Global Warming

I have deliberately put this article in the category of 'caution & alerts' as I think we definitely need to be alert about this issue!

Have you lately been feeling hot and sweaty even when it is not a summery day?
Have you been caught in a sudden downpour even though it is not the rainy season?
Have you headed to a skiing resort and discovered that there is less snow on the slopes?

Wherever you live on the globe, you will have faced one of the above or similar scenarios. The cause: Global Warming.

What is the definition of Global Warming?
To put it simply, global warming is when our planet shows a higher temperature than its normal level.

What Happens during Global Warming? - Effects
When the thermometer shows a rise in your body temperature and you are feeling unwell, there is a major upheaval. Your body's energy sags; you develop a fever and probably get headaches. In a similar fashion, Planet Earth experiences an upheaval. Ocean levels rise, polar bears have fewer ice floes to move around on, entire forests suddenly burst into fiery flames, a bird species vanish entirely, humans are subject to a spurt of illnesses.

Why does it happen? - Reasons for Global Warming
There are not exactly aliens in outer space waving their magic wands and causing all this upheaval. Sure, a small factor could be the way the earth revolves around the Sun and the presence of certain natural gases that warms the atmosphere in general. The main culprits, though, as increasingly pointed out by research studies are the planet's human residents. That's right: WE are one of the major causes of global warming.

How are humans responsible for Global Warming?
That's a typical evasive “It's not my fault" attitude. Yes, it is our fault. We humans are steadily increasing the amount of greenhouse gases due to our use of certain equipment and products. We pollute the air through vehicles and coal power plants and we chop down trees indiscriminately.

What to do to avoid Global Warming? - Essential Steps
Good. The fact that you are asking this question means that you are willing to take the first steps to reduce global warming.
• Don't use energy-guzzling appliances
• Don't keep fans, lights, air-conditioners, and computers on in any room when not required
• Don't buy a vehicle that gulps excessive gallons of fuel
• Don't use your vehicle when you can easily walk, hop on a bus or share a vehicle

Just a few steps…but definitely major ones!

Come - together let's prevent the upheavals on our planet. Starting right now.

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Author: Dr Sachine (Eye Retina Surgeon)22 Nov 2008 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

Everyone of us should determine & contribute something to conserve energy.As population is increasing, day by day resources are appearing to be inadequate.But we are also responsible for this.Try to save electricity,other forms of energy whenever possible

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