Life as an Engineering Student

Are you looking for information about the life a Engineering student in India? Then this article describes it in my own experience about life of a Engineering student and Graduate in India.

“Engineering" considered being a field of brain, technical knowledge and day and night study. With hundreds of engineering colleges budding in every nook and corner of the states, it has merely become a misnomer now. Moreover the level of education is not at all qualitative; it is just certifying one as an engineer with the caliber not more than a senior secondary pass. It is the field that every math's student views as his/her career option. But, I regret, that not all are able to get a quality college with quality staff. Moreover going away from home to a college at distant place that too for the first time is a tough job. Here I am going to elaborate my journey till 3rd year of my engineering. Still one long year to continue.

It was June 2006, packed up with all competitive and board results and just enjoying the vacations as if life would be the same in the coming months and years. Hardly, aware where we would get finally landed up and which engineering college had the destiny decided for us. Cautious about the career but not that much really, thinking that life would be more easier and free , as it was the college time , free from all stringent school rules and daily punishments. Neither homework, nor a bulky bags just a thin notebook and pen. Fewer lectures and more bunks, and having fun all the day with the fellow peers. June passed with the same thoughts and enthusiasm. It was the counseling time in order to allot us the engineering colleges in Himachal Pradesh according to our state ranks. I was lucky to get discipline of my choice that is computers and that too in the college I had opted for. IEET, the name of the college located at a distance of 120 km from Shimla, a place called Baddi, popularly known as the industrial hub of Himachal Pradesh. At the same time I was also applying for other colleges. But finally, in August I had to finalize that college only. I was among the last ones to seek admission and the consequence of it was that I was not able to get a hostel. That was the beginning of troubles.

As I was already late, the classes had started. The place was new, and I could hardly find any room on rent. Fortunately, my father had a branch of his office there. We made our way to it and met the guard of the office there and enquired about the availability of rooms on rent. But he also made a sorry figure. The security guard was living there in the backyard of the office alone in a single room. Finding no last option, I decided to stay with him for a week until I get familiar with the place and at the same time would continue my search for a room on rent. I persuaded my father to do so and ask the guard whether he would be comfortable. Initially my father disagreed on the notion but later he nodded and asked the guard as he was known to him. The latter agreed, and my father handed over few thousands to me and returned home. Internally, I was little upset and afraid but externally pretending to be strong and comfortable with the situations. It was dusk, and I settled my bags and other items. Wondering the whole night that how miserable the life had become so soon. Got up early in the morning as it was my first day in the college, and had already missed two days. Thinking while brushing the teeth-

Will I reach the college on time today?( because I had to find the way first. Was totally new to that place)
What about ragging?
How will be the new classmates and new teachers?

Muddled up with all these thoughts, I took a bath and dressed up in very simple clothes.(Full-sleeve simple shirt and formal pant, as I thought was the criteria put up by the seniors for the fresher students.).I started my journey to the college and in the way asking passersby from where I could get the bus for college. Moreover, the place is one of the hottest places in Himachal, as it touches Punjab and Haryana borders. It was starting of September, and I was sweating early morning because I had come from one of the coolest place that is Shimla and I was not at all prone to hot climate. It was feeling as if I will soon die with suffocation. But anyhow, I maintained my grit and reached college's gate(Thanked God, found it). It was a walk of 10 minutes from gate to actual campus. With my head down, I was walking and suddenly a scream catches my eardrum saying,"Oye, come here". That shook me for a while, I turned back a little and had a glance and possibly it was a senior at 30 yards distance. Thinking that if I approach him, I will surely be ragged. Immediately, I turned off and continued myself moving towards the campus and with the steps at a faster pace and pretending I did not hear a word. That was my first and also a safe escape. Next task was to find the classroom. After going through various notice boards, I managed to enter a big hall like classroom. With all new faces, I took a backseat. Instead of looking at the teacher I was watching three guys carefully with their heads shaven completely. It was making me remember the Gurukul students of Mahabharata and Ramayana. Laughed for a while and feeling sorry for my own hair thinking that I would also join the shaven group soon. First lecture completed with these terrible thoughts. Considering still it like a school classroom that all the lectures would be delivered in a single room, I remain seated. But as the whole class dispersed I also followed them. The view outside the lecture hall was threatening. A crowd of seniors waiting outside for the fresher's to come out . The whole corridor echoed with such a noise,
Wish, Wish, Wish, Wish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Heads down. Eye on the shirt's second button.
From tomorrow onwards everybody should be in formals with no belts and girls in suits with hair tied with red ribbons.

We all tried to escape from that place as soon as possible. The whole day went in the same confusion, searching classrooms and getting ragged every now and then. Finally the first day came to an end and I was among the few day scholars who had to go far and leave the college campus, as most of the students were hostellers. A week later I met one of my class mate named Manish, who was also in search of a room. We exchanged our numbers and decided to be room partners whenever one of us finds a suitable room, as that would be reasonable as far as rent was concerned and staying together would be helpful and more secure for both of us in the new city. A couple of days after, our search for room completed and we purchased our beddings and other items and shifted them to the room. Now it was a relief that we had some proper destination to come after the college hours. College continued and ragging was in vogue. It was hard to cope up with the studies and above which the fear of ragging. I was totally in a situation of dilemma where life has left me.It was the time when I learned to cook, to wash clothes and do all other little household works as it was mandatory now. Every morning we had to get up at six, then cook for breakfast, and leave the room atleast at 8 am as the college was 12 kms away. Struggling in buses sometimes inside and many times on the roof. By hook or crook we used to reach college and often late for first lecture. It was 4:30 pm when the college used to get over and at 6pm we used to reach back room. Totally soporific schedule used to make us asleep for 2 hrs after reaching room. Then getting up, deciding what to cook and buying vegetables and other food items from the market. That was the daily schedule and hardly any time to study. Weekend holidays were meant for washing clothes and completing the written work. Life continued in the same manner and slowly and gradually time passed and we also became seniors. Situations were little better now but we were totally exhausted.

Till then it has been three long years now, struggling with life everyday but habituated now and become more tough and strong with the circumstances. The entire semester completes with the same struggle and the actual study is a day before the finals. Thus from my point of view, a B.Tech Degree is not a matter of 48 months(4 years) but a matter 48 nights(48 subjects in total degree , hence 48 nights before each exam.) A lesson it has taught is that life is not that easy always. Time is one of the best teachers.

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Author: K Mohan20 Jul 2014 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 4

I must appreciate the author for penning down the personal experience of being a Engineering student and the hardships encountered thereof. But I wont agree with the fact that all the Engineering students have faced such hardships. I am also differing with the view that exams are hard to write and for that why the author preferred to prepare just two months before exam. I think Engineering students must be ready to face the exams on daily basis, that means they must be well versed with daily notes and portions so that even if the exams are conducted at short notice , they must be able to write good.

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