Why do some students score less marks despite being intellegent?

In this article, I am explaining the reason of low score of students despite being intelligent. Such intelligent students should overcome some difficulties to score good marks. They should realize their potential to overcome barriers and successfully pass examinations.

Some students are smarter and are able to understand concepts of any subjects vividly. But they are not able to score better marks in the examination. Such students become disheartened and feel inferior. Even teachers may not recognize the potential of such students and may underestimate such students. Sometimes, even parents are not happier when a child scores lesser marks. Many great people such as Albert Einstein, Mark Zukerberg, Thomas Alva Edison too did not score good marks in the examination. But they became successful in life. The students are scoring lower marks in the examination due to the following reasons.

Reasons why intelligent students are performing poorly in the examination

Slow Handwriting and lack of time management Some students write too slowly in the examination as they are lethargic and lack time-management skills. Due to low presence of mind, they are unable to write quickly and hence do not focus towards completion. Some students are just daydreamers not able to concentrate during the exams. A student are dysgraphic who are not able to hold a pen or a pencil properly. Due to delayed fine mortar development, they cannot write properly on a piece of paper.

Lack of examination-writing techniques Some students cannot solve the exam questions tactfully. They do not mention the serial number correctly and hence do not score marks even if the answer is correct. If a student is not able to solve a question, instead quickly writing the consequent answer, they overthink about the question they are not able to recall. Some students do not carefully read the question, but hastily reply to the question. Due to unclear handwriting, the examiner cannot read the words properly and provide lesser marks to the student after becoming frustrated,. The evaluators are accessing more than hundred papers daily and hence lose patience. Some students do not provide spacing after every word or a sentence. The paper looks shabby and overcrowded with letters enough to lose patience of the evaluator.

Some smart students are also special Even smarter students are undergoing neurological disorders such as ADHD, processing disorders, dsygraphia, etc. Students who are ADHD cannot concentrate while writing exams. They tend to frequently fidget around feeling difficult to sit down in a place and focus towards writing. Some students are smarter, but cannot quickly process information. Students with dysgraphia cannot write properly due to delayed mortar development.

Problems like anxiety and nervousness Some students are overly nervous during the examination and do not write courageously. They forget the answers due to over anxiety in the examination.

How to effectively resolve the examination problems

Such students should be well-prepared for the examination. They should solve the model question papers many times before appearing for the examination. If a student has problems such as ADHD, sensory processing disorders, or any other neurological disorders, then such students should undergo counselling from experts. A student should always strive hard for the examination and should always be hopeful. They should not feel disheartened after securing lesser marks, but analyze the root cause for failure.

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Author: Umesh16 Jan 2023 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 4

The author has given a good overview of the problem of scoring low in the examination by even some of the intelligent students.

A student may study throughout the year and put in a lot of effort for getting success in the exam but when it comes to scoring high marks then many fundamental conditions are to be satisfied. One of the most important aspects in this context is the retention power of the student and his interest and inclination towards a subject that he is preparing. It is generally observed that retention will be good only when a student has a real liking and interest in the subject or topic he is studying. Simply cramming will not help.

Another important thing is that a student might have done a lot of studies but had not practiced writing the answers and noting the time taken. That type of practice and exercise is a must to have an idea of how much time it takes in producing a perfect answer.

Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao18 Jan 2023 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 4

Intelligence is helpful to a student to understand the subject easily. An intelligent student will remember what he studied for long and easily. But without opening the book even an intelligent student can't score well in the examination but he may be able to manage marks required for passing the examination. So lack of concentration may be a reason for an intelligent student also for not scoring well. Hard work is required even for an intelligent person also to score well in the examination. That is why people say that there is no substitute for hard work.

Some students will have examination fear and such students may not be able to perform well in the examination. Making the students to write more and more unofficial tests may see that the boy/girl will be out of examination fear.

The role of parents and teachers is very important in making the students to utilize their intelligence to score better in the examinations. The author has presented the various ways and means to over come the problems in this accept.

Author: Sheo Shankar Jha18 Jan 2023 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 5

Intelligence at all levels is required to forge ahead in our missions and the same thing applies for the students engaged in their studies. It definitely requires some skills to solve the intricacies associated with the questions being set in the question papers. Especially, questions in the competitive tests are somehow twisted to evaluate the understandings of the aspirants. The questions can be definitely tackled with ease provided they are thorough with the texts books. Going through the question papers of the last seven to eight years for normal academic examinations and writing down answers for such questions might be helpful for the better performance in the examinations.
However, the aspirants should be prepared to perform without stress in the critical hours with the application of their own intelligence. Not losing hearts in the crucial timing can help them to remember the points to be written down for a particular question.

Author: Reena Upadhya13 Mar 2023 Member Level: Gold   Points : 7

Students who are not grasping the subject are not going to fare well in the examination. However, students who are intelligent enough to understand the subject or topic and despite that are not able to do well in examinations can be bothersome to parents as well as teachers. All the points discussed by the author are well-researched. However, one more cause can be that lack of concentration can be a reason for some students. Their focus is good enough to absorb the subject, but when it comes to performing in the examination, a different approach is needed. A student has to sit in the examination hall and cover his paper, say in three hours. Some find it very difficult to do. Some kids are free-spirited. They do not like boundaries. It is why sitting still and presenting their knowledge on paper becomes a very difficult task for them. They want to learn and learn more but do not want to prove to anyone that they have grasped the content.

Whatever may be the cause from time management to nervousness and from lack of focus to slow writing, once the root cause is known, the issue can be sorted out. Proper counselling needs to be done. If a student writes very slowly, he should be guided to gradually increase his writing speed. If lack of focus is the main problem, he should be subjected to frequent mock tests in which he should be asked to complete his paper with full concentration. Understanding the root cause, and then proper guidance with lots of patience can be very helpful. If needed, professional counselling should be given. Sometimes, parents and teachers do not understand what a student is going through. In such cases, guidance from a professional counsellor can prove to be very effective.

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