The utmost requirement of School Counsellors in every school today

A school in past was a place to just learn, it was a part of a child's life. However, these days a child's whole life has started to revolve around school and academics and there is rarely any time for them for recreation. This extreme pressure on the young mind has created a vacuum in a society where students feel lost and out of touch with the world. This article brings out the importance of school counsellors.

About school counsellors

A School Counsellor is a certified professional who works in different schools, be it secondary, or elementary, and they provide academic as well as career guidance to the students. They have specific programs designed to help students with social and emotional quotients as well. The education system is drastically evolving along with the world and it continues to occupy more and more time in any student's life. This continuous pressure on children has had negative effects on them and their families.

In such conditions, children often deny their problems and ignore their guardians. This is where a school counsellor can be of help. As children spend most of their time in the school itself, a school counsellor can provide a safe space for these children and help them face their issues and dilemma.

The important role of a counsellor in school

The argument that every teacher can be a guide to the student can be put forth by many however the type of guidance and solution a certified counsellor will provide is way different and, in many cases, more effective than that of a teacher. A school counsellor's role and duties may vary from one school to another however they are mostly required to help the student manage their behavior as well as the academic backdrop. They help students to deal with heavy stress or a dilemma they are facing. A school counsellor might also help students with planning their future endeavors. School counsellors are essential on every campus today, it's inevitability cannot be ignored. It helps students in various ways and helps them lead better lives.

The Counsellor provides an atmosphere without any judgment which makes it easier for students to open up to them and learn about different mental health issues. It effectively encourages and motivates students to explore new things and eventually figure out themselves. A counsellor also helps the student to have faith in adults and encourages them to talk about whatever they might be suffering from with their parents and peers. This type of conversation can be hard but with the help of a counsellor a student can essentially open up more. School counsellors can also help encourage students to participate in group activities, and facilitate socialization between different types of students in a school.

Counsellors are a great resource for parents as well. Many parents suffer from a barrier between them and their children. A school counsellor can help parents understand the issues of their children well, they can conduct parent-student consultations together to facilitate better communication. Many counsellors can also guide parents who have concerns regarding their children.

In the past, there was a heavy stigma around mental health and counseling. However, times have changed and now people are encouraged to get help instead of suffering alone. The same goes for our children. It is obvious that children have pure minds which are corrupted by repeated targets, competition, and stress. They are hardly given time to explore and create. This is why school counselors are very important as it is a place where children spend most of their time.


They can collectively work towards a solution. In other words, a counsellor can make the child and their parent's life much better. A school counsellor is also a special educator who can impart knowledge about various things including entertainment and scientific facts which can excite a child. A counsellor also has assessment duties and when required they perform therapeutic duties as well which are a great way for children to distress and get away from their problems.

Being a certified counsellor requires patience, understanding, and insight and one who is good at their job can help many students to overcome their fear and issues and evolve into great successful adults.
Finally, I will say that in order to build the future of students in line with the modern age, just as good schools and teachers are needed on the one hand, in the same way, a counsellor fulfills the role of a good teacher.

Article by Dhruba
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Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao30 Aug 2022 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 2

A good write-up from the author. A counselors role is completely different from a teacher. A teacher can't pay personal attention to each student and help them in coming out of problems. These problems need not be related to academics only. Their doubts and problems may be related to general behavior and related to society also. Students can open up and mix up more with the counselor than teachers.

But this concept of a counselor has not developed fully in our schools. We see this concept only in some private corporate schools. In some private schools, a counselor will be attached to 10 or 15 students and he will be monitoring and counselling them as required.

Author: Venkiteswaran30 Sep 2022 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 4

The role of school counselors has become very important and pivotal now a days. This is being proved by increasing number of everyday cases of child abuse, which are revealed or unearthed only from the confidential and private interactions of school counselors with the students.

Though some counselors in private schools are blamed for suppressing, hushing up or ignoring the real facts for the sake of avoiding ill reputation to the institutions they are attached to due to obvious reasons. In govt schools most such issues are brought out by counselors. Not just that they help in supporting and giving confidence to the vulnerable and hesitant students.

In the new contexts of drug abuse and other maladies now spreading across in educational institutions and students and youth, the role of student counselors is the most imperative one.

Author: Sheo Shankar Jha30 Sep 2022 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 2

Though the role of teachers in the schools are important for providing right support to the pupils in their learning process, there is limitation beyond which the teacher community cannot go ahead. However, the role of school counselor is different from that of teachers. Here they would consider the right frame of the pupils in assimilating the lesson. The elements of phobia distracting them from learning would be taken for discussion purposes if this issue has arisen in the student's mind so that they could restore confidence in their learning process.

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