Which is better- private school or government school?

Are private schools better than public schools? Which school is the best government or private in India? This is an age-old debate in India. Let's have an unbiased analysis of the two and find out which school is best in India- Government or Private?

Are private schools better than government schools? There is no clue or reason to believe that private schools are superior to government schools, or that government school in India is not recommended for a child.

Government School vs. Private School

Here is a comparison between these two on the basis of different factors-

Quality of education

The major difference between a private school and a government school comes in the quality of the education imparted at these institutions. Apart from the basic curriculum, emphasis is also laid down to educate them about life skills including punctuality, hygiene, discipline, etc. in private schools.

School Affiliation

Most government schools are affiliated with the state board. On the contrary, parents desire to opt for other boards for their pupils like CBSE and CISCE. Other advanced international boards like IB and IGCSE/ Cambridge are also preferred over CBSE or state boards. Parents believe that international boards will help their wards prepare for competitive exams in a better way.

private school vs government school

Medium of learning

English is a widely used language across the globe. Most private schools or public schools use English only as a medium of communication with students. Foreign languages are also taught in higher classes to foster additional skills. On the other hand, most of the government schools in India are still using regional language only as a medium of communication.

Co-curricular/ Extra-curricular activities

Special emphasis is laid down on extra-curricular activities to inculcate physical activities in the children. Most government schools don't give any importance to such non-academic activities. You can even choose a sports school for your ward depending upon his/ her interests.

Qualified faculty

Faculty in government schools are not less experienced or qualified in any manner, yet most of them don't take much pain about the performance of their students. On the contrary, faculty in private schools is strictly observed and controlled by an administrative head and they are answerable for the student's performance to higher authorities.


Better infrastructure, facility of power backup, clean surroundings, and the latest technology equipment are available in a private school as compared to a government school. Students feel enthusiastic to learn new things in a better atmosphere.

Fee structure

As private schools provide ace facilities to their students, they also charge a high amount of fees from parents. Apart from tuition fees, their fee structure includes annual fees, development charges, maintenance charges, etc. Government schools do not charge even a single penny from students up to Class 8. Fees are very nominal even for higher classes. Hence the latter is not heavier on parents' pockets.

Safe and secure atmosphere

Private schools are equipped with CCTV cameras which help in monitoring the school activities in an efficient manner. School buses are also under the surveillance of CCTV cameras. Students are accompanied by a teaching or non-teaching staff member on the bus to keep an eye on students, the driver, and the conductor. Non-government schools provide a secure environment to the students as compared to other ones.

Why are private schools believed to be better than government schools?

There are various reasons why most parents prefer private schools to government schools. Various studies have been conducted to understand the pros and cons of both types of educational institutions. Major reasons for choosing a private school over another are- better student discipline, better learning environment, better teacher: student ratio, better safety measures, and individual attention to the child. Parents give importance to different factors while choosing the best school for their child, like school accreditation, curriculum, course, co-curricular activities, the size of the classroom, etc.

Why should you select a government school?

If you are looking for a pocket-friendly education for your child, then you should opt for a govt. school. An intelligent child, desirous of learning, grasps everything and receives a good education, even in institutions of lesser quality. Many government school students have set an example for society.

Why should you select a private school?

If you are a parent that is passionate about providing all the amenities to his/her child at every cost, and who believes their child needs strict monitoring or surveillance, then you should apply for admission to a private school in India.

Final Word

Don't follow the crowd or jump on the bandwagon. Consider various factors and select the best school for your child wisely.

Article by Nidhi
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Author: Selvakumaran Krishnan17 Sep 2022 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

Nowadays, government schools are getting improved near to the level of private schools. There are lots of useful schemes that are often announced and implemented. I too pursued my training as a teacher in government schools for 2 years and also worked in a government-aided school for 1 year as a teacher.

The government schools have improved and many necessary facilities for students as well as teachers are being set up. If you enter a government school without noticing the signboard, you cannot guess whether you have entered a private school or a government school. But, I don't know why everybody considers private schools only as prestigious ones.

Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao17 Sep 2022 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 4

In my opinion, the main difference between government schools and private schools is their focus. A government never focuses on the end result. But a private school starts with an aim of 100% results.

The teaching staff in private schools should be taskmasters. They should achieve the targets set by the management. But in government schools that approach is not there. Teachers can justify the poor result in school by giving some reasons. We can't blame the teachers alone for this. The approach of the government is like that. The government use them for many other purposes which are not related to their profession. That is why many parents are opting for private schools for their children.

Guest Author: Thomas11 Nov 2022

In my opinion, private schools are far better than government schools in India. This may not be the situation in other countries. But in our country, I would suggest you go for private schools unless you go for a premium government funded school which is rare to find.

Guest Author: Khushi Singh10 Aug 2023

Private schools are definitely better than government schools as they would provide better infrastructure, better teacher to student ratio, have a clean & hygienic facility, provide better environment for students with options of personality development and extracurricular activities.

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