Bleaching Powder for house hold uses

This article describes about Bleaching powder and its use in Household purposes.

Bleaching powder is a chemical compound having formula Ca(OCl)Cl have have chemical name Calcium hypochlorite.
We all know that bleaching powder is used as an cleaning agent there are several ways of utilizing this chemical compound in our house hold. Here are some wonderful uses of bleaching powder.

Bleaching Powder as a bathroom cleaner

take equal part of bleach and water, mix thoroughly. Spray it on the bathroom tiles by an sprayer. Rinse off after 15 minutes. Your bathroom tiles will not only be clean and shining but also free from germs.

Bleaching Powder to clean old and second hand items

Soak the waterproof items for 15 minutes in a solution containing 3/4 cup bleach, a few drop of antibacterial dish washing liquid and 1 gallon or warm water. Rinse well, then air dry preferably in sunlight. This will make your item new in look and increase the durability.

Bleaching powder adds glow to glass dish ware

Add a teaspoon of chlorine bleach to soapy dishwater for washing glassware, this will make your vessels glow.

Bleaching powder as a household disinfectant spray

Mix 1 teaspoon bleach in 1 litre hot water. Use it as disinfectant spray to clean counter tops, table cloths, lawn furniture etc.

Bleaching powder to remove moss and algae

To remove slippery and unsightly moss and algae on stone walkways, scrub them with a solution of a cup of bleach in 1 litre or water.

Bleaching powder to sanitize garden tools

Sterlize your garden tools by washing them with cup bleach in liter water. After drying the tools in the sun, rub a few drops of oil to prevent rust.

Bleaching powder to kill weeds in walkways

Pour a bit of undiluted bleach over weeds in walkways. After two days you can simply pull them off. It will be simple and easy without any effort.

Bleaching powder to preserve cut flowers fresh

You can preserve the cut flower fresh if you add a teasopoon bleach in a liter of vase water. You can inhibit the growth of bacteria by adding 5 drops of bleach and 5 ml of sugar in a liter water which keep the water from getting cloudy.

Bleaching powder for plastic furnitures

Clean plastic furniture with some detergent which should be mild and mixed with a cup of bleach in a liter water. It will give them a new look and make them free from germs.

Bleaching powder disinfect garbage pel cans

Take the kitchen garbage pel cans outside and flush out any loose debris with a garden hose. Then add a cup of bleach and several drops of dish-washing liquid to a liter warm water. Clean it by using a toilet brush to splash the solution on the bottom and sides of the container. Empty, then rinse with the hose, empty it again, and let them to dry.

Precautions while using bleaching powder
As bleaching powder is a chemical substance and may have some ill effects hence we should take some certain precautions to avoid them. These are

1. Don't use both bleaching powder and ammonia together.
2. Never use bleaching powder on colored objects as it may fade the color.
3. While using solution of bleaching powder avoid throwing around the objects.


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Dear Namita

This article is a treasure for everybody. I wish to say a personal thanks from my side. I'd definitely go through your tips whenever i need them in future. please do keep posting like information. It'll be helpful to housewives specially.

Guest Author: hari25 Sep 2015

Can we use bleaching powder in bathing water?

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