Casteism in Indian society

Casteism is one of the problem of the Indian society. Caste is some thing that gives us identity in the society. Now, it is a major problem in Indian society. Read the article to know about the Casteism in Indian society.

Casteism is one of the problem of the Indian society.Caste is some thing that gives us identity in the society.What is bad is the caste discrimation.We have been following the varna system since the ancient times.The people of the higher class were having more previlages than those of the people of the lower class.The Indian people are divided into the Brahiminas,Kshyathrias,vaisyas and sudras.Castism means discrimination of people on the basis of high and low castes.The Bhraminas were only entitled for education in the olden days.The sudras were illiterates.Untouchability was followed those days.The sudras were made to do manual labour.They were not allowed to go into temples,take water from public wells,they din't have right of ownership of land.The sudras were illiterates and economically unsound.The treatment meted out to them was very bad.The social status and occupation of a person was based on the caste he was born.The ksyatrias were warriers,vaisyas were artisians and traders and sudras the working class.A person was not free to choose his occupation.

Like racial discrimination in US there was caste discrimination in India.The people of lower caste were called dalits(Scedule castes and tribes).Gandhiji did not like this caste discrimination.He called them harijans.He wanted to prohibit untouchability.He tried to uplift the conditions of these people.The goverment also took steps to improve their condition by giving reservations to them.In the post independant period there was a lot of improvement.With industrialisation and urbanisation there was a lot of change.Irrespective of castes every body were treated equally.But the identities did not dissappear.The condition of the scheduled castes and tribes is very bad.The areas where they live is not at all developed.Most of them live in hilly areas with out even the basic facilities.They are still in the gathering stage.Actually these people only had the right to land previously.During the British rule this right was snatched away from them

For the betterment of our country measures should be taken to improve the conditions of the scheduled
1.Education should be given to them.
2.Government must construct houses and provide electricity.
3.They must be given right to ownership of land.
4.Good sanitation facilities should be given.
5.They must be given training and jobs
6.Those who are commiting autrocities towards them should be punished

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