Note of Education to my ISC friends (A very honest one)

This article describes my views about ISC and how it should be a source of education for everyone.

Dear ISCians,
I got a wild thought of giving some piece of information when I got up from the bed today. You can ask me don't you think of other things other than ISC? The answer is plain ISC has just become a part of my daily routine. There are two reasons. One, the main reason I joined ISC was I have the space for me on the web to write whatever I feel and strikes me profoundly. To speak from the heart, I really want to present my intellectual concepts here and get some response for it and to rectify or adapt my pattern of thinking according to the spirits of the people. The second important thing which I never know but I was interested to know after I joined ISC was the revenue programs. Don't think I am lying that I joined ISC without its revenue program. I usually check mails and there I find almost hundreds of mails right from inapprorpriate spam mails to money spam mails and right from hi how you are mails of my friend to Job opportunity mails. So I just spend some time reading all of them and joined many other websites too. So without knowing what it is I joined ISC. But now I know that I landed a right place which I should never leave for any cause. Though money making happened to be the very best part of my dream about ISC on the first week, it is still not the same. I realized that I can make money in a better way if I want and it is not the motto the primary motto of ISC at all. Money is just a part of ISC to create the initial interest towards this website. Now you may ask me what I am trying to say with this.

It is quite simple. I just want to remind you that this is an educational site and therefore I make a request to help yourself educating at the various resources posted here. I have ample of proofs to put such a statement.

Definitely it is shocking to observe that only the resources and posts on the forums which is related with money or AdSense or Kontera has got the most response. I am not against any to remind you. My main idea for this article is to show all that we are not in line with the purpose of a wonderful site called ISC. How many of us really spend time in reading the articles written by others and honestly appreciate it? There are some incredibly brilliant articles written by some authors and how many of us really go through at least few of them? When I read few articles written by few authors I was astonished and I wondered why no response has been made to such a beautiful article like this? It aches to see when there is no reward or appreciation from others to those who really contribute some of their valuable time to give us some insights and enlightenment in their subject of article. Please don't mistake me that, I am too complaining on some part. I just felt where we are heading to with just scoring points and going to next levels without using the best resources of this brilliant site.

My final request summary:
1. Please spend some time in reading the articles presented by others at least 5 resources a day.
2. If you find them very useful or extra ordinary then write your valuable comments and write it from your heart
3. It will help them as your comments will truly encourage the authors to write it more and in a better way.
4. If you find the language of the author really interesting and very nice then please write it too.
5. If you are not happy with the author's idea or if you find some flaws with the language or idea please write a private message to the author.
6. The main reason I request you to write it privately is because if you complain or criticize it in the post reply then it will be visible to all those who view it which may de-motivate the author to make him to some extent.
7. Please all try to understand the importance and seriousness of my above 6 request.

Finally I would love to thank Tony and his men for providing us a wonderful platform to share our views.



Author: Kailash Kumar11 Apr 2016 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 2

The author has touched a very important aspect of ISC activity. As a regular reader of various articles posted in ISC, I can very well appreciate the point raised by the author. There are certain peculiar features of posting responses to the articles after reading the same thoroughly. The responses are subject to review by the editors and cash credits are also assigned in cases of qualitative relevant responses. Posting article responses not only enables the authors to learn about the subject matter, but supplement the subject matter also by posting additional relevant information. However it is imperative on the part of authors of the articles also to carry out necessary research and cross-check the information shared in the articles before publishing the same.

Author: Sheo Shankar Jha12 Apr 2016 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 5

There is a congregation of brilliant members in the ISC forum and as such expectation from them is definitely high - be it a forum response or writing articles. Sharing and discussion of the ideas do create positive impulse on the minds of active members of ISC channels. I have had the opportunity to have seen many articles written by able members lacking any remark, good or vice versa. The overall effect is that such attitudes on the part of members absolutely kills the true enthusiasm of the capable member to create more articles of high order.

Let there be contributions of members without the suppression of thoughts to make the article interesting and lively. The remarks written by the author is quite apt and need urgent review by all sensible members.

Author: Sarojah15 Apr 2016 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

Though the article was written in 2009, but the points mentioned by the author for other members are still valid today and really the Web Master should be appreciated for sustaining the site and keeping the site for students and learning.

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