Introspection of impact of technology on people's lives and surroundings

Technology is really helpful to us but at the same time, we need to ensure that we are using it to a certain extent and in a way that is not harmful to maintaining the balance of nature and the bond of people which matters in the end.


We cannot deny the fact that today's world is a world of technology and while getting acquainted with the technological aspects has become a necessity, it is very much fair to bring forward the loopholes in it as well so that people can cite the areas where they need to make changes to be capable of becoming the best version of themselves and of contributing to building a peaceful and safer environment. To begin on a positive note, when we search for ways in which technology has aided people, we can see that it has aided people in not only gaining knowledge but also in helping many unemployed people find work and ensure a stable livelihood.

Developing Insight

People can gain knowledge on any topic they want through search engines like Google or on apps like Youtube. They are also a source of employment for people, and we have witnessed in the past few years the number of YouTubers has significantly increased. As we all know, every bad part also has some good parts. The COVID pandemic, despite being the cause of sorrow for millions of people around the world, served some advantages to people, as during this pandemic period, people could work from home due to technological advancements, people could spend time with their families as well as the environment got greener and cleaner due to less traffic. Apart from that, nowadays, people are also able to do online shopping and even track their orders while sitting comfortably in their homes. We can also share our locations with our family members whenever necessary, so it provides a safety measure in an hour of emergency. 

Continuing with advantages

Technological advancements help in saving precious time and we can further utilize that saved time in some other desirable activities. The information, which took 2-3 minutes to be produced, nowadays is produced within seconds. Earlier, we had accessibility to 2G and 3G, but now we have the availability of not only 4G but even 5G as well, and more latest versions to be added. Through online payment methods, one can easily withdraw or deposit the money within seconds to fulfill their requirements, and it has even saved the lives of many. We are also able to get the news with one click and even able to watch the beauty of nature in movies or on social media platforms.

Discussing Disadvantages

Enough has been discussed about the advantages of technology. Parallelly, we also need to discuss loopholes of it to put a clear and unbiased picture in front of the common people. The evolution of social media has also led to severe side effects, affecting adversely the mental health of people and further deteriorating real social life, which matters rather than the reel life in which people today are stuck. Materialism has been exacerbated by the increased number of social media platforms such as Instagram and YouTube, and people who want to live a similar life to their influencers frequently resort to unfair and illegal methods, resulting in them getting into trouble. The so-called influencers on these social platforms need to realize that they have a responsibility to society and must only transfer valid information. They should try to inspire people in a way that is helpful for their development.

Imposing Restrictions

These social media platforms should also put certain restrictions on the type of content they provide as, nowadays, every pocket has a mobile, and even children these days are addicted to the use of mobiles, so the content needs to be good. People's minds have rotted to such an extent that they don't even think once before thinking even once that the type of information or content shared by them is worth sharing or not. 

Adapting Changes

Addiction is an evil that destroys the life of the addict, and so the first and foremost responsibility of parents in this technological era is to look into that their children are not addicted to mobile phones and computers, although they must be provided knowledge about them as it is really important and should be provided access to them for a specific amount of time so that it has a healthier impact on their younger minds, which will lead to a better and healthier future.

Animals as Victims

The thing which needs our attention is that not only we humans are being affected by technology, but even birds and animals too. The 4Gs and 5Gs, although beneficial to us, affect the lives of birds who are sensitive to electromagnetic radiation. Excessive radiation can cause diarrhea, vomiting, and even death in animals. We should ensure that our development does not adversely affect the development of the surrounding areas. It is our responsibility to make sure that we can maintain a sustainable development policy.

Heading towards Balance

We need to realize that social media should only be used to a certain extent and shouldn't affect our real social lives. We are so engrossed in our work that we hardly find time to meet our friends, but at the same time we can spare hours on these social platforms, so we need to balance these things and bring changes in ourselves so that it is not only good for us but, in the long run, the establishment of a better society. As we all know, too much of anything is dangerous, so we need to balance all our activities and set an example for others to follow. We can certainly bring about changes in ourselves once we begin to believe in ourselves; as the saying goes, once we begin to believe in ourselves, nothing is impossible. So we must take the first step in the right direction so that it results in a fruitful output.


Author: Umesh29 Jun 2022 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 7

It is true that technological advancements and scientific inventions have made our lives better in many respects. Today we have got all sorts of modern gadgets for getting things done in our household or in the workplace. By using the automated and computerized processes we can save a lot of time in undertaking certain jobs and tasks. So there are definitely some good takeaways from these advancements.

Regarding the addictions people had addictions earlier also and it is not that addictions are there now only because of new technology and new innovations. I still remember that when I was a student then I saw some people in the market playing chess from morning to evening and they were not giving any attention to their families. That seems to be an irresponsible way of passing the time but those people were in fact addicted by the chess.

Today we have to use all the new technology and its derivatives in a non addictive way and if we want to save the coming generations for getting addicted to these modern gadgets like smartphones. Social media is also a great lure for all of us but it eats our time in a destructive way. For many of us it has become a necessity as well as addiction and when one family member gets entangled in it others also jump in instead of avoiding it.

This is a funny situation and has to be controlled from the parent level itself.

Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao29 Jun 2022 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

A good article from the author. Every coin will have two sides and the user should know about both sides. Then only he can use the same in the best way. Technological advantages brought many changes in our lives and now we are at a faster pace.
Many innovations made us have the information in our hands and that exposure is making us the first runners. But in this urge for the first runners, we are not understanding the ill effects of the technology and we are not shielding them in our usage.
Too much is never advisable in any way. So we should not get addicted to anything. We should know where to start and where to stop. Then we can say that we are using technology judiciously,

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