Advantages and disadvantages of online education system followed today

There are both advantages and disadvantages of pursuing online education today. The person who wishes to study can decide whether the online education system perfectly suits and help his career opportunity or not.

We are in the world of advanced modern technology, information, and communication systems. We all these days can access any information in a fraction of a second. Using this technology advantages most business industries keep updating their processes in line with these latest innovations. Educational organizations like colleges, universities, and other learning institutions also come up with introducing online education and learning opportunities across the nation as well as abroad.

The following aspects will let you know whether the online education system is beneficial for you are not. One can come to a conclusion about whether it is better to go for online education or a traditional classroom learning system.

1) Being trained in a well-cultured discipline

Let's consider if a student is going to learn to drive. He/she cannot complete the training online by simply watching video courses. He/she should first sit in the driver's seat and drive the vehicle partially controlled by the trainer. Some aspects of the educational system need practical appearance for effective involvement in the studies.

2) Observing the sessions at your best

Classroom arrangements in schools, colleges, and other learning institutions are constructed with a structured environment to get students actively involved in the studies. Whereas online classes mean never bothering about the location and surrounding features. There may be a lot of disturbances and other personal interruptions in between.

3) Succeeding in your studies

Whether or not you succeed in your studies is the question that will decide whether your interest in the online education system is going to be a good decision or not. Studies activities and learning methods involved in the education system include many factors. They are-
  • Being under the direct supervision of masters during class sessions.
  • Taking important notes on time.
  • Carrying out exercises full of responsibility.
  • Being honored for your outstanding performance in front of your classmates.

What are the advantages of the online learning system?

  • Flexibility in every aspect like time management, specific chapter-oriented involvement, etc.
  • Helpful for some who wish to work and earn during and for their studies.
  • Opportunity to collaborate in the virtual team.
  • Extensive range of programs and courses available to take and study.
  • It's a little more affordable than the traditional education system.

What are the disadvantages of the online education system?

  • You may have to spend more time than your on-campus classroom sessions.
  • It causes more time-waiting, and overexposure to unwanted internet things.
  • Students may be forced to see unwanted and age-restricted ads and online content due to the internet's advantage.
  • It destroys your focusing ability and affects your patience.

Do you still wish to enter the online education system?

During the recent pandemic atrocities, many of us around the world had expressed that online classes created many compromises. it made a huge impact on the student's academic success. Statistical analysis report has proved that students are more likely involved in their studies during in-campus classroom sessions.

On the other side, some people have their opinion to satisfy social activists that online saves trees by cutting usage of paper and saving electricity. They say, it also decreases carbon emissions.


In my view, an online education system will be helpful for those who are already working professionals. More importantly for those who have well experience in a specific field and not having a degree or certifications. They can just join courses online and get certifications with the help of the online education system. For regular students who like to study as a part-time passion, it may not help much.

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Author: Umesh29 Sep 2022 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 4

There are many courses which can be comfortably done in online mode. Some of the examples are computer coding, many subjects in humanities, mathematics etc. The problem only comes when we want to study some subjects like Biology, chemistry, medical courses, engineering courses, technical certificates and diplomas etc where practical sessions are essential. So depending on the type of course or topic to be learned, one has to decide whether to go for online or offline mode.
Due to the COVID pandemic there was an immediate need for online education and during that time it got a very big thrust and many dimensions of online education came in our observations. In fact that was the time when we started comparing these two modes as which one is better and why.
It is very true that online mode is ideal for the working professionals, housewives and those people who are having a habit of learning incremental knowledge time to time during their careers.

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