Making Quick Money Tips & Schemes

Have you ever found out about people or even you losing money to people who play tricks with you and dupe you of your hard earned money in empty promises? Check this resource to find out how people get pulled into such schemes and get you duped in no time.

If you have clicked on the title with the hope of making a fast buck, sorry to disappoint you! This article is not about how to make quick money but how not to get fooled into ‘make quick money' schemes.

There are plenty of schemes out there that supposedly help you to become rich quickly. In reality, though, these schemes are more often than not aimed at the gullible public who think that registering for it will bring in the moolah. Practically every week or so newspapers will report on how an individual duped numerous people by taking money from them, promising better returns or a job, and then vanishing. It is surprising that despite this media exposure, people still continue to foolishly invest their hard-earned savings in such schemes. Even highly educated professionals get trapped.
Such schemes are many…
* You are told by a recruitment agent / firm to pay 50k and promised a job abroad, most often a Gulf country. After a month, you are shown a document stating that you will be taken on as an employee of Co. XYZ and assured a certain salary. Now you have to pay the agent / firm a further 50k for arrangements for a passport, visa, travel documents, etc. You hand over the payment, eagerly looking forward to going abroad and starting a job. When you don't hear from the agent within a week, you call up his contact number. On getting a dead tone repeatedly, you visit the premises from where the agent operated his work. You are shocked to see closed shuttered premises; enquiries at nearby shops reveal that the agent has not appeared since many days. Then the light dawns – you have been nicely duped.

* You are told by Mr. XYZ, who happens to be a known individual staying in your area (possibly your own building) about a scheme where you pay him 25k every month, then you will get monthly post-dated cheques, with the initial investment amount doubling within 6 months. You withdraw all your bank savings, possibly even break your fixed deposit, and give him the money. The first month after that, your post-dated cheque is valid, so you are happy that you invested in Mr. XYZ's scheme. The next month, however, the cheque bounces. You are unable to contact him and find his residence locked. You soon find that there are many others like you who, too, invested in the scheme with their life savings. All of you blithely trusted Mr. XYZ and now pay for this blind trust.

These are just two of the many schemes that get you entrapped when you are in a hurry to make quick money. There are individuals out there just waiting to prey on people like you. They dress smartly, talk smoothly, and mesmerize you into trusting them. Stay away from them!

Article by Vandana
Vandana is based in India with over 15 years experience as a freelance writer. Writing, no doubt, is her primary passion! Having learned the art of blogging from ISC, Vandana is enjoying the thrills of blogging, taking pleasure in sharing information & getting good pageviews at her various blogs.

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Author: Tara04 Dec 2008 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

Hi Vandana,
Finally your resource has been found.
As frequent users of internet, we should also know about the internet 'Get rich quick' schemes. There are so many such schemes available. Also there are people who are being cheated with this. One should know the fact that Money cannot be earned easily. There should be definetely some effort you should make to earn money.


Author: srb12315 Dec 2008 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

where there is money there are cheaters. I really surprised to see the cheaters of many types. We easily believe them and send money and expecting double money from them. I also cheated by and ordered an ebook. First three times it opened smoothly. Now whenever I try to open it gives me a error message that site does not exist. I also spent some money on google adwords by listening their advice. My account is still showing zero. Now I stopped investing any money for jobs.

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