Safety Measures using Household Appliances

Safety Measures using Household Appliances

In my previous resources we have talked about necessary precautions, in general, that need to be taken for Power Saving in Stand by Mode and use of Power Management Feature in Computers for saving energy. In this resource, we will discuss about household appliance specific electrical safety tips to observe by every person during its use as well as appliance safety. Every appliance may it be refrigerator, washing machine; microwave oven or mixer grinder/blender has its own safety requirement. Hence, before operating the appliance, we must first read the User Manual by manufacturer thoroughly and use the appliance strictly as per the mentioned way and must retain the user manual for future reference.

Safety Measures for Refrigerator

Do not spray water directly into or on the outside of the Refrigerator/Freezer drawer when it is electrically connected. Water may enter into the interior machine parts and cause electric shock. So when you want to clean your refrigerator, kindly switch off the machine and remove the power cord from plug point then start cleaning.

Do not attempt to change the bulb light in refrigerator while it is in ON stage, doing this may cause an electric shock.

Do not store substances like benzene, thinner, alcohol, ether, and other such products that are volatile or flammable substances in the Refrigerator. Storing may cause explosion.

If you find a chemical or burning plastic smell or see smoke, immediately switch off the machine and unplug the Refrigerator and contact the nearest Service Center.

Safety Measures in Kitchen Appliances

Use the appliance only for its intended use. Do not overload the appliance beyond its specified capacity.

Do not leave the appliance unattended whilst in use, especially the one that requires constant supervision. The example could be Mixer Grinder/Blender which requires your presence while operating.

The power cord should reach from the socket to the base unit or appliance without any strain. If it's short then try to use some supportive measures like put the appliance if possible on table.

Do not let cord hang over the edge of a table or counter or touch hot surfaces that of cooker, stove or electric burner etc. It might damage the cable.

Keep a dry piece of cloth handy while using any of the kitchen appliances. This is to avoid operating of knobs or the regulator on the appliance with wet hand.

Always keep the body of the appliance dry. Do not let water get into or place any vessel containing water on any electrical appliance. Keep electrical appliances away from windows or balconies, especially in the rainy season, otherwise rain water may fall on the appliance and can damage the appliance for working.

Safety Measures for Cooking Ovens

Do not place any combustible object near an electric cooking oven i.e. microwave oven, electric oven, toaster or toaster oven.

Use only those utensils that are supplied by manufacturer or that are specially designed for the use in microwave ovens. Use of any other utensil may lead to an explosion / fire. Do not ever even try to put hard plastics utensils if you think it's for only 2-3 minutes purpose, it will easily damage the oven.

Do not heat any uncooked egg (with or without shell) or nut in a microwave oven as this may result in an explosion. So do not put any item that causes this type of damage to oven.

Safety Measures for Blenders and Other Electric Food Processing Appliances

Do not switch on the blender or mixer in empty mode; ensure that there is sufficient food in a blender, juice extractor or other food processor before switching it on. Also do not use such an appliance for a prolonged period of time. Follow to the instructions given in the user manual.

In case of Mixer Grinder / Blender, always ensure that the base of the jar is in good condition (no leakage) and is dry. The chances of electrical shock in this type of appliance are more.

To prevent injury, any rotating part (especially the high-speed rotating cutter) of a food processor must be fixed securely. Ensure that the container lid is closed and secured before switching on. Do not try to rotate the cutter by hand it will cut your fingers.

Unplug the power supply while replacing a rotating part. Use the safety manual for more instructions.

So, Safety is our Motto. Please try to avoid injuries and make use of safety measures listed above and also that are given in detailed in safety manuals of every appliance that you purchase.


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