Gravitational force and its law

In this article, I am discussing the gravitational force discovered by Issac Newton. It is a force that draws two objects together. A human being is enjoying many benefits due to the law of gravity on Earth.

Issacs Newton stood under the shade of an apple tree. He then saw an apple fall to the ground. Newton was not an ordinary boy who merely enjoyed the sight of the apple falling to the ground. And so a question arose in his mind as to ' Why is the apple falling on the ground only and not suspended in the air or being pulled upwards?' Perhaps a force on this earth is pulling the apple downwards and not upwards, as he thought. We can discover some fascinating things around us. If we throw a ball upward, why does it fall directly on the ground? Even when we jump, we are automatically pulled downward. The force that pulls us downward is known as the 'gravitational force'. When a man travels to space, he is not pulled downward but suspended due to a lack of gravity. Even the planets are always revolving around the sun. So, the force of gravity even exists between the planets and the sun. Even the moon is constantly revolving around the earth without falling down.

What is gravitational law

It is a type of force of attraction that draws two objects together. This force between the two objects is directly proportional to the product of the masses and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between the two objects. The force between the two objects is greater when the mass of the objects are greater. The force also depends on the distance between the centers of the two objects. To calculate the force of gravity between the two objects, you should use the following formula:

F= G(m1m2)/r*r
m1 denotes the mass of the first body, whereas m2 denotes the mass of the second body. In this formula, r squared is the distance between the centers of the two bodies. G means the gravitational constant.

Importance of the law of gravity

You are staying on this earth due to the force of gravity around you. As the earth is constantly moving around the sun, we are able to get the air we want to breathe. It also protects us from the harmful rays of the sun, but we are still able to enjoy the warmth of the sun's rays. You can walk safely on the earth without falling due to the force of gravity.

Examples of gravity

Due to the force of gravity, the moon is revolving around the Earth. Tides are caused in the ocean by the force of gravity between the moon and the earth. An object kept on the table remains in the same position unless taken away by someone or accidentally pushed by someone. It is not hovering in the air. A child is able to play on a slide due to the force of gravity on Earth. This activity cannot be played in space due to a lack of gravity, and hence a child cannot be pushed downward.

The three laws of gravition

It does not change the direction or motion of an object unless an external force is applied.
If the mass of one object is doubled, then the force of gravity between the objects is doubled. If the mass of both objects is doubled, then the force is quadrupled.
When the earth exerts pressure on an object on the earth, the object also equally exerts force on the earth in the opposite direction.


Author: Umesh06 Jul 2023 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 4

Nice details about gravity and gravitational force. This force is present between two bodies having some masses. When the mass of the body is small then this force is not perceptible because we don't see those bodies move or cling to each other. But when the masses are bigger like Earth, moon and other heavenly bodies then the force becomes prominent and we start feeling it.
Our weight on Earth is nothing but force with which Earth attracts us. The gravitational pull of these big bodies on other bodies will be different depending upon their masses and that is the reason why we will feel less or more weight on other heavenly bodies if we happen to stand on them.
For example, moon being too smaller than Earth our weight there would be only one-sixth of what we feel on Earth.

Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao04 Sep 2023 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 2

The weight of an object will vary from place to place. But mass will remain the same. The weight will depend on the gravitational pull on the body.

The gravitational force will be a sum of two forces called the force of gravity and centripetal force. The force of gravity is a part of the total gravitational force which acts on a body. The centripetal force will constrain the body to move in its circle of latitude. The total of these two is the gravitational force that is described by Newton in his discovery.

A nice article from the author explaining the theory behind gravitational force.

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