Smoking and harmful effects on health

This article describes about the smoking and harmful effects on health.


Tobacco in any form is dangerous.In India,tobacco is used in many forms-

1. Chewing with Chuna
2. With 'Pan"
3. Bidi
4. cigarette
5. Gutkha.

Side effects of Smoking Tobacco

Tobacco contains nicotine.Initially it stimulates a person & he gets a "kick" as is described by tobacco users.But later on slowly it causes depressive effect on nervous system.Many people think that it is needed to improve gastrointestinal motility & they can pass stools easily.Students smoke during examination days to keep themselves awake.These all things are not correct.

Consuming tobacco in any form can cause following deleterious effects on health.

1. Cancer of any part of body

2. Smoker's cough

3. Alteration of lipid profile & atherosclerotic changes in blood vessels

4. Narrowing of blood vessels

5. Increased risk of heart attacks

6. Increased risk of cerebrovascular attacks

7. Lung diseases - emphysema,chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases

8. And above all it causes financial loss to the family & adds to pollution.

9. There is increased risk to nonsmokers due to "Passive Smoking".

10. Science has proven that children of the mothers who smoke during their pregnancy are most likely to have cancer in their childhood or later in life.

11. Erectile dysfunction- This can occur in chain smokers. Read more about "Erectile dysfunction, impotence, viagra, levitra " at:

Sex Education Erectile Dysfunction And Treatment

Why And How A Person Starts Smoking

1. In colleges, friends force other students to smoke.
2. People start smoking just to show that they are a part of the group. they have a fear that the group members may not accept them if they don't join their activities.

How To Quit Smoking

We see many advertisements " Quit smoking". The most important thing which 1 needs is mental preparation to quit smoking. If 1 decides, he can quit smoking.
Nicotine supplements are some drugs which have been tried but there is no guarantee about its effects.

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Author: Dr.Sanjeev(Sandy)26 Aug 2008 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

The most important hazard of smoking is that it may lead to decreased libido and impotence too.

Author: Nibedita Dash05 Oct 2008 Member Level: Silver   Points : 1

It is a very good contribution with scintific back ground.
Hope it will provide some positive insight to readers

Author: srb12304 Feb 2009 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

As all know smoking is injurious health but nobody wants to quit it.
cigarette smoking is injurious health is in packets only
but nobody cares about that.
It should be avoided in the earlier stage only

Author: Dr Sachine (Eye Retina Surgeon)07 May 2009 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

Harmful chemicals in smoke -
Benzene is a known carcinogen and is associated with leukaemia

Tar gets deposited in the smoker's lungs

Author: vikram09 May 2009 Member Level: Silver   Points : 2

The harmful effects of smoking can be reduced once you quit smoking. People who stop smoking will have a major and
immediate health benefits. Former smokers will live longer than smokers who do not stop their addiction.

Harmful effects of smoking are causes of death for one in two lifetime smokers. Avoid the high risk, and stop smoking for good.

90% of lung cancer occurs in those who have smoked.

Author: Gururaj10 May 2009 Member Level: Silver   Points : 1

Smoking not only affect those who smoke,it also affects the passive smokers who indirectly inhale the smoke. So the smokers should take the least care of atleast not troubling other innocent people by not smoking.


Author: Dr Sachine (Eye Retina Surgeon)11 May 2009 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

How to quit smoking - Read -
How to quit smoking

Author: K Mohan21 Aug 2014 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 4

I think there are so many articles appeared on this subject and the net expectation of every author is the recommendation to quit smoking. But chain smokers cannot get rid of this bad habit and they feel isolated without smoking. More over the higher rates of tobacco products also pinching their pocket very much. So we the non smokers must change the attitude of the smokers by diverting his attention for smoking and also tell in politely that his life is more important for the entire family and he must shun the smoking once for all. Slowly he must forget smoking.

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