Intimidation in schools

This article explains how teachers' intimidation pushes students away from learning and acquiring better knowledge because they are scared to approach teachers with their questions, doubts, and requests to repeat.


I wish schools would stop using intimidation as a tactic with children. Frankly, it is an awful thing to do and reflects the lack of creativity, compassion, and patience on the part of the system. I do not understand how intimidation is supposed to help. Just because something seems to work and gives an outcome does not mean it is the right and appropriate thing to do. There may be two different means to an end, but it does not mean both are suitable. If the system truly wishes to enlighten and nurture a young mind, it would find the most efficient and effective approach for a sustainable long-term outcome instead of relying on a cheap strategy as intimidation.

Put in the effort to understand

Good tactics may take longer to produce the results, but all good things take time. If the system truly wants to create not just bright but healthy minds, it will need to put in the price; put in patience, understanding, and kindness to see the seeds grow into mighty trees that, in turn, bear the good fruits that make this world a better place. Rather than hit a child who cannot tell the 3rd multiplication table, why not sit down and spend some time with the kid and try to understand why he does not know that table and then lay down the groundwork for his learning? One size does not fit all in the case of students. Not every kid responds the same way to an approach. Instead of intimidating the child with a beatdown, why not tackle the situation creatively and purposefully so the tack would help the child further his knowledge and not his burden?

Do not push away

Children should not have to worry about getting up and asking a doubt. They should not fear a refusal from the teacher to answer. I feel that the majority of students do not learn because while they do have the desire to learn, they are too scared to ask the teacher to repeat something or clarify their doubts. Students are too terrified they would sound dumb. So, where do these negative feelings come from that suppress them into silence? From intimidation; intimidation with a beating down or embarrassment by the teachers or embarrassment by other students who think it is ok to make fun of a kid because the teachers themselves are ridiculing that kid. Imagine the paths children would take if the teachers welcomed candor from everyone as much as they expect answers from the toppers and as much as the applause the teachers put out for the smart kids! Every kid has potential; it should be the school's job to help realize that to the fullest capacity. Intimidation is a pesticide that suffocates a child's curiosity and desire to learn. Getting good marks should not be the end goal, but acquiring good knowledge should be. Let the children approach without fear.

Did you ever feel intimidated to approach a teacher for something? Why? Did you have any bad experiences with teachers?

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Author: Umesh11 Aug 2022 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 2

This is an interesting article by the author highlighting the relationship between students and teacher where the student is afraid of asking teacher anything and in that process his learning is not progressing in the desired way. This situation is not present everywhere but it might happen in some of the schools in our country. A teacher has a great role in shaping the future of a student. If the teacher entertains the student in a creative and constructive manner, a student will never have any hitch or apprehension in asking any question to the teacher. For creating this conducive environment teacher's contribution is a must.

Author: Sheo Shankar Jha11 Aug 2022 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 3

This is really a thought provoking issue when the teachers indulge in such demotivating practices. Apart from that the bad remarks passed on by the teachers in such a situation could embarrass the student before his classmates leading to losing interest in the subject being taught. Hence the communication of the teacher should be such that he sustains his interest in the learning. Might be the teacher himself is in doubt in some particular point and in that situation the teacher should apprise the pupil that he would soon come up with the solution shortly. Apart from teaching, being courteous and patience are the essential tributes on the part of the teachers to motivate their pupils in acquiring essential skills in the subject concerned.

Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao14 Aug 2022 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

This is a very important topic discussed by the author in this article. A teacher should go to the level of the student in the class and talk at the same frequency so that what the teacher is talking about will be understood by the child. But how many teachers are doing this? A conducive atmosphere is to be created for students so that they can be free in the class and openly can raise their doubts and get answers.

A teacher should have a lot of tolerance and should be able to teach the student. Some students may not understand the issue easily. Special care is to be taken by the teacher and see that such students will come up. There is no use in giving free books and other incentives. I think, at least in primary schools, the teacher-student ratio should be as low as possible so that personal attention will be given to each student. I think this system will give good results if implemented.

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