Distractions while studying and how to avoid them

While studying, we encounter numerous obstacles. Those obstacles will halt the progression of the study. Many things might distract our focus. This article lists the most bothersome distractions and offers solutions.

Did you ever make New Year's resolutions and failed to keep them? Most people may have failed. If we analyze the situation, we might conclude that we were unable to meet our objectives owing to laziness, a lack of appropriate planning, and different distractions. It is crucial that we identify our distractions and try to stay away from them, especially when studying.

What are distractions

Distraction is something that draws us away from our task. They emerge as a result of our interests, daily activities, and seeing or hearing things that fascinate us.

Social media

We keep checking our social media for new posts, and messages. As we are very curious to know about our friend's or close one's life, we try to keep an eye on their profile. We may start discussing with our friends about this. This might also lead to comparisons and finally depression. We may be crazy to post pictures. All this will halt our studies. It is therefore recommended to put the phone away while working. Hence this will help us concentrate on our task. It is better to sit in a quiet environment while working as it prevents us from getting unnecessary thoughts.

Preoccupied mind

We always have a lot of things to do on our checklist. We constantly think about the next task as we work on the current one. This frequently diverts our attention. All of these thoughts keep us from concentrating on our current chores. Our mind is constantly preoccupied with so many things It is good to break down all of our tasks into smaller goals. As a result, once we achieve one mini target, we may take a short break, breathe some fresh air, and return to reading.

Cozy environment

Isn't it nice to sit in a cozy spot, in a cool room, with a cup of coffee and cookies!! This is enjoyable to listen to and imagine. But, we could never learn properly in such an environment. We may doze off in this setting. An ideal environment is required for studies, yet excessively luxurious surroundings make us feel lethargic and relaxed. Sit near a study table if possible. To stay hydrated and attentive, we need to consume plenty of water.

Food Distractions

When we see commercials, newspapers, or billboards, our focus is immediately drawn to the food. We often get distracted by the mouth-watering savories. The juiciness of the gulab-jamun, the creaminess of the yogurt, the crispness of the french fries, or the appetizing meals tend to attract our thoughts If we typically start working after eating a substantial lunch helps us fight this food craving.

We should identify our distractions by reviewing our actions over the last few days. Then we'll be able to understand which things are stopping us from concentrating on our studies. Our capability can be assessed by the way we formulate plans to overcome those distractions and stay focused. Everyone can accomplish substantial success in their lives if they can overcome at least a few distractions. Let us distract the distraction.

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Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao26 Aug 2022 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

A good article from the author. Various issues which may distract the students from studies are discussed here in this article.

I feel the main reason for distraction is nothing but a lack of concentration and the mindset of the individual will also play an important role in this issue. If the student is interested in his/her studies and if he or she determines that under any circumstances he/she should study well, nothing will distract him/her from his/her studies.

My aunt is a scholar in Telugu and she did her PhD in Telugu. She used to concentrate on her studies and she never used to get distracted. I used to get distracted easily.

These days social media and electronic gadgets are the main distractions and many are getting addicted to such items only.

Author: Umesh27 Aug 2022 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 4

Distraction is the main impediment in one's studies or work and many people suffer because of distractions arising in their minds from time to time. There are many reasons why people get distracted from the right course of actions but the fact of matter is that in this world distractions will always be there and one has to recognize them in time and try one's best to keep oneself away from them. People who have clarity of objectives in their lives and have a clear direction to progress ahead generally get less distractions than the other people who are confused and indecisive in their actions. It is said that ambitious people are also much focused in their actions and strive hard to attain them pushing aside all the distractions and lures coming in their ways.
For a student who is in his tender age, controlling distractions is no easy task but with a strong will and a proper guidance from the parents one can definitely achieve that.

Author: Venkiteswaran27 Sep 2022 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 2

The author has written a brief and crisp article which is a very important subject that is perennial in nature. We can go on discussing and debating on the subject and still stay inconclusive.

While the article deals with the subject of distraction and its various contributory agents, I feel the hunger for a solution is not fully satisfied.

While the author throws the onus of solution on to the student when the author suggests "We should identify our distractions by reviewing our actions over the last few days. Then we'll be able to understand which things are stopping us from concentrating on our studies......Everyone can accomplish substantial success in their lives if they can overcome at least a few distractions.". It is next to impractical and is like sitting on judgement on a crime committed by ourselves.

But I fully agree with the author on the statement "Let us distract the distraction." That is the crux.

There are two alternatives which can give same effect of 'Distract the distraction'. This is akin to a significant principle in fire fighting. Remove the inflammable material or heat or wind(oxygen) from the fireplace. There will not be fire. Similarly removing the causative factors which affect concentration on our studies will naturally remove distraction.

If we apply this characteristic to the cause factors given in the article point by point, then (to improve concentration in studies) one has to:

1. Remove or avoid social media activities during and immediately before sitting for study. As mobile phone are the main facilitators of social media activity, keep mobile hones away while studying. One can even totally put off them till study time is over.

2. Clear the mind of pre-occupied matters. Before comin to study table do a small meditation or sit silently for a few minutes without thinking anything and allowing mind to relax. In fact if one practices some very basic meditation lessons that itself will improve concentration.

3. Do not be in a very cozy and comfortable environment. It is a human tendency not to leave one's comfort zone. For concentration in study, student should b only in the normal ambience and not in any extra cozy environment. There is a saying 'Education thrives in adverse circumstances".

4. No one can tolerate hunger much. Especially young students. They have an urge to take food or bites frequently. Hence before going to study, a student should have sufficient food to satisfy his hunger urge. The snacks, sweets, sweet drinks and other tempting eatable items should not be kept near study table or in the visibility area of the student. However, the student has to be given a few minutes break after an hour or so to nibble on something and drink water and then sit back to continue study.

As study happens n schools and homes, the above are applicable to all these places.

The other alternative is to bring attraction to studies. Here more than the student the effort is needed from teachers and parents and even the syllabus team. Each subject, topic and chapter has to be presented in student attracting ways with lucid explanations, anecdotes, pictures and connections to real life situations around.

There is heavy bombardment of negativity about studies from outside in media and all around, students are confused. This negativity has to be removed and the positive notion about studies and its results should be emphasized and reinforced. It was so earlier. The example is our teachings like " Vidya dhanam sarva dhanaat pradhaanam" etc.

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