An essay on who is an ideal teacher

In this article, I am discussing some characteristics of an ideal teacher. Ideal teachers always understand their roles and responsibilities toward students and are committed to them. They also teach some valuable lessons to the students that they will remember forever, as brought out in this essay.

Students are usually fond of teachers who are fun-loving, warm, and soft-spoken. Such teachers are often cool and make the students happy. There are some of these teachers are not committed and do not complete the syllabus within the specified period of time, while others are more strict and rigid, but they always complete the syllabus faster and also provide revision notes to the students. An ideal teacher is someone who is committed yet jovial enough so the students are motivated in the classroom. An ideal teacher is flexible and is always willing to listen to the ideas of the students. But teachers are not merely someone who teach in the classroom or explain academic concepts; they are also those who motivate and inspire their students.

Characteristics of an ideal teacher

Nurturing and being sensitive to the needs of students

A true teacher is nurturing to the students so as to motivate them and prepare them for their academic journey. When a student is emotionally prepared, he can accept his role as a student. A teacher should also understand the needs of the students and be sensitive.

Teachers should never deny their duties

Some teachers will state that "I cannot give any personal attention to any student as I have to manage many students in the class". But a student who requires personal attention may be an extraordinary or a gifted student. If a teacher neglects some of the best students in the class, then she cannot direct an exemplary student in the right direction. If a student is not well-directed in life, he can even ruin his career and become an anti-social element in society. Teachers play an integral role in molding the life of a student. If a student is later successful in life, he or she always remembers his or her teachers who once taught some valuable lessons. They even personally meet their teachers. When I was studying in 6th grade, I remember some eminent doctors or engineers visiting my class teacher. She taught the student with great commitment and was always willing to clarify their doubts.

A true teacher is always inspiring

A great teacher is always a source of inspiration for students and is eager to share knowledge with them. A true teacher instills a sense of motivation in the students. So, the students can even perform better in the exams and also learn the subject with great interest. A teacher should not confine her role to merely teaching in the classroom and correcting the students' answer sheets. A teacher is someone who always thinks in a broader way and accepts the weaknesses of the students. In spiritual texts, a teacher is always referred to as God because he or she leads the students toward the path of righteousness. A teacher is a creator of knowledge, a protector of knowledge, and a destroyer of negative qualities in students. In the earlier days, the students often bowed down to the teacher, who showers knowledge and teaches some important lessons about life.

A teacher should be flexible and a good listener

Although some teachers are committed to their duties and are able to explain concepts in a best way, they do not listen to the ideas or opinions of the students. They do not easily accept the weaknesses of the students. Some teachers are not sensitive to the needs of their students. Such rigid teachers can demotivate the students and lower their confidence. A teacher should not behave in an authoritative way, especially today because the government aims to give holistic education to the students.


Author: Reena Upadhya25 Mar 2023 Member Level: Gold   Points : 5

An ideal teacher can make a slow learner student understand the concept remarkably. Intelligent students grasp on their own. They don't need much help. Average students need a class or two to understand. However, students who are not very bright struggle a lot. They cannot understand what is taught in class. The reason may be anything from lack of interest to attention deficit problems and from being mischievous to pretending to be cool. Such students keep failing despite all the efforts their parents put in for them. They are sent to the best schools, enrolled in the best coaching classes, and given attention at the home, but, they fail. An ideal teacher understands what troubles these kids and pays special attention to them so that they can understand what is being taught and fare well in the examination.

An ideal teacher is one whose teaching is so efficient that a student does not have to look for tuition or coaching classes outside the school. An ideal teacher tries to clear all the doubts from students' minds before they are brought up in class. There should not be a need for students to approach the teacher with their questions. Lectures should be such that the teacher itself should know the basic doubts that would trouble students and clear them with easily understandable answers. It only happens when the teacher is no longer standing there as a teacher. When the teacher comes to the level of students, only then will understand what sort of doubts students may have. Also, an ideal teacher is one whose communication skills are such that it is easy for every student to understand the subject or content that are been delivered.

Author: Sheo Shankar Jha29 Mar 2023 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 0

Role of teachers is crucial in arousing the interest in the subjects they are teaching. Apart from teaching, they must be proficient in psychology to understand the needs of every student. The psychological needs would indicate the inclinations of the students in their learning process. Suppose it is Mathematics class where the teacher is very rigid to follow the text books in total. Such instructions might distract the students from the subject as a whole but encouraging the students to go ahead independently to seek out the solutions could motivate the pupils to such extents that they would ultimately develop passion for this subject.

Author: Umesh30 Mar 2023 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 6

It is said that those students are very lucky who study under good teachers. A good teacher can make lot of changes in the life of a student and a careless and ordinary student can be motivated and encouraged to do the best in making his career and life.

Every teacher may not be like that but definitely a good number of teachers are there who are instrumental in making the academic as well as other developments in the lives of their students. The students might not realize these things during their study times but later in their lives they will find the great virtues of their teachers and obviously they will never forget such great teachers.

I remember during my intermediate course (class XI and XII), we had one mathematics teacher who was exceptionally good in explaining and making us understand the subject of mathematics in great details. His way of teaching was slow and simple but it engraved deep memories in our minds. The most important thing that I want to mention about that teacher is that he was very strict and would not tolerate any indiscipline in the class. So obviously there was always a pin drop silence in his class. Another thing which he usually did was he would suddenly ask a question related to what he was teaching to anyone in the class and due to that the students were so attentive that even the dullest student was able to learn something once the class was over.
Another great quality in that teacher was that because we were living in a small town he was able to make connections with the parents of the particular students who required some more motivation or encouragement not only in the school but in their houses and families also. That approach worked like a catalyst in the development of those particular students.

I salute such dedicated and hard working teachers who set examples for the whole teacher community and if such patterns are followed by all the teachers then our education system will get a big boost.

Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao04 Apr 2023 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 4

An ideal teacher should be able to go down to the level of the below-average student in the class and should be able to teach him the lessons in such a way that he will also understand the lessons well and perform well. A good teacher will always be friendly with the students and make them show interest in his class and would make the students enthusiastic to learn. Before I joined my intermediate I had equal liking for mathematics and physical sciences. But my Chemistry lecturer in intermediate made me attracted more towards this subject. He used to explain how chemistry is helpful in our real life and used to give real-life examples. That created a lot of interest to me in chemistry.

An ideal teacher should not be impatient and he should allow students to ask questions and clear their doubts. He should not make fun of a student in presence of other students saying that the doubts asked by him are foolish. Discouraging students from asking questions is not a quality of a good teacher.

A teacher should be able to discipline the students with his teachings and he should be able to be a role model to the students. Sometimes a good teacher may have to use a stick also but should know when to use it and up to what extent. If necessary a teacher should teach the students individually by calling them separately so that the student will improve his performance level.

Students always like teachers who practice and preach.

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