Domestic violence and its effects on family

This article describes about domestic violence and how it affects the situation of family.

Family was the site of womens oppression. Women were at the mercy of fathers and husbands. In the family patriarchy preserved its most primitive form of domestic violence. Family is still rooted in liberalism. It is a private sphere kept away from the public sphere. Therefore it becomes difficult to analyze and study womens oppression and domestic violence. Domestic violence involves individuals who have continuing interpersonal relationships that can lead to repetative violence and this interpersonal relationship includes emotional relationship and attachment. severe forms of domestic violence have been reported from almost every country. Femenists look at it from the point of view of human rights. Despite this domestic violence continues to be seen as a private crime hidden in public sanction. They recognised it as a form of patriarchal violence and this triggered womens movements in post independence period.

Violence in the natal home:
Getting rid of unwanted babies has its origin much before in history. However the misuse of medical tests that lead to female foeticide and infanticide in many parts of India is a new practise. This has originated from the ideology and convictions in society that give the male child more priority. Female foeticide became popular with the spread of amniocentesis- a technique devised for detecting birth defects in advance. It also gives the sex of the child. This resulted in a number of sex selective abortions. Although the government has banned getting to know the sex of the child, it is already privatized and institutionalized. Female infanticide is another destructive practise. There are alarming reports of baby girls being murdered in many parts of india. Sexual aggression, beating, extracting hours of labour from children who should be at school are ways in which children are abused. Many a times girls are raped because of their vulnerability and families hide when young daughters are raped by their fathers or brothers. Also inequality in the household occurs. Indian attitudes are guided by dominant attitudes that girls and women should be confined to their house roles and obligations. Basic assumptions of girls are that they are of the weaker sex, mentally and physically inferior and sexually vulnerable. Girls and women are given less priveleges when it comes to property and material resources of the family.

Violence in the conjugal home:
In India marriage is an essential part of a womens life irrespective of caste, class, religion. Importance is given to control of womens sexuality. Practise of dowry is another form of domestic violence. This leads to dowry deaths, extra marital affairs, illtreatment and harassment. Other forms of violence are wife battering, bridal burning and suicide.

Myths about domestic violence:
• It is a private family affair.
• The violence isnt serious.
• All domestic violence is physical.
• Victims provoke their partners violence.
• Domestic violence does not happen in my neighbourhood.

Legal provisions:
In 1983, under section 498-A, 0f the indian penal code, cruelty by husband or family against a married woman, was a crime. Punishment is 3years imprisonment with a fine.

Domestic violence is a world wide phenomenon. More cases should be brought into public view and steps should be taken to reduce it.

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Author: Rajagopal T D25 Feb 2009 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

In Domestic violence, the author targets only the violence against female. I agree, that 70% are against female and the media covers only that. But, there is also another side where males are also targeted. To the worst case, Children are most affected.

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