Why have we forgotten to laugh whole heartedly?

Laughter is the best medicine.

The only thing we would do as a child is laugh and smile tirelessly.
As we grow up we get caught in stressful situations and daily pressure of life and the sweet smile and roaring laughter is forgotten. Walk into an office and you can see tensed faces glued to the computer or anxious employees running around like scared mice. With the exception of few, this is the general situation we find in working places. We have laughter clubs where people forcefully laugh to relieve stress. Why has laughter become so difficult as to join a club? We can laugh everyday in the comfort of our home or even at office during break time. The laughing Buddha is the best example to prove how important laughter is. He went on to the extent of asking his disciples to laugh and not cry at his death. Though this is impossible for ordinary people like us, we can make laughter a part of our life.

Advantages of laughter
1) Best exercise for the lungs
2) Breathing is faster and more oxygen is sent to the tissues.
3) Muscles relax
4) Stress decreases
5) Sugar level in diabetics drops down
6) Mind attains clarity,helping to solve problems
7) Research claims that 1 minute of laughter is same as working 10 min of workout.
8) Boosts energy level.
9) Helps to reduce pain
10) Increased immunity by increasing disease fighting antibodies
11) Less likely to fall sick
12) Reduces depression
13) Helps to stay cheerful
14) Helps to burn calories
15) Develops friendship
16) Brings people closer as laughter is contagious
17) Induces good sleep
18) Helps to stay young

Tips for laughter
1) Crack a joke
2) Watch a funny movie or cartoon strip
3) Get together and share funny incidents
4) Learn to laugh at your mistakes
5) Read a funny book
6) Make faces by looking into the mirror
7) Watch your pet animal’s antics
8) Watch a child at play

Come friends, lets join together and pledge to spend every single day of our life with laughter. Laugh and enjoy.


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