Stress Management for students

Would you like to know about Stress Management? Read this article to know about Stress Management and its techniques.

There are many ways to manage stress which is the root cause of many diseases. Main ways to manage stress are:-


* Relaxation techniques can be done. Progressive muscle relaxing which involves tensing and releasing of the body in sequence and sensing the difference in feeling.
* The person can better lie or sit in a cushion, in a calm place and can do the exercise of relaxing and contracting muscles in a systemic way beginning from face and ending with feet. This may combined with breathing exercises that focus on inner-self
* Relaxation with guided imagery is the purposeful use of imagination to achieve relaxation and to direct away from undesirable sensations. The person can see pleasant image or scene from his/her experience in the past. This image or scene serves as a mental device.
* The person should then sit in a chair in comfortable position and feel the image or scene and then relieve the imagery with all of the senses. It totally calms the mind and bring concentration too.


* Pick a brief phrase or word that reflects your basic belief systems
* Choose a comfortable position
* Relax your muscle
* Become aware of your breathing and start using your selected focus word
* Maintain a positive attitude
* Continue a period of time.
* Practise the technique twice a day.


* Thought stopping is one of the self-directed behavioural approach used to gain control of self-defeating thoughts. When these thoughts occur the individual stops the thought process and focuses on conscious relaxation.
* Regular exercise, especially aerobic movement, results in improved circulation, increased release of endorphins on an enhanced sense of well-being.
* Humour in the form of laughter, cartoons, funny movies, riddles, audiocasettes, comic books and joke books can be used.
* Open honest, sharing feelings, desires and opinions should be made in a controlled way. The individual who has assertive behaviour with control over own life is less subject to stress.
* Social support in form of self-help groups, relationships with the family and friends and professionals help.

In addition to all said above,
Breathing Techniques
Therapeutic touch
Music therapy can help in stress management.

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