MAHABALESHWAR: One of the most visited tourism place

Mahabaleshwar is the highest hill station in the western ghats in Maharashtra. It is situated at a height of 4,710 feet above

sea level .Its scenic beauty makes it a wonderful hill resort.Mahabaleshwar is situated at a distance of 247km from bombay if

one goes via Mahad and 290km via Pune. One can approach Mahabaleshwar from Pune also and the distance is only

120Km. The area of Mahabaleshwar is 9.18 sq km.

A Pleasant Get-away
The people of Mahabaleshwar are very couteous and soft-spoken. They treat visitors very well and take trouble to guide

them properly if asked for directions.This is probably a major difference between Mahabaleshwar and any other hill-station.

Mahabaleshwar was developed as a hill resort by the british during the last century.One can make this out from the way the

bungalows and the buildings are constructed and the gardens have been developed.During summer ,The minimum

temperature only falls to 15 degree C. The mercury dips around 10 degree C during winter.

Mahabaleshwar recieves heavy rainfall between june and september.The average rainfall during these 4 months is about

663 cm. During this period the town closes down almost completely. Commercial activity grinds to a halt as no tourist comes

there during heavy rains.The maharashtra tourism development corporation also runs buses for sight seeing at nominal


Shri Panchganga Mandir which is about 7km from the bus-stand is an interesting place which one must certainly see.There
are 5 holes in the walls of this temple , through which water flows out. These holes are supposed to be the origins of 5

Deccan rivers -the Krishna, the Koyna, The Venna, the Savitri and the Gayatri.
The water from these 5 holes flows into a small tank through a cow-head carved in stone. It is said that lord Brahma once

decided to perform a yagna in the forest of Mahabaleshwar. Water was needed for the yagna and hence brahma created the

riversby reciting the vedas. These rivers are thus known as Vedganga.
At the end of the yagna , brahma had to have a bath with his wife Savitri.As she did not come in time, Brahma bathed with his

other wife Gayatri.The angry Savitri cursed the gods - Brahma, Vishnu, Maheshwar together with Gayatri- that they would

turn into rivers. The gods in turn cursed Savitri and she too became a river.

The Four Rivers :
Vishnu became river Krishna and began to flow towards the east. Brahma became river Koyna and Maheshwar became river

Venna. The Savitri river has its origin near Savtri point and the Gayatri river is said to be invisible as a result of curse. The

river Gayatri flows only once in 60 years. This Temple was built by Raja Singhan Deo. it was then renovated, beautified and

expanded by Shivaji Maharaj.

HUNTER POINT: Britishers used to go to hunter point for hunting.The Koyna valley can be seen from this point.

ECHO POINT: Next to hunter point is Echo point .If one shouts from here the echo can be heard after 40 seconds.

MALKAM POINT: This is named after the second governor of Mahabaleshwar. At sunset, the hills here look like grand

Canyon.Another peculiaruty of this point is that the top of the hill is in Satara district, while its foot is in Raigad district.
The Deccan plateau can also be seen from here.

TIGER SPRING: While going to the next point calld arthur's seat, we come across a little stream called Tiger Spring. The water

is crystal clear, cold and very tasty. people believe that tigers, panthers and other animals frequently come here in the night

to drink water. Their footprints can be seen in the mud in the morning.

ARTHUR'E SEAT: Arthur's seat is the highest point in Mahabaleshwar.It is situated at about 4,421 feet above sea level. The

hill edge known as Arthur's seat, collapsed in November 1973 in an earthquake , but the adjoining rear portion, which offers

almost the same view.

WINDOW POINT: About 60 metres below Arthur's seat stands a small stone known as window point.One has to take a long

and careful walk to reach the stone. One can then have a view of the breathtaking landscape.

CASTLE ROCK: The next point is the Monkey Family Point. Black stones on the hills look as if a group of monkeys are sitting

on them.

MARJORIE POINT: Cliffs rise here from the Konkan valley which is some 500 metres lower. The ravine between these points

is the place from which savitri rises.

ELPHINSTON POINT: This point is named after the then governor of mumbai, Sir Elphinston. This was a popular picnic spot

during british days.

VENNA LAKE: Venna lake is about 2km from the bus-stand . It looks more like a river than a lake.It is a beautiful sight to see

colourful boats sailing in the lake at the time of sunset or moonlit nights. You can also enjoy a horse ride near the lake.
Next to venna lake is the Pratap Singh Park. This is a botanical garden maintained by the State forest Department.

Strawberries are grown on the hills of Mahabaleshwar and it is fascinating to see strawberry plants, only 2-3 inches tall.

At Maduhusagar , the bee keeping museum , you can attend a demonstrate of bee-keeping.

Mahabaleshwar has some water falls . They include Lingmala Falls, Dhobi Waterfall and Chinaman's Waterfall.
You might have visited many hill stations in India . But you should visit Mahabaleshwar if only to see , eat and enjoy big, shiny strawberries.

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I visited mahabaleshwar some years back. really it is very good natural place. I enjoyed the trip.

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