How to appoint a class monitor

In this essay, let us consider various aspects of appointing a class monitor. The teacher and the students should both play a role in appointing a class monitor. A monitor should be a good leader and should be able to handle responsibilities.

I still remember that a monitor was appointed in a class every year during my school life. These monitors, who were known as class leaders managed and controlled students and class activities in the absence of a teacher. Let's discuss various aspects of selecting a class monitor.

Who should appoint a monitor? The Teacher or Students?

Teachers and students both should play an active role in appointing a monitor. When we were students in primary school, teachers appointed monitors. They usually selected a candidate who stood out in class. But every such student was not capable of monitoring other students. Some students were too aggressive and even rightfully slapped students in class. A monitor should not be selected purely on the basis of the student's opinion. Students would choose a candidate who is lenient and soft-spoken. A monitor should possess true leadership capabilities. A student who is selected as a monitor should be popular among the students. The teacher should initially consider the opinion of the students. Let the students mention on a small piece of paper the name of the student whom they wish to appoint as a monitor. Then, the teacher should collect the pieces of paper and read the names. Then teachers should list the names of students who are most recommended by students. Then the teacher can choose five to six candidates among the names recommended by the students.

Then the teacher should consider the following factors when choosing a class monitor-

Factors to consider for selecting a class monitor

Good Academic performance

A student need not be a class-topper but should score well in every subject. If a student is poor in academics, then he or she cannot focus on studies properly after being a class monitor. A class monitor should perform other activities too, such as distributing books to students after correction, monitoring the class in the absence of a teacher, maintaining class cleanliness, etc. A poor performer is easily distracted from studies once engaged in such activities.

Leadership traits

A class monitor should possess the attributes of a leader. In the absence of a teacher, they should be able to guide students. When the teacher leaves the class for any other work, a leader should control the class effectively, but should not become aggressive towards other students. A monitor should be instructed strictly not to slap other students.

Some traits of a good leader-

Considerate and communicative

A class monitor should always interact with the other students to learn about their problems. He or she should also communicate with the teachers and school authorities. A good leader is able to clarify the doubts of the students in the absence of a teacher. They should also show concern for the problems of the students. If a student falls down and is hurt during playtime, then they should take the student to the nursing room so the caretaker can apply a bandage or Dettol to heal the bruise. A teacher can choose a student who is neither too quiet nor too noisy. Self-awareness is one of the integral characteristics of a leader. A true leader is able to judge himself or herself in every situation and is also a good decision-maker.

Prompt and active

A leader should be able to easily grasp the commands of the teachers and school authorities and execute them accordingly. Whenever any task is assigned by the teachers, the student should be able to do it confidently and diligently.

Confident and independent

A good leader is always assertive and willing to accept any challenge fearlessly. They should perform tasks independently without needing assistance from peers or colleagues.

Were you appointed as a class monitor in your school days in any grade? You may remember reprimanding the students who were noisy or those who were not following the class rules if you were the class monitor. Maybe you recall that some monitors were so aggressive that they even slapped the other students. Share your experiences in the comments box below.


Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao21 Jun 2023 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 4

When I was in high school we used to have class monitors. The class teacher decides and nominates the monitor. Generally, the student who stood first in the previous year's final examination is nominated. In his absence, the second best will be the monitor. The class teacher used to declare these two names in the class.

The main duties of these monitors in our school were to collect all homework books and hand over the same to the teacher and once he validates handing over the books back to the students was his/her responsibility. During the changeover period, in the absence of the teacher, the monitor used to see that discipline will be maintained in the class. Some naughty students used to make fun of the monitor but the monitor used to report the same to the class teacher and the teacher used to punish such students. This used to give enough support to the monitor. I don't know whether the same concept is existing these days also in schools.

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