Tree House Trail at Jungle Rest Houses in Chamba

Are you looking to visit the Tree House Trail at Jungle Rest Houses in Chamba, then you are at the right place. Here, read the article about the tourism to Chamba.

I was walking in the mountain forest about ten years. Me and my family has barely begun our journey in the upper basin of Ravi in Chamba, Himachal Pradesh. Our plan was, through forests, fields and orchards, between six and eight thousand feet, until the forest zone from the rest of the night. Sounds attractive, but if the first blow up, I think the most important thing was appalled. But now the road is the only way to access y. I Huff and source of strength and the same time. And tries to believe, our guide Tarun Kumar Goel, said that when walking the next day would be "parallel-parallel"

We had the night in the house DEULA remains one of the many forests Himachal pointing. Some of these rest houses were in the years 1920 and 1930 years when it was a princely state Chamba. Since then, things down a bit. Some senior officials go to the restoration of Off-Road and some of them have chosen sites. However, their miserable has its own charm. On pages picturesque, with snow and Pir Panjal Dhauladhar biggest threat panoramic valley, the rustic kitchen table naked, it seems quite in harmony with their environment.

DEULA the morning there was a sharp drop in temperature. Suspends the current, and the stars were bright. I duly checked and Cassiopeia and Perseus took my trembling, even the fire in the kitchen, housing, the support of some beans watchman channel for our dinner, drink hot tea smoked. Tea was soon followed by a lot of dal, rotis Sabzi hot springs and the force on the embers, simple and delicious. Whiskey night cap of the terrace and happy to sleep under a thick blanket.

We have the rest of the house in the morning and rose to peak in a large forest of trees and deodara oak, chestnut and fir. Mosses, ferns and fungi, protocols huge falls, the air was damp and cool, with decoys and fertile growing things and decay. As we rested on a rock, a ray of sunshine broke through the trees and looked like a red minivet SCHARLACH swing to the head of a deodara. I quickly balance the binoculars and, of course, was one of the colors orange and yellow bird in the tree to tree, drag the valley. I just birding flavor even more clear is the best, and there is nothing better for minivets pure Technicolor brilliance.

We found a shepherd in the woods, his wool jacket and pants are recommended and carefully repaired, bright gold rings in their ears. While sheep and goats wanted for sub-floors, walk, held her hands in a small child spinning pin. Later, we come to another herd of goats and silky hair, the sun next to a stream, awaiting their turn to wool bald. The man with scissors, use a sheep, and again streifend head under his arm, the belly of the start shaving. The sheep seem confused, but happy for the issue, but has left the hairdresser's fast and stupid.

October is the time of shearing and wool storage of firewood for the winter snow months. In areas of the corn crop was placed in the stems and leaves for food storage. From a distance, each village open bright golden orange color, as any roof with dried corn. Provided that in the same place, some fresh roasted Bhutta happen. If small peaches, soft, succulent and green. Snacks, as it was a premium, the cost at the time of day with the villagers of the conversation in the sun or heating with a fire in the kitchen was a fresh joy to you, all conversations on a vision of a world very different from us.

The villages of this region are very well done. Their animals, fields, forests and fruit trees, enough money and a comfortable lifestyle throughout the year. Many men had worked, we met outside Himachal Pradesh, but now content living at home. As a result of family circumstances of compulsory questions and the number of children, the conversation would inevitably lead to the city of his life against the lives of the people and the superiority of the latter. But to some extent rural Himachal, the best of both worlds. Schools and health facilities in remote villages. The roads are good. And all the world, including the pastor, has a mobile phone.

While we are on a ridge away habitat, someone suddenly the phone rings. Nothing like a jazz-Ring-son, all the fantasies in the middle of nowhere on earth fault. But there were moments of our walk, we, as a sign of the area that is now my benchmark for wildlife outside the scope of the unit, Airtel and Vodafone. If you're up in a forest in the pure deodara, including mobile phones have been silenced. The air was fresh, but all the ground Bracken. It was a great contrast to the life, breathe, we are short of leaf, but in its way antiseptic.

Based on deodara arrived andalusia small forest Saloh rest of the house, with its nursery deodara, walnut and young Robinia. The rest of the house has a spectacular view, but had no water, furniture, or in the kitchen, so we are in the village. In the afternoon we returned at sunset, sitting around campfires and listen to cuts of the history of watchman two leopards, ate only three villagers from the previous year.

The next day, the murderer, about 16km from the Chhatre called "parallel parallel." Too hot, it was one of the hillsides along tramp in the sun. Is not Porter explained by the technical niceties of Ganja, as seen with the plants twice as big as we would a carpet feet. As I have always been a little tired, and fall into a bed of a beautiful Himalayan streams Baire. The cold water rushed in and has been a great pleasure, shoes and paddle among the rocks. On the other hand, zigzag through the woods and meadows, to stop a long drag on the legs Buzzard thermal past, banking and gliding effortlessly through.

Over time, we have come to Chhatre, the sky was overcast and a wind came up. After six hours of walking, they were tired, hungry and cold. The watchman busy, and soon were back in streifend Rajm, lightly cooked Sarson ka SAAG Makki Ki Roti and beans, maize and mustard nature of all newly harvested fields. Believe me, nothing is said about local seeds and organic farming is very true: fantastic food tested. The watchman had turned on a couple of small logs in our fireplace, and soon after the practice under the ceiling, I fell into a deep sleep.

The next day we dawdled in the sun, hear the trills of lazy Bulbul liquid (three types) flitting figs, pears and wild oak. Then it was time for the final leg of the walk, until Bair Kalhel flow. As in the forest, suddenly surrounded by wild olive trees, olives. With the autumn sun on the leaves of silver, it was as if he were transported from northern Italy. Ocher stone cliffs are boiling water for electricity. We left a watermill and a cremation with water, as many of its functions. With a drop of heart, we can read the signs, for more hydroelectric projects. In short, all parts of the river Beas and Ravi is locked multiple. In addition, the "river" projects always destroy rivers. I looked into the elegant white redstart limited water quickly collected the queue, wait for a shot of insects and drank water in the perfection of the river. It's too long.

Walking in the Jungle: DEULA Saloh to 9 kilometers STWIA Ld STWIA Ld is a stroll through mixed hardwood. Although Saloh STWIA Ld is uninhabitable, a night and meals in the community. Chhatre STWIA Ld Saloh of 16 km is a walk through the villages and open brush, two currents. Kalhel of 9 kilometers STWIA Ld Chhatre is a walk through fields and forests of the village, and the last 4 km on the road.


The Himachal Pradesh forest department is to promote the forest some other circuits rest of the house. The circuit Rohru Shimla Forest Circle in the reast houses Kashdhar, Larot, Dodro, Kawar, Jiskoon and Jakha. There is much to do, birding walk in and you can also do rafting Pabbar. The Nogle Taklech circuit Daranghati Rampur Forest Circle includes other areas Nogle and Taklech Gopalpur. Eco-circuit Bilaspur Circle Bilaspur in the Forest of the house, the rest of Naina Devi in Bandhla Bahadurpur and finally Gwalthai. Most of these slightly to moderately difficult tour.


We had a long way in our walk to visit the pride of the House of FRHs. Ten kilometers from Dalhousie is Kalatop the forest rest house, surrounded by woods deodara Kalatop the Wildlife Sanctuary, said to be the home of the Himalayan Black Bear. Built in 1925 and in form, Kalatop STWIA Ld is the perfect hill bungalow, green grass and flowers, overlooking the views of the Dhauladhar area. The STWIA Ld, can ascend to a lookout at the point, but get the point of view, it's like a let down, mainly because a huge antenna, reports from Asia, the second radar. Kalatop is 86 km from Pathankot road.


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