Important tips for parents to ensure a child's smooth journey in school

In this article, I am suggesting some important tips to parents so that the academic journey of the child is smooth. Parents sometimes experience problems when the child is not coping with the school curriculum or is not scoring good marks. Some parents are too pushy and ambitious and expect their children to become super-competent. So, during this journey, parents should be always calm and thoughtful.

The academic journey of your child begins at age 3 when he or she joins the Nursery class. After completing kindergarten, your child is enrolled in the 1st grade. At this stage, your child is known as a primary school student. Then he or she is a school-going student until he finishes 10th grade. During this period, your child experiences emotional and psychological transformations due to the changing environment. Your child may not always express feelings or emotions towards you, but you should always observe behavioral patterns and provide emotional support. At this juncture, you, as a parent, should be a pillar of strength in your child's life. A child may experience problems due to peers, mentors, school authorities or even colleges. Some children are unresponsive to the environment even after a certain period. Also, they should always stay calm and balanced to successfully resolve any problem.

Common problems and the ways to cope with them

Problems with mentors and school authorities

Children commonly experience problems with mentors in every grade or some grades. Every teacher possesses different characteristics and thinks from a different perspective. Some teachers may be compatible with your child while others may not be. If your child is unable to adjust to the new mentor, he or she can experience different problems. Your child cannot get connected with such teachers and may score low marks. You should interact with your child daily and ask if he or she is experiencing any problems with the mentors. You should openly listen to your child's problems and also stay calm. Some parents may become too overwhelmed to listen to the problem and may enter into conflict. Some parents are unwilling to listen to the problem and simply state that they should adjust with the mentor. So, a child cannot easily express his or her feelings towards such parents. Some parents blame the child if he or she has any such problems with the teachers. They often underestimate the child, saying they are not intelligent or capable enough to cope with the studies or curriculum. Some parents over-pressurize their children to study even harder when the child is not able to achieve results. They are also suppressed if the school principal is too strict and always behaves aggressively.

Problems with classmates

A child may experience problems with his or her own classmates due to some differences. Children who are vulnerable are often bullied in school. Your child may also not be strong enough to fight with someone who is a bully. If you are open-minded, then your child can easily express his or her feelings toward you. Otherwise, such children simply remain silent, and the parents become perplexed about the child's behavior. If your child is not interacting and seems suppressed at home, then you should ask your child about the problem. Help your child overcome his or her shyness and timidity to face such difficult situations. Do not become overprotective towards your child and complain to school authorities in the first instance. Only if the problem is growing worse can you meet the school authorities in school. Some parents who are addicted to devices such as smartphones, i Pads, etc. do not even observe such problems. As a parent, you are also responsible for the mental well-being of your child. You should always ensure that your child is mentally secure.

Problems with academics

Your child may be experiencing difficulty in one or more subjects. When your child is unable to understand the concepts of the chapters, he or she gradually loses interest in studying. Your child should understand the basic to advanced concepts in each chapter of every subject. Dyslexia is a problem associated with difficulty in reading and writing due to poor visual processing. This problem may be identified when your child is studying in kindergarten. If your child is unable to remember the shape of every letter even after practicing several times, then he is suffering from dyslexia. If your child is not able to study mathematics easily, then he is suffering from dyscalculia. He or she is not able to calculate easily and lacks the ability to calculate mentally. Some children score higher marks in primary classes but do not retain the same level in higher classes. So, parents should not become panicked and pressurize their children to score higher marks. Some parents do not openly listen to the problem but start arguing with their children when they are not convinced. If your child is experiencing difficulty in any subject, they should arrange for coaching. If essential, they should allocate time to identify problems. Do not unnecessarily pressurize your child, but try to resolve the problem. If you are unable to resolve it independently, then meet with experts. Educational counselors can also provide the best tips for developing your child's skills.

Problem with parents

Your child may be experiencing problems due to your irregular behavior too. If your child states any problems with you, do not become overwhelmed or lose your temper. You may be pressurizing your child unintentionally, and your child is feeling uncomfortable. Some parents have strong aspirations for their children, and they do not realize they are pressuring them to get the best results. You are expecting your child to score higher marks so he can climb the ladder of success easily in the future, but your child is not able to fulfill your expectations. Identify your child's characteristics, strengths, weaknesses and attributes. For example, if your child is not able to score higher marks in mathematics, perhaps he may become a great painter one day. Accept your child's interests and characteristics so that he can grow fully to his potential.


Author: Sheo Shankar Jha24 Apr 2023 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 2

The children are the best creations of God and to groom them is to provide them with a peaceful environment to flourish their inherent potentials. The parents should identify the attitudes of their kids and they must be taken into confidence initially so that mutual trusts between the kids and parents gets strengthened. This is a crucial step to ensure that our efforts towards closeness with them multiplies with time with our patience and love.

The parents should see that the kids are developing naturally with their curiosity in the different aspects of lives. Their doubts need to be addressed for their natural growth and then the rest part of their developments could be ultimately be achieved.

Author: Reena Upadhya30 Apr 2023 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

Parents now a day are exerting too many expectations on their children. They want their children to be ahead of everyone. For that, they want them to be competitive all the time. However, not every child can do that. Some are slow learners and take their own time. Parents have to have an understanding of that. They should not over-pressurize their kids.

Parents should not ignore any signs that kids are giving them when they face issues with other classmates or their teachers. Also, they should not become overindulgent in their matter. Once the root cause is known, if it is a serious issue and if the child cannot stand up for himself then the parents should interfere. Otherwise, the child should be taught how to cope with issues on his own. Parents should always be there on their side, always supporting them but should teach kids to fight their battle on their own. This will instill self-confidence in them.

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