Common problems faced by teachers

This article explains various problems faced by teachers. It can be a lack of student participation and a difference in the ability to learn. It can be their low-paying salary. Teachers face pressure from the administration to parents.


Teaching is a noble profession. Teachers can shape the future of a student. When they take a step further and try to understand students from their perspective, they can make a difference in their student's lives. They can get to the root of the problem of why a student isn't grasping and doing well as he is supposed to. However, everything is not smooth sailing for them in their professional lives. They face a lot of hurdles too when it comes to teaching and managing the classroom. Apart from that they have to also deal with the stereotypical thinking of society when it comes to teaching as a profession. This article explains various problems a teacher may encounter in professional life.

Top problems faced by teachers

  • Lack of student interest
    Certain subjects are interesting, and some seem boring. Usually, language classes interest students. There is poetry and stories that engage students' attention. On the other hand, in subjects such as mathematics and physics where there is an emphasis on problem-solving, students disengage themselves. It happens more often if the lectures that are delivered are not able to hold students' interest. A teacher may adopt various ways to hold students' attention. They can bombard them with various questions frequently after certain time intervals so that they do not have any excuse but to focus on what is been taught in the class. Even after that, students will naturally shift their focus and show a lack of interest. This is a discouraging thing for teachers. Every teacher wants their students to equally participate in the classroom. If there is good interaction between teachers and students, the classroom environment looks active. On the other hand, a lack of interest makes the classroom look dull. If only a handful of students participate and show interest in what is taught is not going to change the scene.

  • Different paces of learning
    Every student is different when it comes to grasping the concepts and memorizing the facts. Some of them are very slow learners. They take their own time. Most of them are average learners. Some of them are very quick learners. Such students can learn on their own without much help. These students show high participation in the classroom and are full of energy. A teacher cannot focus on one group and disregard the necessity of others. It is the teacher's responsibility to make sure that students have grasped the content that is delivered to them, and while doing that she has to also take care that she is not spending too much time teaching one lesson or a problem. She is allotted timing and a whole lot of syllabus that she has to cover within that particular time. If she lays too much emphasis on one particular chapter then she will lose time in doing that. Lagging will cost her and her students because it is important to timely cover the entire syllabus.

  • Too much pressure
    Teachers deal with all sorts of pressure. They not only have to cover the syllabus within the given time frame but also make sure that every student in the class has grasped what is being taught. They have to timely conduct tests, go through the written papers and grade them, go through the homework, make sure the students are participating in extracurricular activities etc. Sometimes they have to deal with the extra pressure exerted by the parents of some students. Some parents do not want to own up to the mistakes their kids are committing and want teachers to take up the entire responsibility. Some parents are too involved in their kids' performance and some do not involve at all. Not only from parents but they also face pressure from management and administration for the smooth running of all the tasks. Thus, teachers face a whole lot of pressure when it comes to teaching.

  • People's perception
    Today everyone wants to be a professional such as a doctor, engineer, or IAS. Very few will decide to become a teacher. Many feel that it is the last resort. Those who cannot succeed anywhere take up this profession. If they fail to secure a high-paying job in reputed companies, they will take up a teacher's profession. Thus, the respect for teachers is degrading every day. What society doesn't understand is that they cannot reach where they want to if there were no schools, colleges and teachers in them to teach what they needed to learn. Thus, disregarding and disrespecting teachers' profession, directly and indirectly, pressurizes teachers. Moreover, low-paying salaries add up to the frustration. Whether it is a government school or a private one, teachers are paid way less than a candidate working in an MNC.

  • Lack of on-site training
    Every profession requires constant learning so that they can upgrade themselves to the changes that are taking place in their respective careers. Thus, they enrol themselves in some certification courses from time to time. Many workshops are organized for the employees on their job sites. However, for teachers, no such facility is provided so that they can upgrade themselves. This is the reason lots of trouble was faced when the pandemic hit the world. Many teachers did not know how to use the Internet as a mode of communication and deliver online lessons to their students. Until teachers are introduced to modern innovative teaching methods and provided with enough resources that will support their teaching, teachers will continue to face lots of hindrances in the modern education system.


Author: Sheo Shankar Jha29 Apr 2023 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 3

The teachers might feel demotivated due to the following reasons indicated below-

1) They might be competent enough in their subjects but the excessive pressure being put by the management could make them over stressed. The management of the schools/ Institutions should see that at no point the teachers are over fatigued due to allotments of periods beyond their capacities.
2) Lower salaries being offered to them is an issue that must be redressed properly.
3) Negative attitude and lack of interest among students and lack of positive support from the management and parents can also be a demotivating factor.

Author: Umesh01 May 2023 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 3

Teaching is a noble profession and there is a great role of the teacher in shaping the lives of the students. The role of the teacher is a very responsible one as he is supposed to inculcate learnings in the students without differentiating between them.
Apart from administrative problems, the main problem a teacher faces is a lack of interest in some of the students for studies and students who are mentally below the average level. As the teacher has limited time and has to cover the whole syllabus within the stipulated time he cannot waste time repeatedly teaching the below-average students and the result is that these below-average students do not learn much during the teaching process.
Today one thing we are lacking in our classrooms is strictness and discipline and that is creating problems in making the students concentrate and focus on classroom studies.
I remember when I was in my school our mathematics teacher was so strict that there was always a pin-drop silence in the classroom and every student was alert and cautious because he would ask a question to anyone anytime and if he found that the student was not attentive then harsh beatings would follow. The result was good because many below-average students also did quite well in the examination.
Unfortunately, that atmosphere is completely lost and a new culture is prevailing in the present system today and we have to manage in this new situation. We cannot impose the strict discipline of that type today in our classrooms.

Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao01 May 2023 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 3

A very good article from the author and I appreciate the way in which she presented the problems that are faced by a teacher.

When I was doing my intermediate, we had a well-qualified and very good Telugu teacher. He was a great scholar in Telugu and had written some books also. He used to teach even English also very well. It was a government junior college and in the Intermediate 1st year we were 72 students all branches put together. All language classes were combined classes only. Some groups of students from arts subjects used to create some nonsense in the class and no teacher was able to control them. This lecturer tried his best to change the attitude of the students and finally gave up. He lost interest and just attended the classes and went back. Even the college Principal was also not able to correct those students. If there are such students, the teacher will definitely lose interest.

Actually, I feel the government should conduct some refresher courses for the benefit of the teachers and that will help them to get updated knowledge in the subject and also will learn new ways of teaching using various digital aids.
Another problem I noticed in some government schools is that the teachers will be given responsibilities other than teaching and that will make the teachers spend time executing those works and they can't focus more on their teaching.

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