if the teacher is liberal, they can easily ask for help. Such teachers do not expect much from the students. They do not expect the students to strictly follow their instructions. So, the students are able to perform their daily tasks with ease and enthusiasm. The students are not pressured in the classrooms but are eager to perform tasks. Such teachers are beneficial to students who are shy and timid.


A teacher should be focused and committed to their duties. The teacher's aim is to mold the students in the proper way, eliminating their weaknesses. A teacher should understand his/her role and responsibilities towards the students and should accordingly implement fair practices in the classroom. Even strict teachers are sometimes appreciated by the students if they shower them with the gift of love. We also recall some teachers in our school who were strict yet kind. Teachers should be impartial towards the students and should not deprive those who are dull or poor. If a teacher is whacking a student, they should aim to discipline the child. A liberal teacher can also motivate the students by using motivating techniques. Some teachers, although they are liberal, are simply bothered about the progress of the students. They simply teach the students without enthusiasm and do not even bother to clarify doubts. Such liberal teachers are not beneficial to students. Any teacher who is dutiful and sincere is a good teacher.


Author: S.Pattavarayan16 Jan 2023 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4

The question of whether strict or liberal teachers are more "progressive" is a matter of debate and can depend on how one defines "progressive."

Strict teachers may be seen as promoting discipline and traditional values, which some may argue are necessary for a successful education. On the other hand, liberal teachers may be seen as promoting creativity, critical thinking, and independence, which some may argue are essential for students to become well-rounded individuals.

In terms of promoting progressive education, liberal teachers may be seen as more progressive because they tend to focus on student-centered learning, which encourages students to take an active role in their own education and to think critically about the world around them. Additionally, liberal teachers may be more open to new and innovative teaching methods.

At the same time, it's important to note that being strict or liberal does not automatically make a teacher progressive or not. Progressive teaching is about continuously seeking new ways to improve the education system, it's about creating inclusive and equitable learning environments, and it's about creating opportunities for students to learn and grow in ways that are meaningful to them. Both strict and liberal teachers can be progressive in their own way.

Author: Reena Upadhya15 Mar 2023 Member Level: Gold   Points : 7

I personally have always liked friendly teachers. I noticed that it was easy for us to clarify our doubts with them. We could approach them during the class or even after the class and they did not mind helping us out. It would please them that we were taking initiative by ourselves and trying to gain as much clarity as possible. They did not ever get offended that despite taking lectures on that particular topic for so long, we were having doubts in our minds. They were always ready to help.

On the other hand, I would feel suffocated in the classes conducted by those teachers who did nothing but shouted at us all the time. They played by the rules. If they wanted us to do something, then they meant it. Any chance that work could not be completed, they would not take it very well. Approaching them was difficult. Forget about approaching them outside the class. When they asked us whether we had any doubts, we would never raise our hands in their class.

There is nothing to do with strictness and discipline. It is a myth that teachers who yell all the time, who are strict and scold or punish students are disciplining them. Teachers who are liberal can get the work done by their students, and inculcate discipline in them without creating any pressure and fear. Fear and discipline are not the same things. Learning is a process in which student opens up to new things. Grasping should be done with ease and should never be inculcated with fear. What is the point of learning such things when in the back of the mind the purpose of learning the content is that we don't want our teacher to yell at us or get upset with us?

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It's difficult to say whether strict or liberal teachers are more progressive because progressive teaching is not necessarily about a teacher's strictness or leniency, but rather about their teaching methods, values and beliefs.

A progressive teacher is one who encourages critical thinking, creativity and independence among their students. They believe in engaging students in the learning process through interactive and collaborative methods, rather than relying solely on traditional methods like lectures and memorization.

Strict teachers may have a more disciplined classroom environment, but this alone does not make them more progressive. Similarly, liberal teachers who are more relaxed in their approach may not necessarily be more progressive either.

A progressive teacher is someone who prioritizes the individual needs of their students, encourages creativity and innovation, and is constantly seeking new and effective teaching methods to improve student learning outcomes.

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