What care should be taken while touring in a car or van?

This article describes about what care should be taken which being on a tour by a car or van. What are some the key points to remember and the list of questions one should ask to driver in order to ensure before touring

In our life at some stage we may get some offers of taking family tour. Those moments could be very exciting and may be one of the happiest moments of our lives. If we live in a joint family or if the numbers of family members are more and they could also join the tour then it will be most heart touching moment in our life. The main reason is we truly experience the love and sharing and caring nature of all our family members. We all laugh, share food and love, and sleep together at a different place as we do it in home. It will be like travelling with our home across the places. There we will not see any limits for the entertainment and enjoyment. There will be small funs and small fights but with great understanding and love for the other. It will be time the whole family will experience serenity. In short, the whole family will find their best joyous moment in their life.

There are certain amounts of risk involved in every travel you make. Even most of them are under control there are some possibilities of danger encircled during these times. Most of us go to the hired cars or car driver to make some long travels and we should be very careful when taking these steps. If we go to some travels and ask for car drivers for driving the vehicle during the seasonal times, then there are more chances for the travel agencies to give us the inexperienced drivers who never had long driving experience. This is not always the case but during the seasonal times like Christmas and New Year or some where in the calendar where all the members can make 5 to 6 days offer to family. So that time we should be very careful in inspecting the driver the travel agency has offered us. It is advisable for the head of the family to have some chat with the driver before they start the tour.

    Ask him to show his driving license and check whether he has got it at least 2 years back.
    Ask him when he joined the travel agency and how many long trip experience he has previously.
    Tell him before hand that you don't want a rash driver to your travel.
    Ask the travel agency to give a driver who could be very friendly and interactive because he will take most responsible drive which I have seen in my past experience
    Ask him to bring all the necessary documents which the traffic constable will enquire for during travelling times.

So there must be little friendly enquire with your driver before you make a travel. Don't enquire him like a commissioner. Be polite with him and consider him as one member of your family during the travel. Please try to offer what ever food or snacks you share with your family. And when ever your heart feels that he is driving too fast please tell him to slow and tell him there is no urgency. And if you find him driving very safely and truly like master then please appreciate it at the moment in front of your family members. This will be like a great reward for the drivers and gives him confidence and it also helps for a safety tour. During tours make proper planning before you leave home and arrange for the stays well in advance. Try to avoid night travels and book a room to stay. Please consider the fact that drivers are also humans and offer them better room to sleep too. If you continue to drive without letting your driver sleep then there are more chances for the unsafe journey.
One of the most beautiful lines which I come across somewhere "If you want to donate blood then don't do it on the road. Please do it in the blood bank" So I hope it would help you and your family members to make a safe tour. Please kindly take proper measures to ensure the safety. Have a very nice travel time with your family.


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Author: Kailash Kumar15 Apr 2016 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

The author has covered a very important subject matter. I would like to share few tips based on my long practical experiences -
1. Try to book the car through a reputed travel agency preferably the one with whom you had interactions in the past and tell them point blank that you are travelling with family including women/girls and require a driver accordingly. Generally the agencies are able to provide proper drivers. Such drivers should not be drinkers, smokers and preferable tobacco product eaters.
2. Avoid travelling during nights, particularly during wee hours. Never plan a very tight itinerary requiring hectic travels without adequate rest to the drivers. It will cost more, but will be safe and pleasant.
3. Though drivers get compensation by the travel agencies, but they expect to save their night charges and food expenses etc. given by the travel agency. They want to earn and save for their family and children. Dealing with them in too much business like manner, deprives one the best service which they can offer. As far as possible take care of their meals, night halts and give them good tips also at the end in case they provide good services.

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