Bridging generation gap between teachers and students

In this article, I am discussing about the generation gap between teachers and students which should be bridged. The teachers and students should maintain a harmonious relationship. As parents and children experience the problem of generation gap, it can arise between teachers and students too. This problem can be bridged through mutual understanding and modifying mental framework.

Parents and children commonly experience the problem of generation gap because they are living different lifestyles. Similarly, the gap between teachers and students also exists due to various reasons. The scenario of a classroom in earlier days was remarkably different. Some teachers do develop the impression that the students of this generation are simply enjoying freedom, but they lead a hard life. Due to this reason, they do not develop a cordial feeling with the students and hence cannot maintain a warm rapport with them. Even students are not well-bonded with teachers who are grumpy, angry or always frustrated. But this problem should be bridged to maintain healthy relationship between teachers and students. The problem can also be resolved by the teachers and the parents of the students. A student has not yet explored the reality of life, and hence they cannot easily adapt to the ideas of the teachers.

The role of a teacher to bridge learning gap

Teachers should understand the mental framework of the students of the present days

We did not use digital devices and, hence, were not addicted video games, surfing, browsing or calling someone. A teacher obviously thinks he or she was more committed and sincere towards studies as a student. But the students of this generation are distracted due to devices such as mobile phones, smartphones, laptops etc. So, they are more fascinated by music, videos, fun-loving games, etc. They are leading a more comfortable life than the people of yesteryear due to the advent of newer technologies and tools. So, they cannot easily become sincere or committed towards their studies.

Tools for teaching

The students of this generation are often reluctant to write down in the notebook and then memorize the notes repeatedly. They love to extract information by browsing the internet or exploring the world around them. During the pandemic situation, students have regularly used mobiles to study different subjects. A teacher should conduct engaging sessions like debates, group discussions and seminars to attract attention from students. Students can easily learn through interactive sessions rather than memorizing from books. A teacher should not, preferably, assign more writing work to the students.

Teachers should be open-minded

Students expect the teachers to be friendlier and cooler. They cannot easily adapt to teachers who are rigid and strict. Even today, some teachers expect the students to bow down to them. But they are not taught to surrender to elders. They expect the teachers to listen to their ideas, opinions, suggestions etc. But if a teacher is not willing to allow the students to express their feelings or ideas, they feel suppressed. If a teacher is not satisfied with the ideas or opinions, then they should politely convince the student by giving explanations.

Role of a parent and a student to bridge the gap

Parents should teach the student to respect teachers

Parents should always teach children to respect teachers. Some parents do not speak about teachers in a respectable way. Some parents argue with teachers for frivolous reasons. So, obviously, the kids do not understand how to respect teachers. Even if the parents are more educated than teachers, they should teach kids to speak politely with teachers. A teacher is an important person in a student's life who guides them through every path of school life. A child never learns to respect or speak politely with anyone unless he or she learns to respect teachers. Parents should always help their children realize the importance of teachers. If a teacher or any school authority is not behaving in a proper manner, then they should approach the school authorities and resolve the problem diplomatically.

Higher class students should be cordially dealt with

Primary-class students are not mature enough about school life. They are often influenced by the teachings of their parents. But high school students are mature and can independently deal with teachers. They should make the teachers happy and listen to the ideas and opinions of the teachers. If they are not convinced, they can politely speak with teachers. If the teacher is not convinced, they can convince them with their parents support.


Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao29 May 2023 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 2

A student and a teacher should understand each other well. Here, the role of the teacher is more important as he is a mature person and understands the world better. He will be dealing with different age groups and he understands the psychology of the student better. Hence adopting himself to suit the student and trying to make him understand is very essential.
There will be a generation gap and a student may think that his teacher's views and thoughts are outdated. Here the parents will come into the picture. The parents should explain to their children, how much learned is the teacher and how knowledgeable he is. Once the student gets that confidence in his teacher, he will respect him and follow his advice.
Present day teachers should use modern tools and teaching aids so that the student will show interest in learning.

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