Prejudiced teachers in schools

In this article, I write about the prejudiced attitudes of teachers toward students and how studies have shown teachers' discriminatory treatment of children influences the performance and the future of children.

Prejudiced teachers

Back in school, I remember teachers would always pick toppers or fair-skinned, well-dressed, well-known kids or toppers for everything. These specific attributes have nothing to do with the tasks that they got selected to accomplish. For functions like Independence day or the annual day at school and just about any event, the teachers were always on the lookout for someone good-looking and well-made to present the guests with flower bouquets or mementos. It is such a pathetic practice that has the potential to lead to self-esteem and confidence issues in children down the line. Almost every kid wanted to go up on the stage, get a chance to say hello, present the guests with gifts, and have their photos taken. However, most of them never got a chance. Why? Due to the prejudice of the teachers, of course. Teachers had these criteria made up in their minds the students must meet if they were to get selected for the activities. For the school magazine's photos, they always picked out the good-looking as if the physical attributes of students have anything to do with how good a school is. It is incomprehensible how the looks of students reflect the capability and reputation of a school.

Sports, speeches, and looks

Some teachers would choose students based on how they looked for something like sports. It is such an obnoxious thing to do. Schools are supposed to open up young minds to the endless possibilities in life and not limit their capabilities by measuring them against frivolous factors such as physical appearances or the status of their parents in society. The same criteria applied when teachers had to select the students for speeches, either for competition or functions; good-looking kids or toppers or kids with popular parents. Teachers would treat kids based on their appearance. How disgraceful of the teachers to put these kids on shelves because they do not fit into their preconceived molds.

Teachers' treatment and research

Some studies have concluded good-looking children are treated better and encouraged more by teachers, consequently bolstering their confidence and self-esteem. Studies have also shown these kids do better in their lives than the other kids. This goes to show two things; teachers' treatment of kids has a significant influence on the kids' lives and teachers are in a position to pave better paths for kids by being kind in their conduct towards the kids. Unfortunately, most teachers are unaware of this beautiful blessing or willfully throw it into the gutter.

School F.E.E

Life can be hard enough with the inherent inequalities that we are shoved unwillingly into that there is no need for schools to further perpetuate these unfair disparities by denying kids an equal opportunity to participate and grow in the different aspects of life at school.
Schools should be places of fairness, equity, and equality.

I do not think much has changed in schools with respect to the prejudiced attitudes of teachers. This needs to change. And it needs to change yesterday.

Have any of you experienced something similar? Perhaps, you knew someone that faced discrimination of some kind? Do you think things are different now? If so, how are they different? Do share your experiences and thoughts in the comments below.

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Author: Umesh20 Aug 2022 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 3

Every teacher is not like that. Actually there might be some teachers who get biased by seeing the external appearance of a student and assign him some important task whether he is really deserving for that responsibility or not. So, we cannot generalize that all teachers are biased.
A teacher should be taking care of his students in a larger perspective. He should not favour anyone just because one belongs to an influential family or looks handsome. Teacher has to guide every student as per his or her capability and shape their studies and create their interest in it. While doing that he should use his wisdom and should not have any bias towards individual students.

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