Causes, mechanism and treatment of snoring

Snoring means noisy breathing. It is a distressing symptom not only for the person who snores but also for others. Know more about the causes, mechanism and treatment of snoring in the article below.

Snoring means noisy breathing. It is a distressing symptom not only for the person who snores but also for others. Though it is not a pathologic condition but in some cases there are some some proved aetiology or cause behind it.

How snoring occurs

Snoring is due to vibration of soft palate and its thin edges called velum of the posterior faucial pillar due to partial air way obstruction during inspiration. It is commonly seen in obese male especially over 40 years of agse. Those who are heavy drinkers are more prone to snore. Snoring though is not a disease but can lead to some serious condition like hypertension and sleep apnoea syndrome.

Causes of snoring

Snoring can be present in children as well as in adults, though the causes are different in both of them. As mentioned above obesity alcohol are the predisposing factors in adults but not in children.

Causes of snoring in children

The most common causes of snoring in children is due to enlarged adenoids and enlarged tonsils. These may cause partial airway obstruction and lead to snoring. Sleep apnoea syndrome is common in these children.

Any other causes causing obstructive lesion in the nose or nasopharynx may also lead to snoring. Some times a nasal polyp or deviated nasal septum may lead to snoring if onstruction is significant.

Causes of snoring in adults

In obese, drinkers and hypertensive person noisy breathing is common may be due to lack of tone of glossopharyngeal structures.

Obstructive lesions may be a cause in adults also, but it may not be due to adenoids or tonsil as they regress by age. Deviated nasal septum or tumor blocking nose may be the etiology.

Treatment of snoring

Treatment of snoring is mainly treatment of cause like correction of nasal and nasopharyngeal obstruction. In children removal of adenoids and enlarged tonsils can sure this situation.

There are some nasal breathing exercises which can cure this situation. Yoga and pranayama like anulom vilom,
and Bramari pranayama are extremely helpful to cure snoring.

Sleeping in supine position that is back on the bed increases the tendency of snoring, thus person who snores are advised to sleep in lateral position.

Control in drinking alcohol and reduction in weight and managing obesity is another mode to cure snoring.

If snoring is in the form of sleep apnoea syndrome a palato pharyngoplasty surgery is required.



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